How to Reset an Htc One X Phone

HTC One M8 reset and password reset

All readers a good time of day. For a long time I worked in the service for servicing mobile phones and I want to say that the most common problem among our customers was resetting their mobile device. The fact is that customers often themselves did not know about the need to make a hard reset, however, as a specialist, I can offer the phone to return to the initial factory settings in the following cases (I quote clients):
I connected the graphic key with the mail, having previously installed it, but forgot the password for the google email account, what should I do?
How can I unlock the pattern or password on HTC One M8?
Many attempts to enter a password or pattern on HTC One M8. what is it?
I have repeatedly entered the wrong pattern on the HTC One M8, how can this affect the information on the phone?
HTC One M8 is slow;
I don’t understand how to reset HTC One M8 to the factory settings?
How do I reset my password on HTC One M8?

And for my practice there were still a lot of such questions, so I decided to write this article. After reading it, customers themselves will be able to reset their phone settings without extra costs. Let’s start with the fact that the HTC One M8 freezes or does not turn on at all, and here it is not necessary to immediately think that the phone is broken and rush to buy a new model. First, try to restart the system.

Before I describe this process, I want to warn that these actions will completely clear the phone, while the messages contained in it, photos, videos, contacts, programs and other information will be erased. In other words, the phone will again become what it was originally created by the developers. On the Internet today you can find programs for creating backup copies of all data, you just need to register on the site and save a backup copy of the data in your personal account, which is recommended to be done regularly to avoid problems with power-ups and freezes.

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There are the following options for removing the password or pattern, as well as restarting the software. For those to whom the current situation allows you to reset the settings directly in the settings menu, the method is suitable hard reset HTC One M8 No. 1:
We find the menu, we find “Settings” and we look for the column “recovery and reset”;
From the proposed list, click “Reset Phone Settings”;
Click “Delete all data”, while if the files are not completely deleted, the phone will reset to the initial settings, but the phone will continue to turn off and fail;
In this regard, having deleted the files, we are looking for the SD card cleaning function, click OK, and everything should work again.

To test the health, we reboot the phone and then restore the files.

Hard reset method of HTC One M8 2:

For those customers who, for some reason, have forgotten the access password or those whose phone does not turn on after pressing the appropriate button, it is recommended to use the second method, which allows you to restart the phone and return to the initial settings, even if the smartphone was not turned on, for which you first need to pinch two buttons. “Power” and “Volume Down”.

From the off state of the phone, thus, hard reset, password reset and factory reset are performed. By clicking on these buttons simultaneously, on the screen we see a picture with the images of the Android trinity, then we release the buttons and in the list that appears we look for the Factory Reset or “Restore Original Settings” function that we need.

How to Reset an Htc One X Phone

By controlling with the volume buttons located on the phone, we select the necessary functions, we use the “Power” button to confirm. For those customers whose mobile devices have not required the required changes, it is recommended to repeat step by step the entire process of restoring settings, which was described above. All information on your HTC One M8 will be deleted in this way, but the phone system will be returned to its original settings, which will restore functionality and you can use the phone for its intended purpose.

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