How to Reset Image Password on Phone

A modern phone is a storehouse of personal information, photos, access to banking applications and personal communication. It is not surprising that many seek to make the gadget completely private. In smartphones on Android, it is possible to set digital, alphabetic and graphic passwords on the screen. And at least once each of the adherents of complete confidentiality and personal space, faced with a situation when he forgot the password on the phone. You should not panic, smartphones have enough ways to enter the system, although some of them are quite tough. Now we’ll tell you about all the ways to unlock your phone if you forget your password. Please note that not all methods may work on your mobile device, it all depends on its technical capabilities, access to root rights and an Internet connection.

How to unlock your phone through Google

The first way is to reset the password using a connected Google account to the device. Accordingly, the user who synchronized the phone with the profile can use it. In this case, the smartphone must be connected to WI-FI or to the mobile Internet. If at the time when the phone was blocked you were not connected to the World Wide Web, then usually the side or top retractable tab is available and the Internet can be connected without logging in. This is the easiest and fastest way to restore the gadget if you forgot your Android password.

How to Reset Image Password on Phone

To use it, you need to enter the wrong code a certain number of times, after which the active line appears: "Forgot your password." By clicking on it, you will be asked to enter data from your Google account. If you do not remember it, then use a desktop computer to change the forgotten password from your Google profile first. If, after entering the wrong code, such a link does not appear on the screen, you must press the active "Home" key and re-enter the incorrect password several times. After these manipulations, you will be automatically logged in, where you can change the password.

How to unlock the phone through the application

There are special applications from Google that you can install or they already go on your smartphone. They come in handy when you need to unlock your phone. For example, if you are a prudent person and have set up the Smart Look application from Google, you can unlock Android in a matter of seconds. To do this, remotely connect the "trusted" device of your smartphone via Bluetooth or WI-FI. When there is a two-way connection between your phone and another device, it automatically logs into the gadget. To use such an application, it is imperative that both devices are in the Internet access area. If before the application needed to unlock the phone, the application was not configured, then it will not work.

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How to unlock Samsung and Sony smartphone

Some smartphone manufacturers have worried in advance that you know how to bypass the password on your phone.. For this, owners are provided with additional tools for unlocking. For example, Samsung users can use their service. Find My Mobile. To do this, you must be connected to the service, and a locked phone, Must be on the Internet. To reset the password on your smartphone, you need a stationary computer, laptop or other mobile device that is also connected to the Internet.

Step-by-step instructions for unlocking your Samsung phone:

  1. Go to their service and log in.
  2. On the main page of Find My Mobile there are corresponding subsections for remote locking or unlocking the smartphone.
  3. Select the “Unlock my device” tab.
  4. After a few minutes, a message appears on the screen that your device is unlocked.
  5. After that, you can turn on the smartphone and reset the password, reset it or cancel it altogether.

Samsung is not the only manufacturer that created its system when the phone is locked and you forgot the password. For example, Sony has created for all of its Xperia smartphones the ability to unlock your phone using an emergency call.. To do this, on the emergency call display you need to dial a special combination. ## 7378423 ##.

After the call, a menu from the manufacturer with the Service Test section will appear, after which additional items will appear, among which you need to select NFC → Dag Test. After all the manipulations, press the home key and you will enter your mobile device.

How to reset the password on the phone

The most cruel way to unlock the phone is to reset all settings to factory defaults. The cruelty of the method is that all information from the mobile device will be lost. In order to reset the settings, you must simultaneously press the combination of external buttons on the turned off smartphone:

  • Volume down and on.
  • Volume up and on.
  • Increase and decrease the volume on (all three at the same time).
  • Increase the volume, the Home button (if any) and the inclusion.
  • Volume up, volume down and Home button.
  • Volume up and down.

You need to hold the buttons for 10-15 seconds, causing Recovery mode. After which a small menu should appear. With about such items. reset, formatting, etc. You need the “reset” item. Select it, and then “wipe data”. Literally after 5 minutes the phone will unlock, but it will be completely empty, only a backup copy can help here if it was made shortly before you decided to reset the password on Android.

How to unlock the phone if you forget the pattern

The graphic key reliably protects your personal information, but it is also easy to forget it, as well as digital. If you have forgotten the graphic key on Android, then all of the above unlocking options apply to it. But there are other effective ways to unlock the graphic key on the phone using, for example, connecting to a computer and other manipulations. Consider other methods when the question arises, what to do if you forget the pattern, in addition to those that we have already described:

  1. The easiest method you can use to unlock your pattern key is to discharge your mobile device. To do this, wait until the charge level drops so much that the system will warn you about it. Then you will have the opportunity to enter the power management of the smartphone, which is located just in the place of the settings we need, including security. just change the graphic key and access to use is open.
  1. If you have root rights, then you can bypass the password for the graphic key using the custom Recovery system. In this mode, you can delete the Gesture file. Key without resetting to factory settings. Then just restart your device and use.

In order to avoid future problems with hacking the graphic key on the phone. It is recommended that you synchronize your device with your Google account.

How to remove a pattern key

For those who want to know how to reset the graphic key on Android and want to use this method, they should download special programs for further deleting the Gesture Key or Password Key file (if you want to delete the digital password). There are at least two softwares that will help you:

  1. Adb run. The program is installed on a PC. A smartphone is connected to the computer and the program starts. Then select Unlock Gesture Key. → Metod 1 / Metod 2. If you select “Method 1”, the graphic password will be deleted from the data / System folder. If you select "Method 2", the password will be reset by deleting the system.db file.
  1. AROMA Filemanager program. The difference between ADB Run is that the graphic key is deleted, but by transferring the program folder to the mobile device itself. To get started, download the zip file with the program to your computer, and then you need to copy the file in this form to the phone’s SD card. After that, you need to enter the Recovery menu and select the command that gives permission to install the software from the CD-card. When the program is installed, find the Data / System file, which is located in the device’s OS. And then find the Gesture Key we need and delete it.

There are other utilities for deleting the graphic key if you forget it, but these two methods are the most common.