How to Set an Alarm Clock on a Windows 10 Computer

Waking up on an alarm clock on a smartphone is a common thing. But what if you want to wake up from your favorite song or clip on loud computer speakers, so that is for sure! &# 128522; To do this, we set up the awakening of the laptop with automatic inclusion of music.

Alarm clock through the “Task Scheduler”

Windows includes the “Task Scheduler” program; it allows you to schedule the launch of programs or other actions. Click the “Start” button and in the search bar write “scheduler”, start the task scheduler:

How to Set an Alarm Clock on a Windows 10 Computer

At the top right, click “Create a simple task”

Now you need to configure the task, write any name, for example, “Alarm”, and click “Next.” We configure the so-called trigger, i.e. when should the alarm go on:

In the next step of the wizard, enter the date and time, set the alarm to start after 5 minutes from the current time, to check. Next, “Action for the task”, leave the default “Run the program”:

Next, respectively, click the “Browse” button and specify a music file or video:

At the last step, the wizard asks you to verify these parameters, here we set the daw “Open the” Properties “window for this task.”. In the properties of the alarm clock, go to the “Conditions” tab and check the box “Wake up the computer to complete the task”:

This is the most important parameter without which the laptop will not wake up at the indicated time. Click “OK” and now we are testing a new task: we find our “Alarm clock” in the list, select it and click “Run” on the right:

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Your audio recording should start immediately, without additional questions and errors. If this does not happen, again go to the properties of the alarm with a double click and go to the tab “Actions”. Now we indicate that the song needs to be opened using Windows Media Player. For this:

  • Double click on the action
  • Copy the path to the file with the music and paste it into the “Add arguments” field
  • Click “Browse” and go to the player along the path “C: \ Program Files \ Windows Media Player \ wmplayer.exe” or simply copy this path and paste it into the “Program or script” field

Video: How to Set an Alarm Clock on a Windows 10 Computer

It should look something like this:

Now everything should work. Once again set the response time of the task to 1 minute from the current one, put the computer into sleep state and wait for the alarm to turn on.

What to do if the alarm does not work

As a rule, there are no problems with setting the alarm, but then it turns out that the laptop does not turn on automatically. There is good and bad news. &# 128522 ;:

  • There are some settings that solve the problem of automatic inclusion
  • On some computers and laptops, nothing can be done ☹

So, the first thing we go to “Start.> Control Panel.> System and safety.> Power Supply. ” Your current power management scheme will be selected there, I have it “Balanced”, you can call it anything you like. Click “Configure the power scheme”:

Next, click “Change advanced power settings”

Scroll through the parameters of the scheme to the subsection “Sleep.> Allow wake-up timers, should be set to “From the network: Enable”

A computer can wake up from an alarm only when it is “sleeping”, i.e. in standby mode. When the laptop is turned off or in the “Hibernation” mode, nothing happens, because no programs work. In the “Sleep” mode, power is supplied to the RAM and to the timers responsible for waking up. Therefore, it is important to transfer the computer to the “Sleep” mode. To do this, configure the action of the power button and laptop cover to sleep mode:

You can also manually send the laptop to sleep by clicking “Start.> Shutdown.> Sleep Mode

Problems with the scheduler

If the computer still doesn’t wake from sleep mode, then we will adjust our task in the scheduler:

  • Go to the “Properties” of the alarm
  • On the tab “General” we put a daw “Run with the highest rights”
  • On the “Conditions” tab, REMOVE the “Run only when powered by power” checkmark

What else can be done

Unfortunately, on some equipment it does not work to get the computer to turn on automatically at a given time. Alternatively, you can try updating the system device drivers automatically. It happens that it works in Windows 7, but does not work in Windows 10 or XP and vice versa.

100% way to automatically turn on the computer

On almost all computers, but not on all laptops, there is a function of automatic inclusion in the BIOS. You need to enter the BIOS and find the section similar to “Power Management Setup” and set the alarm “Power-On by Alarm.> Enabled ”and enable time. Or if you have UEFI BIOS, then go to the section “Advanced.> APM.> Switching on via RTC. ” We will not dwell on this in detail; the way through the BIOS is not convenient, and most likely, if this feature is in the BIOS, then an automatic alarm will work in Windows too.

Alarm Clock Free Alarm Clock

If you do not want to mess with the scheduler, then install the free program:

Set the computer’s turn-on time and select a sound file or one of the built-in sounds:

Please note that if the laptop does not wake up on the instructions of the scheduler, then the program 99% will not help! On the contrary, i.e. You can turn off the computer in time using other programs.