How to Reset iCloud iPhone 4

The need to change the account in iCloud on iPad and iPhone devices may arise due to the loss of the password from the old profile (old iCloud) or the absence of such a password (this sometimes happens when buying a used iPhone). And sometimes the user, regardless of external circumstances, independently decides to change the profile to Aiklaud (for the purpose of doing business, for professional activities, etc.).

This guide will help you delete your iCloud profile from Apple i-devices (iPhone, iPad), as well as make a backup copy of the information stored in it (photos, files, contacts and other data of value to the user).

Saving data before changing account

1. Transfer photos and images from your Aiklaud account to the albums and photo galleries of your iPhone.

2. Data (documents, presentations, texts) created in iWork, music. to the iTunes directory (this procedure can also be performed by connecting a computer).

3. Saved dates and reminders can be restored via the new iCloud profile directly on the device or on the computer.

Standard Profile Deletion Procedure

1. Tap on the gadget’s display the “Settings” icon.

How to Reset iCloud iPhone 4

2. Select “iCloud” from the list.

3. At the bottom of the options panel, click “Delete Account”.

4. In the panel asking for confirmation of the activated operation, tap “Delete from iPhone”.

5. Enter the password for the "old" account and click "Disable".

Note. Together with the iCloud profile, all data stored in it (files, songs, contacts, etc.) is deleted

What if there is no password?

Note. This method works only on iOS versions 7.0. 7.0.6.

To delete an iCloud account without a password, follow these steps:

1. Open: Settings → iCloud.

2. In the application panel, tap "Delete account" → Delete → Delete from.

3. In the window for entering the password, select "Cancel".

4. At the top of the list of options tap "Account".

5. Delete the current password for authorizing Apple ID and enter the "fake" password in the same line.

6. Tap "Finish." The device will display a message that the password is incorrect (it should be so; press “ok” and then “Cancel”).

7. Again, try to get rid of your icloud account (button at the bottom of the list of options). And again, in the password entry panel, select "Cancel".

8. Return to the “Account” section, delete the contents of the “Description” line. Tap "Finish." (After completing this step, the “Find iPad” option should turn off).

9. Click "Delete account" and confirm the start of the uninstallation process.

Log in using your Apple ID (old or new). Now you can fully use the device.