How to Run Android Games on Windows 10

The main disadvantage of using devices with the Windows Phone operating system is a rather limited set of mobile applications. If the various games and utilities available for Android smartphones have long won the recognition of users, then The range offered to owners of devices with a tiled OS still causes a lot of complaints.

In connection with this situation, many people have a question how to install Android on devices with Windows Phone in order to gain access to more advanced features. Currently There are two ways to achieve this:

  • flashing the device for the initial boot of the Android OS;
  • the use of special tools that allow you to install and run Android applications directly in the Windows environment.

How to install Android on your smartphone with Windows Background?

There are two main methods of using firmware:

  • Direct installation of the Android OS in the memory of the mobile device and its launch when turned on;
  • placing firmware on an external memory card and activation from a Windows environment.

Regardless of the option chosen, a further return to loading a standard operating system is possible only when restoring data from a backup. Therefore, before starting the transition to Android, we back up information without fail. This procedure is performed using the built-in Windows system functions or external utilities (you can use Titanium Backup or another similar program).

Next, you need to download and find the firmware version intended for installation on the mobile device of a specific model. The name of the main file of the operating system that will be installed in the smartphone’s memory, has the form “Manufacturer-Model-Resolution-Day-Month-Year.NBH”, that is, at first the brand and model of the device are indicated (in text), then the maximum screen resolution (in numbers) and the release date of this assembly.

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Video: How to Run Android Games on Windows 10

In addition to the.NBH file, the following main elements are present in the firmware:

How to Run Android Games on Windows 10
  • andrоidinstall.tar. OS file system manager;
  • androididupdate.tar. Android update file;
  • Initrd.gz. is responsible for loading the OS located on an external medium (activation from an SD card);
  • Haret.exe. initiates the system startup process;
  • Zimage. directly the core of the Android OS;
  • Default.txt. a boot script that spells out the basic parameters for starting the system.

Download from external media

The method is the simplest, but fraught with frequent freezes and spontaneous device restarts.

Although loading is performed from an external medium, a return to normal operation of the “native” Windows is possible only after restoring from a backup, the standard “turn off / on” will not help here.

To activate Android from external media create any directory in the root of the SD card, copy all the firmware files there and run “Haret.exe”.

Preparation and firmware process

The technology for installing Android on Windows devices is identical for most modifications and includes the following steps:

How to Run Android Games on Windows 10
  • We get root-rights (unlimited access) to the smartphone. For this, specialized applications are used (iRoot, FramaRoot and others).
  • Download and install the service program used to install the firmware. For devices of each manufacturer has its own software. For example, firmware on HTC smartphones is made using the Custom utility.

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