How to Save Battery On iPhone

Among the complaints of users to Apple devices, the most common is the insufficient battery life, so one of the main tasks of developers is to save battery power on the iPhone. The creators are trying to make each new OS as productive as possible, but the battery runs out faster. At the same time, there are a large number of ways how to save charging on the iPhone 4, 5s or other models. A number of tips is universal for any device on the iOS platform.

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Search and disable programs. "energy eaters"

How to Save Battery On iPhone

IOS 8 has a special section that makes it possible to identify services that consume too much charge. You need to go to the "Basic" section, then "Statistics" and "Battery usage". You can see the analysis of energy consumption by each service in percent for a week or the last day. For regular monitoring, the state of charge in percent is more rational to display.

If this is a firmware program, then it should be disabled or configured to work only when using it directly. In case the downloaded third-party application is wasteful, it is worth deleting it and looking for a more economical replacement with similar functions.

Limit software updates, background content downloads, and notifications

How to Save Battery On iPhone

In all iOS versions, the Background App Refresh feature is enabled by default. Therefore, applications download updates in the background without notifying the smartphone owner. In the settings, you can prohibit these actions for all functions or leave the possibility of updating only to those that you use constantly (for example, instant messengers).

Saving the battery of the iPhone is poorly compatible with the regular download of content, most of which is usually not used. Having entered the iTunes Store, App Store section, it is better to deactivate updates, as well as the "Books", "Applications" and "Music" items to avoid synchronization between gadgets.

Push notifications from games, E-mail and other used programs should be carefully sorted and disabled, leaving only the most necessary. Email can be checked regularly in manual mode.

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Display and sound optimization

Most tips for saving battery on your iPhone begin with a tip to reduce screen brightness. The Retina display is really very energy consuming. it is the leader in battery consumption. An experiment showed that when watching a video at maximum brightness, the iPhone 5 lasted a little more than 6 hours, and at 50%. almost 10 hours.

Manual brightness control for Apple products is still more reliable than automatic. For normal use of the phone, brightness at 25-35% is sufficient.

It is advisable to set the autolocking of the screen to a minimum (30 seconds), and it is better not to forget to lock the screen yourself immediately after the call. A parallax function that constantly requests information from motion sensors, dynamic (“live”) wallpapers and a zoom effect make the device’s interface attractive. But you have to pay for it with increased battery consumption.

The same goes for sound. The use of equalizers, built-in speakers and high volume music quickly runs out of battery. Therefore, it is better to turn off the equalizers and use headphones. Keyboard clicks are not needed either.

Geolocation for applications

How to Save Battery On iPhone

Being interested in how to save battery power on iPhone 4S, 5S, you need to remember that in all models the second most wasteful service after the display is determining the geolocation of the smartphone. A large number of applications (weather, maps, camera) constantly or periodically use GPS data.

You need to go to "Settings". "Privacy". "Geolocation Services" and disable some applications that require GPS, without which it is quite possible to do.

In iOS 9, in the "System Services" subsection, you can disable services:

  • frequently visited places;
  • geolocation iAd;
  • Sportlite and Safari offers
  • Timezone;
  • compass calibration;
  • Geo-warning, etc.

It is better to forget and remember only the fashionable function of telling friends of your location by sending GPS coordinates in a message only when traveling in which there is a risk of getting lost (for example, in the mountains).

Additional ways to save

A number of small tricks that are relevant for all Apple models, and will help extend the life of the gadget battery:

  • How to Save Battery On iPhone

    turning off Bluetooth, searching for Wi-Fi if they are not needed;

  • turn off time and date synchronization, as well as iCloud;
  • deactivation of Handoff and AirDrop programs if only one Apple device is used;
  • activation of LTE and 3G only if necessary;
  • use of the “On Airplane” function;
  • restriction of games, photographing and watching videos if there is no charger at hand;
  • regular battery calibration (discharging to zero followed by a full charge) will help the device display the battery status more correctly;
  • the purchase of an external battery will increase the battery capacity several times.

Apple Battery Saver Apps

In addition to manually optimizing the energy consumption of the iPhone or iPad, you can use specialized programs:

  1. How to Save Battery On iPhone

    BatteryDoctorPro. Utility with a stylish interface and a large set of features. Able to switch 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi mode, manage geolocation services, restart devices, block screen rotation and turn it off, analyze battery status. The owner of the smartphone can optionally configure three modes: “Home”, “On the street”, “Sleep mode”.

  2. Battery Life Magic Pro. It advises how to save and charge the battery better, and also controls the charging process. Calculates battery life for a given device load.
  3. Battery Doctor. The interface is thought out to the smallest detail. Cleans the RAM of the device, offers to unload programs that are not used for a long time. Keeps a detailed accounting of energy consumption in the context of services, controls the charging process.

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