How to Reset Samsung Phone Settings

Thanks to this instruction, you will learn how to reset settings on Android using various methods: starting with simple ones and ending with less obvious ones. Use any of the possible ones. in fact, the result is the same: getting a pristine mobile device in working condition.


This manual will be useful to owners of the following android smartphones:

  • Lenovo a319, a328, a536, a1000
  • LG p705, e615, d325
  • Sony Xperia
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3 (s),
  • Samsung and Samsung Duos

How to make a hard reset via standard Android settings

This is the easiest way to reset Android, and we recommend that you use it first.

Go to the device menu. Settings. General Settings. If you don’t have such a subsection, then go back. The main thing is that the “Archiving (Archiving) and Reset” or Privacy section is nearby. In different versions of Android, there may be insignificant differences in the name of the settings menu items.

Click on "Reset Data" or "Reset Device" and then "delete everything" to confirm reset.

After the reboot, you will have at your disposal a clean and working mobile device, as after the purchase.

How to Reset Samsung Phone Settings

How to Reset Samsung Phone Settings

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How to reset the settings through the hardware buttons on the phone.

Full reset and return to the factory version of Android. a magic wand for you if the phone (tablet) does not turn on. Why does not turn on. this is not so fundamental. So, how to reset the settings through the keys on the phone, in the off state:

If the phone is working, turn it off

Press and hold three buttons at the same time: “Power” “Home” (center) “Volume up”.

Next, you need to hold down three buttons on your phone: the power button, home (home, as a rule, is located on the front panel) and an increase in volume. If the buttons "Home" No, then try the option with the power button and volume up.

Release the “Power” button after “Samsung Galaxy. ". Keep the remaining buttons until Recovery appears (approximately 5-15 seconds).

As soon as the logo appears, release the power button (just hold it, hold the other buttons). A recovery menu should appear. How to throw off the settings through it, read on.

Reset settings via Recovery

Management in the menu in the Recovery mode is carried out through the sound reduction button. Select “Wipe data / factory reset” and press the Power button to confirm.

We agree with the operation (select Yes. Delete all user data) and confirm again.

Reboot the phone. To do this, select "Reboot system now" in the menu

Hard reset (or reset on Android) is an extreme measure to restore the original phone settings provided by the developers.

The factory settings set in Android suggest that the mobile device will work stably, predictably. everything as intended by the manufacturer. With any error, problems with the phones, you can roll back the settings to restore the operating state of the operating system.

Why reset Android and in what cases is it needed

There are many reasonable reasons why resetting to factory settings can make the life of the device easier. Here are the most significant reasons:

  1. Your Android starts to terribly slow down or applications are buggy. Although Android works flawlessly, if you don’t mess it up, sometimes inexplicable conflicts and application errors occur when it is impossible to pinpoint the cause, and removing unnecessary programs from the phone does not solve the problem.
  2. The phone simply stopped turning on correctly. In the process of experimenting or inattention, you made a mistake, which, alas, became fatal. In this case, there is nothing left to do but reset the tablet or smartphone through the Recovery menu or the phone’s hardware buttons. In this case, the reset of Android. almost the only way to return the phone from a brick state to a functioning gadget.
  3. Problems unlocking a mobile device. However, we do not recommend resorting to resetting the phone if you cannot remember the graphic key or password for entering your mobile device. Before that, we advise you to read an article on how to do it more competently: How to unlock a phone
  4. You want to reset the phone for sale. In fact, resetting to factory settings will help to kill two birds with one stone. First, you optimize your phone by returning it to its original state. If you leave all applications, files, etc. on the phone, there is a risk that the mobile device will lose in performance. The second point. hard reset deletes all the files in the internal memory, which means you will protect yourself from transferring personal data to anyone else.

All these problems can be easily solved through a forced measure. namely, resetting to factory settings.

The recovery procedure is completely safe, although it is almost an extreme measure in solving problems. It should not be performed without special need.

In addition, before performing a hard reset, you need to know how to do this and observe safety precautions. Which ones. read on.

Necessary measures before performing a hard reset

There is a kind of checklist of necessary procedures that must be followed before the reset begins.

  1. Back up important files on your phone. To avoid confusion and unpredictability, in any case, you should save a copy of ALL important files on your computer. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to recover data even in hot pursuit.
  2. Charge your phone to the maximum. Despite the fact that some models of Android devices have built-in protection against low battery, there are unpleasant exceptions. Check that the battery is fully charged. otherwise it may happen that during the reset the battery will drain and you will turn the phone into a brick.
  3. For Android 5.1 and higher. unlink Google account. This is an innovation for relatively older versions of Android. You need to untie your account before reset, so as not to enter data after resetting. The fact is that if you forget the login information, you will not be able to resume access to the phone (you will need all the documents and a trip to the service center). This is done for security reasons, so that attackers could not take possession of your phone using the reset function to factory settings

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