How to Return a Remote Application on an iPhone

How to recover a deleted application on iPhone if you accidentally uninstalled it along with all the data? Re-download the program from the App Store and sync with iTunes.

Recovery Terms

The only requirement is that you must be logged in with the Apple ID from which you downloaded the application for the first time. If you downloaded the program under one account, deleted it, and now you want to restore it in another account, then nothing will work. If the condition is met, then it will be possible to restore any applications along with the data. that is, progress in games or information in the program will also return. A couple more pleasant moments:

  • If the remote applications were paid, you won’t have to pay for them again.
  • If the applications are removed from the App Store and are no longer available for the first download, they can still be returned.

It turns out that you can uninstall the program at least 5, at least 6 times. it will always be available for recovery. We’ve figured out the conditions, now let’s see the most interesting thing. how to recover an accidentally deleted application on an iPhone.

Download from the App Store

The easiest way to return deleted applications to your iPhone is to reinstall them on the App Store.

How to Return a Remote Application on an iPhone

In the “Shopping” section there is another useful tab called “Not on this iPhone / iPad”. In it you will find applications that are installed on another device with the same Apple ID. If you want to transfer some application from another device, then use the same button in the form of a cloud.

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Size Limit Bypass

If you use mobile Internet to download applications from the cloud, you may face a size limit. In iOS 11, you cannot download an object whose size exceeds 150 MB, and in previous versions, the restriction is even more stringent. 100 MB. To get around the ban:

  1. Start downloading the application.
  2. When a sign appears about the oversize and the need to connect to Wi-Fi, click "OK".
  3. Turn on airplane mode.
    How to Return a Remote Application on an iPhone

  4. Reboot the device.
  5. Turn off airplane mode.

Downloading the application will start automatically, provided that the mobile Internet remains on.

Sync with iTunes

How to recover deleted applications if the phone does not have Internet access? The option to download from the cloud will not help, so another way is needed. for example, downloading from iTunes.

  1. Connect iPhone, open iTunes.
  2. Select a device in the program window. Make sure you are logged into iTunes with the appropriate Apple ID.
  3. Open the shopping section.
  4. Select an application and click on it to start the download.
    How to Return a Remote Application on an iPhone

  5. Open the device’s page.
  6. Select the "Programs" section.
  7. Find the downloaded application and click "Install."
  8. Click "Sync" to transfer the program to the iPhone.
    How to Return a Remote Application on an iPhone

After disconnecting the smartphone from the computer, make sure that the application is installed and working. All progress will be lost, but it can be restored.

Data recovery

Application data can be stored in two places:

  • On developer servers.
  • In iCloud.

If the program or game data is stored on the developers’ servers, then to return the game process, you just need to enter the username and password of the account that was used earlier. Data stored in iCloud will automatically be tightened after restoring the application. If this does not happen, then there may be two reasons:

  • The program does not support data storage in iCloud.
  • You have prohibited the storage of information in the cloud the first time you launch the application.

To save data, open the Storage properties in the settings and move the slider of the desired program to the active position.

Using backups

Another working way to recover deleted applications and other data is to restore your iPhone from backup to iCloud or iTunes.

How to Return a Remote Application on an iPhone

The disadvantage of this method is that you will return to the previous state not only the application, but also the system with all the information. That is, all photos, videos, programs that appeared after creating the backup will be deleted.

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