How to Scan Qr Code On Samsung A50

The smartphone is so multifunctional that when you buy a modern phone, you don’t even know what you bought: either a phone with a camera, or a camera with the Internet.

Manufacturers of modern smartphones, to increase the demand for their products, saturate them with the most universal functions. This has led to the fact that the latest smartphone models have already Three main Cameras, and even four! And that’s all to anticipate all our “future” requests.

Yes, now Smartphone Cameras have intelligent control, and sometimes when shooting, they are ready to set all the settings for you in any “genre”: portrait, landscape, sport, beach, selfie and others.

Here is the result of the Camera working in full automatic mode: everything is clear, balanced, the color scheme is close to the natural color and there is a sensation of the sun on a frosty winter day, so you unwittingly believe that Crocodile also bask in the rays of the already “low” winter sun.

Photo “Crocodile under the winter sun.”

But as they say, this “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) does everything so neatly and in detail that over time you begin to feel in all these photos not a human state, but an “android” (android from Greek. ἀνήρ “Man, man” suffix.oid “likeness”. a humanoid, humanoid robot or synthetic organism, designed to look and act like a person)

The art of photography is a very delicate matter. Next, we will talk about one of the tricks that will help you raise your photos to a higher level.

Each of us, who first took the Camera into our own hands, wants to show, first of all, ourselves and our own view of the world around us. And he can do this only by personal participation in the formation of the FRAME, taking on some of the settings in manual mode, for example. focus, to highlight the main thing, something special. This happens when the main object of attention may not be in the center, but near. But the automation will autofocus on the subject in the center of the frame, and the “main” object will turn out blurry, that is, out of focus.
Or, as in our case, the whole picture is evenly detailed: the Crocodile itself, and the branches of the surrounding trees, and a passing car. And if the Camera, in the opinion of the “photo master”, is focused on the relaxed “hand” of the crocodile, reclining on the back of the bench, then the effect of the Crocodile’s complete relaxation and the pleasure it receives from the setting sun will be more complete.

Screen No. 2. view of the Camera with focus on the Crocodile’s hand.

How to set focus manually on the Samsung Smartphone Camera?

With the simplest shooting in “The photo“When special professional shooting modes are not turned on, auto focus on Camera Smartphone is very simple. point the Camera at the “main” object, which, if possible, should be in the center of the frame, wait a few moments for autofocus and take pictures. All settings, focusing, photosensitivity and many more different subtle settings in this mode, the camera will make itself. that is, automatically.

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Video: How to Scan Qr Code On Samsung A50

How to Scan Qr Code On Samsung A50

At manual focus, as a rule, the object for focusing is not in the center of the frame, so the Camera needs to be prompted, or rather, point the finger at the object, which should be in focus, that is, it should be the most “traced” in the smallest details, so that everyone sees right away. “Here he is in charge!”

To do this, when shooting, you need to “click” on this object with your finger on the screen of the smartphone. The “Double a circle”, In the center of which is half a white circle, and the focus will already be on the specified object.

How to Scan Qr Code On Samsung A50

The Smartphone Camera has a special mode that allows you to additionally highlight a particularly important object that is in the focus of the frame, “blurring” everything else around it. On Samsung smartphones, it’s called “Live focus“. On smartphones from other manufacturers, this mode may be called “Aperture”, “Bokeh” (from yap. ボ ケ boke. “blur”, “fuzziness”)

In the “Live Focus” mode, only the subject for focusing and the blur level are manually specified, and all other settings are made by the smartphone in automatic mode.

How to shoot in Live Focus mode on a Samsung smartphone?

For shooting in “Live focus” necessary:

1. Launch the Camera application from the Home screen of the phone.

2. Instead of the “Photo” mode, select the “Live focus“.

3. Set the blurriness level by moving the slider from position 1 (min) to position 7 (max).

4. Mark on the screen the focus point of the Camera.

5. Click on the “Survey” button.

Next, how it will look on the smartphone screen, we will show on the example of the editorial smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 for OS Android 9 pie.

We set the blur level to ““6“By moving the slider up.
Focus was made on the “Fish”, located in the foreground, by clicking on it with a finger. After which the manual focus icon “appears on this place”Double circle“.
Further, the smartphone prepares the Frame taking into account the level of blur and the focus point, and right there on the screen the smartphone draws a view of the future Frame with blur. At this point, the “Yellow square“In place of focus and the inscription at the bottom of the screen”Effect is ready“.
Everything is ready for shooting. It remains only to click on the button “Survey”.

Screen No. 3. view of the Camera screen when focusing on the “Fish” in the “Live Focus” mode.

As an example, we show the operation of this mode when focusing is carried out on an object (in our case, “Mirror”), which is located far behind the main object (“Fish”).

The smartphone screen will already look like this: the object in the foreground will become blurry, and in the background. clear.

Screen No. 4. view of the Camera screen when focusing on the “Mirror” in the background in the “Live Focus” mode.

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