How to Set Charge Percentage on Iphone 4

In any model of Apple iPhone, you can display the battery percentage. By default, a small green battery is used to indicate the charge level, which is located in the upper right corner of the iPhone display. For more accurate monitoring of the charge level, there is a percentage indicator.

Especially for those who do not yet know how to put interest in the iPhone, we have prepared today’s material. We will consider two ways to set the indicator as a percentage: official and unofficial.

Percentage Battery Charge for iPhone
The official way to enable interest first appeared in the iPhone 3GS, so that in the settings of this phone model the opportunity to enable interest was enough, it was enough to update iOS firmware to version 3.0.1. Newer iPhone models also support the official inclusion of battery percentage, this is done like this:

1. Go to iPhone Settings, select the “General” section
2. In the Basic settings, click. “Statistics”. There is a subsection “Using the battery”, where you need to enable the “Charge in percent”

If such an item is present in the Settings of your phone, then after performing these steps, in the upper right corner, near the standard battery indicator, percentages will appear displaying the remaining battery charge of the iPhone.

  • If you want to set the percentage charge in the iPod touch player, then try this instruction. “iPod touch. percentage charge”

Video: How to Set Charge Percentage on Iphone 4

Unofficial iPhone Charges
In iPhone 3G, the percentage of the battery is not set by the standard settings, however, as in the first model. Therefore, if you use one of the first iPhone models and there is no “Percent Charge” item in the standard phone settings, then it is possible to use a non-standard way to turn on percent using SBSettings.

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1. Install SBSettings on Apple iPhone
2. Go to the settings of the SBSettings program, select “System Options” and activate “Numeric Battarey”

The iPhone battery will begin to display as a percentage.

Turn on interest on iPhone with iOS 8

Periodically, updating the iOS firmware, the user is faced with the problem of setting the display of charge in percent. For example, in the iPhone with iOS 8 firmware, you can enable percentages for the battery in the following way:

Settings. Usage. Charge Percentage

How to put interest on iPhone with iOS 9

How to enable interest on iPhone and iPad. IOS firmware version 9.2

For owners of the iPhone or iPad, with the 9th iOS firmware, to set the percentage of charge you need to go here:

Settings. Battery. Percentage Charge

An example with percentages in iPhone phones shows that iOS firmware developers periodically change the path to the battery display settings in a percentage ratio, which in principle is not critical, you just need to look a little.


Hello Renat. Thank you for your work. I have a question for you. A few days ago I charged an iPhone from a laptop to 100% and now the Battery shows Standby = Use on one number. I don’t know what to do.

Maybe your memory is full of running applications, read the article on multitasking and shut down all applications. If it does not help, then you can try:
– Turn off turn on 3G (EDGE), iCloud, geolocation
– Reset settings
– Restore iPhone as New in iTunes
– Reflash iPhone

I tried everything except Restore iPhone as new in iTunes, Reflash iPhone

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