How to Scan From Printer To Computer Hp

How to Scan From Printer To Computer Hp

Scanning documents can be both necessary and everyday. You can equate the necessary teaching materials for lessons in an educational institution, but the second case may concern, for example, the preservation of family valuable documents, photographs and all that sort of thing. And this is done, as a rule, at home.

Scan to an HP Printer

Printers and scanners HP. a very popular technique among ordinary users. Such a product can be found in almost every home, where at least one person has a need for scanning documents. Even the above-described household need, such a device will perform quickly and in several ways. It remains to figure out which.

Method 1: HP Package Software

First you need to consider the program, at least for the example of one, which are provided directly by the manufacturer. You can download them on the official website or install from a disk, which must be included with the purchased device.

  1. First, connect the printer. If this is a simple model, without a Wi-Fi module, then we use a regular USB cable for this. Otherwise, a wireless connection is sufficient. In the second option, you need to make sure that both the scanner and the PC are connected to the same network. If the device is already configured and functioning, then you can skip this step.

How to Scan From Printer To Computer Hp

After that, you need to open the top cover of the scanner and put the document there, which should be transferred to electronic or paper media. Be sure to face down.

How to Scan From Printer To Computer Hp

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  • Next, we find on the computer the installed program for scanning documents. In almost all cases, it is called "HP ScanJet" or HP Deskjet. The difference in names depends on the model of your scanner. If such software is not found on the PC, then it can be installed either, again, from a disk provided by the company, or downloaded from the official site, where you can also find a huge amount of useful software.
  • Typically, such a program asks you to specify the settings for the file that should result from the scan. Sometimes such parameters are configured separately, before the process of transferring printed information to the electronic version begins. One way or another, in the running software we are interested in the button "Scan". Settings can be left standard, it is only important to maintain the original colors and size.
  • How to Scan From Printer To Computer Hp

    This consideration of this method can be completed.

    Method 2: Button on the scanner

    Most HP printers that perform the scanning procedure have a dedicated button on the front panel, which opens the scan menu by clicking on it. This is a little faster than searching and running a program. At the same time, no custom detailed settings are lost.

    1. First you need to repeat all the points from the first method, but only up to and including the second. Thus, we will carry out the necessary preparations for scanning the file.
    2. Next, we find the button on the front of the device "Scan", and if the printer is fully Russified, you can safely search "Scan". Clicking on this button will launch a special program on the computer. The procedure itself will begin immediately after the user clicks the appropriate button on the computer.

    How to Scan From Printer To Computer Hp

  • It remains only to save the finished file to the computer.
  • This scan option may seem easier than the first. However, there are some restrictions that do not allow them to use. For example, the printer may not have a black or color cartridge, which is usually true for inkjet devices. The scanner will constantly show an error on the display due to which the functionality of the entire panel will be lost.

    As a result, this method is more convenient, but not always available.

    Method 3: Third Party Programs

    For more advanced users, it is no secret that third-party programs that will control it can be connected to any printing device. This is true for the HP scanner.

    1. First you need to perform the first two steps from "Method 1". They are mandatory, therefore they are repeated for any variant of events.
    2. Next, you need to download a special program that partially performs the work of an official product. Such a need may arise if the original disk is lost, and the ability to download a software product is simply not available. Analogs are also simply smaller in size and contain only the necessary functions, which allows an inexperienced user to quickly understand. You can find the best options for such software on our website.

    How to Scan From Printer To Computer Hp

  • Usually such programs are obvious and simple. There are only a few settings that can be changed if necessary. They also have the ability to choose where to save the file and view the resulting image before saving it.
  • This method is quite convenient, because it does not require much time to master the program.

    We can make a simple conclusion that any file can be scanned using HP technology in three different ways, which are almost identical to each other.

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