How to Set a Fingerprint on Huawei

How to set up a fingerprint on Honor and Huawei? In recent years, the Touch Ai system has become the most commonly used to protect your personal information. She is recognized as the most reliable, safe and convenient. If you have not yet chosen a method to protect your smartphone from prying eyes, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the main advantages of a fingerprint scanner. We focus on the fact that it is not on all phones. It is installed in gadgets of medium and high prices. So if you are just going to purchase a gadget, then better take a phone with a scanner.

How to Set a Fingerprint on Huawei

Which is better: classic scanner or screen?

In 2020, two types of reading element are available. on the back cover and on the screen. Screen technology is presented by smartphone manufacturers as an advantage, and costs more than the “classic” ones. In principle, there are no differences, but the pros argue as follows. the front side is the most convenient place for the reading plane. That is, in practice, you do not have to pick up the gadget from the table to unlock it. In addition, placing the reading area on the screen is modern. This is due to the fact that manufacturers are increasingly abandoning unnecessary holes, cameras, making their screen frameless.

  • stops working if liquid or moisture gets in;
  • expensive;
  • during heat or frost refuses to work;
  • if the screen is cracked, it stops working.

Therefore, most people prefer the classics. They are cheaper, more reliable and durable.

How to add a fingerprint on a Honor and Huawei phone

Adding owner’s fingers is done through the basic settings. There you open the “Security” section, and follow the instructions.

Step 1: add a regular password

Before you scan your finger, the system will ask you to enter a pin or a standard password. This does not mean that you will then have to indicate it every time. This requirement is reasonable and logical. if your scanner suddenly breaks down, the sensor module fails or becomes unavailable for some reason, an alternative is proposed. It’s best to come up with and specify complex code here. Tips for setting an additional password:

  • do not use too simple combinations;
  • Do not use values ​​directly or indirectly associated with biographical information (date of birth, wedding date, address, phone number, email, etc.);
  • Do not give the secret password to strangers.

Step 2: register a new Touch ID

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After setting the password, proceed to read your finger. To do this, the phone will offer you 10-20 times to quickly touch the sensor with different sides of the fingertip.

This is necessary so that the system performs a full scan and preserves your unique pattern. Each touch is accompanied by a slight vibration. Then click Finish. Functionality allows you to store an unlimited number of prints. You are allowed to bring here both your scans and your friends or relatives.

Step 3: sensor check

Immediately we advise you to check the accuracy of work. lock the screen and touch the scanner to unlock. If everything worked successfully, then use your smartphone in classic mode. If you were given an error, or could not open the desktop, try to save another finger for Touch Ai Di.

Additional fingerprint features

By installing a fingerprint on Huawei and Honor as a security tool, you will be surprised by its additional properties. application blocking and mobile banking. For example, logging in to the online services of banks, you are always asked for a password. If you enter a long combination is not always comfortable, then you are offered to replace it with a simple touch.

If you have any questions or have complaints, let us know

Also, the Touch-block can be installed as protection for individual programs and applications.

How to remove added fingerprints

Removing added scans is easy. go to the “Security” section, look at the name of what you want to delete, and erase it. To permanently disable the fingerprint on Huawei and Honor, you will need to enter an alternative password (the value that you specified during installation).

Possible problems and solutions

Like any sophisticated technology, Touch AI has some drawbacks and inaccuracies in its work. Do not immediately blame the company of developers for lack of professionalism. Functional problems most often arise due to uncontrolled failures and user negligence.

He writes “Fingerprint Failure,” what should I do?

If you tried to unlock your device and saw the message “Fingerprint Failed” on the display, block and try again. If it doesn’t work, enter the numeric code. Typically, two types of circumstances — systemic and mechanical — are the cause of the failure. Mechanical include breakdowns and clogging of the scanned part. If you missed the phone, or hit it, or your screen cracked, contact a repair service. Also carefully inspect the plane of the sensor, and wipe it with a dry cloth. If water or dust gets there, then the contact will not be recognized. Systemic difficulties are inaccuracies in the operation of the shell, programs, and utilities. To start, restart the gadget. If this does not help, check the repository for viral components. In order to protect yourself from the effects of malicious utilities, install an antivirus. After a comprehensive check and optimization of the device, try again using Touch ID.

Missing item with fingerprint settings, what should I do?

If you have lost the item with the settings, restart the phone. Perhaps it was a small bug. If it does not appear after a reboot, roll back the firmware to the factory settings.

What to do if the added prints are gone?

Added fingerprints are usually not deleted on their own. Either strangers or extraneous programs erased them. In case of fixing such a phenomenon, also install an antivirus and conduct a comprehensive scan.

Sensor does not respond when touched

Lack of touch response is a clear sign of damage. Make sure that both the hands and the side to be scanned are clean and free of drops of liquid. Next, use the power button to reboot. If the problem persists, contact a mobile device repair service.