How to Set the Dial on Apple Watch 38

How to Set the Dial on Apple Watch 38

Apple Watch Nike is the 2nd generation version of Apple Watch from Apple, which was launched on October 28th. This is a special development for sports and just active people. 4 design options, a moisture-resistant case, various dials. all this distinguishes the device from the rest. And now in more detail.


Let’s see what technical characteristics the device is endowed with:

  • operating system: WatchOS;
  • processor: Apple W2, 2-core;
  • battery: non-removable, Li-Ion;
  • Communication: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi;
  • screen: touch, OLED, resolution 320 by 390 pixels;
  • built-in memory: 8 GB;
  • sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate monitor, light sensor, altimeter.


The gadget was created in conjunction with a world-famous company manufacturing high-quality accessories and shoes. Nike. The main difference between smart watches is the signature nike strap, which allows the skin to breathe and not sweat. The model is released in 2 versions with different screen sizes: 38 mm and 42 mm.

Also, the developers decided to create 4 color solutions:

The bracelet has openings for ventilation. The case of apple watch nike is the same as in the first generation. dark gray or silver colors. The materials used for the manufacture of the module remained the same, with the exception of ceramics. this material is not provided.

On the back of the watch case is a heart rate sensor coated with sapphire crystal. Previously, plastic was used for these purposes. Only in elite models there was also sapphire, for example, in apple watch edition.

Useful Smart Watch Features

The functions of apple watch nike are aimed at monitoring the state of health and help in training, playing sports. As soon as the gadget is turned on, the screen prompts you to install the Nike Running program. This is an application for running, it will record the distance covered, build graphs, compile statistics and give tips.

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The program has several modes: for beginners, experienced runners and professionals. If a person, say, missed a workout, the schedule is automatically rebuilt. During a run, speed, heart rate, distance covered are displayed. If a person stops during training, the gadget will remind you with a slight vibration that it is time to continue the exercise.

Apple Watch nike received good protection against water, you can safely swim in the pool and dive to a depth of 50 meters. A feature of the watch is the swimming mode, where information is collected: how many strokes the athlete made, how many tracks swam, and so on. After the pool, just press the button, and the accumulated water is pushed out of the device with sound.

Video: How to Set the Dial on Apple Watch 38

A wireless headset is supported, with no compatibility issues. During classes, for example, fitness, it is convenient to listen to songs.

The watch of the 2nd generation version of nike has a meditation function. Usually there is no time to do it or she has enough patience, but if the device itself helps with the exercises and reminds you of the need to perform them, why not try it. By the way, here is an excellent breathing gymnastics with a description of the correct technique.

The smart watch apple watch nike has a built-in gps navigator, so it’s not necessary to take an iPhone with you on a run.

Now the screen has become 2 times brighter, and even in bright conditions you can see the time and displayed text.


The strap looks especially stylish and bright in combination with Nike branded dials. They do not at all look like Apple’s usual design, but they fit perfectly into the overall sports style. The dials from ordinary, non-sports models will not complement the poisonous color of the strap.

Such screensavers can only be installed on the nike version, which emphasizes its special position in the line.

How to set (change) the dial

Let’s see how to install a dial on an apple watch nike 42mm and 38mm.

  1. You can select it with a swipe from right to left or from left to right, scroll until you reach the one you like.
  2. Stop brushing.

How to set the dial?

  1. Press the Digital Crown button (wheel-shaped) to go to the dials.
  2. Press the screen with force.
  3. Scroll left or right, select the one you need, click “Customize”.
  4. Swipe left or right to select an item, and style with a side wheel. So, for example, you can change the color of the arrow.
  5. When the perfect dial is created, click to save Digital Crown.

Device price

In the Russian Federation, the cost of the nike version does not differ from the price of apple watch series 2. The price differs for gadgets of different sizes. Apple watch nike. 42mm will cost from 37,000 rubles, and a smaller version 38mm. from 34,000 rubles.

Buying such a smart watch is recommended for those who are determined to play sports.

Other functions

The Nike gadget is both a fitness bracelet and a smart watch, so it’s a mistake to think that all functions, except for sports, are absent. All training modes are in addition to the basic capabilities of the device. That is, it can display time, date, build routes, find out the weather. Here, as well as in the entire line of apple watch series 2, the Siri robot assistant is built in, which will execute voice commands.

It was not without the ability to install programs. The App Store has around 3,500 apps available that make everyday tasks easier. Among them are notebooks, voice recorders, radios, weather forecast notification programs, calculators, entertainment programs and many others.

You can also communicate using the device. The apple watch nike screen displays all the notifications that come on the iPhone. You can find out if this message is important or not without taking out the phone from the bag, is it worth it to answer it. If so, this can be done right from the smart watch. Either through manual input, or dictate. Messengers and social networks are also supported, just install the appropriate program: Viber, WhatsUpp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another.


Although nike watches belong to the apple watch series 2 line, they have specific features unique to them. Summarize the table of the pros and cons that users noted during operation.