How to Return a Play Market Phone

If you forgot the password to log into your Google account or it was deleted for some reason, you will not be able to access all the services of this Internet monster, including Google Play Market, from which almost all programs are downloaded to Android. This is due to the fact that an active Google account is a kind of pass for entering any of its applications. To solve this problem, you need to recover the lost password. One thing is good. this can be done in the vast majority of cases.

Play Market Return Procedure

To regain access to the Play Market on Android, you need to recover the password from your Google account. In this case, the sequence of resuscitation will depend on whether you indicated your personal data (initials, real mobile phone number, additional mailbox, etc.) when registering a new account. If the registration has been completed completely, then there will be no problems with resuscitation. Otherwise, this procedure will take you more resources.

It may also be that, having received superuser rights (root access) on Android, you mistakenly deleted the Play Market utility on your phone. In this case, instead of recovering the password, you will need to reinstall the remote Google Play and synchronize it with your Google account, since all the services of this company are interconnected.

Return access to Google account in the presence of personal data

If you are unable to log in to your Google Play Market account or any other Google services, you should contact the directory specially created for such purposes (Google Account Recovery). In it, you can find a solution to many problems associated with the health of the mailbox and other applications. If you do not want to look for additional information, you can use the instructions below.

Returning the password from the Google Play Market in the presence of personal data is not difficult. This requires:

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  1. From a personal computer through any browser, go to the Google homepage and click "Login."
    How to Return a Play Market Phone
  2. In the form that opens, click on “Can’t log in to your account?”.
  3. After that, select the first item and enter the email address associated with the Google Play Market service in the corresponding line.
  4. Then enter the phone number indicated when registering mail.
  5. Within a few minutes, an SMS message with a verification code should come to your mobile gadget. It should be entered in the column that appears.
  6. If everything is done correctly, a form will open in which you can specify a new password.

After completing these simple steps, you will reanimate your inbox and regain access to the Google Play Market.

How to return access to Google services if personal data is not available?

It’s a little more difficult to restore access to Google Play Market when personal data were not specified during account registration or they were changed.

  1. As in the first case, go to the Google homepage and do all the procedures described in paragraphs 1-3.
  2. In the request code sending window, click "I can’t use the phone."
  3. You will need to answer a number of leading questions. This is for security purposes to verify your identity. Here you need to enter the month and year of account creation, indicate the date of the last login, a backup mailbox for communication, etc.

If everything is done correctly, then after 1-2 days an email from Google tech support will come to the indicated mail with further instructions. After completing them and entering a new password, you can restore your account in the Play Market and other Google applications.

The letter may be spammed, so if it did not arrive on time, check the spam folder.

What should I do if the Play Market was accidentally deleted?

Google Play Market is by default present in the firmware of a tablet or phone running on Android. Therefore, you do not need to install it additionally. But what if the user accidentally deleted this application? Of course, install it again.

Installing the Play Market program on Android is as follows:

  1. First, your gadget needs to be given permission to install software from unknown resources. To do this, in the "Security" section, activate the corresponding item.
  2. Next, through the browser, download Google Play Market with the extension.apk and install it on the phone.
  3. After opening this application, you will need to log in to your Google account with your email address and password.

After completing these steps, synchronization will start, after which you can freely use all Google services, including the previously remote Play Market.

Common problems with the Play Market

In case of failures in Android, which are common enough, or a virus attack, the Play Market installed on the phone may not start. There are several ways to deal with this problem:

  1. Reboot Android. This method is the simplest, so it should be applied first. If the usual OS freeze occurred, then after restarting the Play Market should earn.
  2. Throw off the program settings and clear the cache. Go to the "Applications" menu, find the Play Market there and click on it. In the window that opens, start clearing the cache and deleting data. If this does not help, you can try to roll back updates.
  3. Clear the cache in the Google Play Services program. To do this, in the same "Applications" menu, select the appropriate program and follow these steps.
  4. Restart your Google account. Try logging out of your Google Account, and then log in again with a valid email and password. Remember to enable synchronization.

If none of the above options gives a positive result, it remains to reset the Android settings, after saving all personal documents in a safe place.