How to Return Sound on Phone

Read why the sound was lost on the phone with incoming SMS, calls, music, headphones. We understand all the reasons and what to do. On tablets and Android phones, sound problems are not uncommon. They can be associated with software failures and hardware violations.

Failures arise due to careless use, installation of applications not from the Play Market or normal wear and tear of parts. We will figure out why the sound on the phone disappeared and how to get rid of this problem.

Why is there no sound on the phone? Check the settings!

First, check the sound using the volume button, maybe you turned it down and forgot about it. In this case, simply increase the volume using the “” key located on the side of the phone. If the phone lost sound on SMS, then the correction will take a little more time.

In 80% of cases, sound that disappeared for no apparent reason can be returned by simply correcting the settings. To do this, you first need to check them, and then move the desired sliders to the active position. You can check the settings by the algorithm:

  1. Open the main menu and find the gear icon labeled “Settings”.
  2. A large list will open before you, from which you need to select the “Sounds” or “Volume” tab. The name will depend on your version of the Android operating system.
  3. You will see a list of volume modes, adjust the slider for each. If you do not receive notifications, then you need to go to the tabs that regulate their delivery and sound. Here you can not only adjust the volume, but also select a melody or allow individual applications to send you notifications.

In most cases, this setting is enough for the phone to start working normally again. After you set the necessary parameters, check the sound.

If the phone is working properly, you hear the interlocutor and the sounds of individual applications, but you can’t use the radio normally or play media files, then the problem may be with the software.

In most cases, just adding sound to the player or a separate application. If you can’t play a specific file, then you may not have enough codecs. Download packages with audio codecs or install a new player.

What should I do if the sound does not turn on in the phone settings?

Sometimes the sound disappears due to a system conflict with a separate application. In this case, you cannot change the settings, they will not be saved. Remember, after installing which application there were problems, disconnect or remove it. Then reboot the device.

If you have installed a lot of programs lately, then you need to use the safe boot mode:

  1. Press the power off key.
  2. From the menu that appears, select the “Power Off” item (it may be called “Power Off”). Hold your finger on it for 5-6 seconds.
  3. A notification about the transition to safe mode should appear. Confirm your selection with the OK button.
  4. The device will turn off and start in safe mode, applications from third-party providers do not work in it.
  5. Check if the sound is working in this usage mode.

If a sound appears, then you need to remove some of the applications that you installed last. Please note that the instructions for setting your smartphone to safe mode may not work with all systems. Most often, the algorithm is useless for gadgets that have their own modified shells.

How to Return Sound on Phone

You can also back up your data using cloud storage, and then completely reset the settings. Rollback of user changes will allow you to get a clean phone without viruses and other files that can adversely affect the operation of the device.

After a reset, it is recommended to install applications only from the Play Market and not download files from unverified sources.

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Incorrectly performed flashing

On the Internet you can find many versions of firmware that allow you to personalize your smartphone. But not all of them are safe. Often after the firmware, users are faced with various problems that cannot be solved with a standard change in settings.

For example, you can install firmware that does not include drivers for the earpiece or the correct operation of the audio equipment. Then you will find after turning on that the sound completely disappeared on the phone.

Help in this situation can only re-flashing or rollback. To do this, you must use special programs or enter Recovery mode. But it’s best to be careful about installing the operating system on your smartphone. Carefully read the instructions of the developers, install only those firmware that are suitable for your device model.

Android software crashes

Software problems can also be caused by the loss of sound on the phone. The reason may be as follows:

  • installing programs from unreliable sources;
  • launching utilities that require root rights;
  • reset;
  • application conflict with the shell;
  • independent device firmware.

Video: How to Return Sound on Phone

First you need to check the state of the process responsible for the operation of the sound devices of the smartphone.

To do this, you need:
  1. Open system settings.
  2. Select the “Applications” tab from the list.
  3. Select the “Application Manager” section.
  4. Swipe right to left to open a list of running processes.
  5. Find the sound service in the list of running applications and check its status. If necessary, you need to activate this process.

If for some reason the service does not turn on, first reset to factory settings. It is best to do it through the system settings menu, but you can take advantage of the factory option as well. for this you need to go into Recovery mode and select the backup and reset option.

Hardware malfunctions that cause the phone to mute

If none of these methods help, then the problem may be hardware. These reasons include 15% of situations when the sound is lost on the phone. What to do in such situations? If you do not know how to handle a soldering iron, or at least do not know how to disassemble it, then you will have to attract a specialist. Most often, hardware malfunctions occur due to:

  • voltage drop (short circuit);
  • moisture inside the apparatus;
  • use the device in a dusty room;
  • hit or fall.

A small percentage of sound problems arise from the use of defective parts. Yves first months of using a smartphone. It will be possible to repair it for free if you did not drop or fill the gadget with water.

If you drop the phone into water or accidentally fill it with any liquid. It is necessary to put the smartphone in a container with rice, and then immediately contact the service center. It is not recommended to turn on the device after drying. Masters need to report the problem honestly so that they can start repair as soon as possible.

Broken speaker

If the phone works through a plug-in headset or only on speakerphone, but you don’t hear the other person, then the problem is most likely the dynamics. There are several speakers installed on advanced smartphones. some provide sound while listening to music or speakerphone, while others make it possible to hear the interlocutor in a simple telephone conversation. Most often, the main speaker fails. The reasons may be as follows:

  1. Clogging of the movable membrane. At maximum volume, you can hear a quiet sound. All the sound almost never disappears. With this option, you can try to clean the speaker yourself using a soft brush and a cotton swab. This advice is only suitable if you have access to this module, for example, the speaker is located openly under the removable cover of your smartphone.
  2. Burnout or shorting of the speaker coil. At the moment of sound reproduction a slight crackle will be heard. this is the main symptom of this malfunction. In this case, you can hear the interlocutor or the media file being played. You can get rid of the problem only by replacing the speaker with the coil.
  3. Open coil coil. in this case, the sound of the speaker disappears completely. This can only be fixed by replacing a failed spare part.

If you have lost the sound of the speaker on the phone, then most likely you will have to contact the wizard. Before contacting a service center, test the speakers in different modes. Try to describe the performance of the speakers as accurately as possible. This will allow you to pinpoint the problem so that the wizard does not have to look for it for a long time.

Audio Connector Issues

One of the steps to check the performance of the speakers is to connect headphones. If the sound is audible in them, but indistinct, then you can try to cope with the problem on your own. It is enough to blow out the connector and check the sound settings of the headset.

Sometimes the audio jack also affects the performance of the speakers. You may notice that there is no sound on the phone after the headphones. Most often, the phone even detects it when the headset is turned off, you can see the corresponding icon at the top of the screen. In this case, you can restore the functionality of the nodes to play sound yourself. To do this, do the following:

  • hold down the volume button before removing the headphones;
  • connect and turn off the headphones several times;
  • blow out the headset jack with compressed air;
  • if a little water gets into the connector and under the volume button, it is necessary to partially disassemble the device and clean the contacts of oxide.

Sometimes a small antennae is clamped in the audio jack that holds the headset plug. With a thin tool, you can unclench them yourself or give the phone for repair to specialists.

Sound Amplifier Board Failure

The malfunction of the sound card can be determined by the sound control button. It ceases to function. On your own, you can only remove the garbage that has clogged under the button, for this you need to take a toothpick and carefully clean the gap.

If the button after cleaning did not work, then the reason is in the sound card. It fails for various reasons:

  • moisture inside the smartphone case;
  • mechanical impact (shock or fall);
  • manufacturing defects;
  • overloaded operating mode, leading to strong heating of the device (work simultaneously with a large number of “heavy” applications).

This breakdown can be fixed only in the service center, where you can conduct a thorough diagnosis of the device and replace the board.

Rib wear

If the volume control button or sound device in your smartphone is placed in an atypical place (for example, on the back cover), then the problem with the loss of sound may be in the loop that powers this module.

Now you can hardly find smartphones in the form factor of a slider or a clamshell, and those who used phones a few years ago can remember such devices. Nevertheless, some manufacturers with the Android operating system often use similar form factors.

Due to the regular movement, the loop contacts are frayed and it is possible to restore operability only by replacing the conductor with a new one. It is almost impossible to restore a loop at home.

It is possible to determine that the case in the loop is based on one feature. the sound disappears and you cannot regulate it. Manufacturers promise to return to outdated form factors, so soon the problem of regular replacement of such conductors will again be relevant.

Thus, if you have lost sound on the device, you must first check the gadget settings, and only then contact the service center. If you unsuccessfully flashed the device and are not sure that you can install the correct software yourself, you should also contact specialists. In most cases, they will recommend you to install standard (custom) firmware.

Now you know all the reasons and ways to fix sound problems on Android smartphones. You can share your problems and their solutions in the comments. Share the information with friends, invite them to participate in the discussion.