How to Reset a Pattern Key on Huawei

Consider how to unlock a forgotten android pattern key.

Despite the convenience and simplicity of this function, many users often forget the key and cannot unlock the phone.

For such cases, the operating system provides many ways to reset data that will return you access to the phone.

Graphic key function. The essence and use

Today, smartphone users are trying to protect the data that is on the phone as much as possible. So that outsiders could not just take and look at the contents of the device, developers create control systems using lock windows.

Each type of screen lock implies the presence of an access key (short code, password or gesture). The graphic key is a new development that allows you not to remember complex passwords and phrases. To go to the main screen of the gadget, the user just needs to connect the points in the figure, creating a figure that was invented at the key configuration stage.

Fig. 2. illustration of a graphic key

Graphic Key Setting

You can create this way to unlock the screen in any version of the Android operating system. Follow the instructions:

  • Go to the gadget settings and in the personal data tab open the security options window;
  • Select “Screen Lock”;
  • In the window that opens, select the “Graphic Key” field. Set the order of connecting the dots and remember it. Save the action. Now, when you try to unlock the display, you will need to draw a previously invented figure.

A detailed diagram for enabling the graphic password is described in the figure below:

Fig. 3. screen lock setting

Benefits of using the Graphic Key feature:

  • Quick unlock;
  • No need to remember codes;
  • The ability to reset a graphic if the user has forgotten it.

There are more than ten ways to reset the lock screen. We consider in detail each of them. Choose a method depending on your phone’s capabilities and gadget skills.

Method 1. Easy Password Reset

If, in addition to the graphic key, a digital code is also installed on the phone, you can easily restore access to the device. Try to enter the pattern key several times until all attempts are exhausted. After that, a system message appears in the smartphone window stating that the input option has been suspended. Press the key “Unlock in another way”.

A screen for entering a digital short password will appear. Print it and the phone will unlock automatically. It is worth noting that this method is suitable only for those who pre-configured several methods for activating the phone. Otherwise, the button to unlock in another way will not be on the screen.

Fig. 4. simultaneous use of several authorization methods

Method 2. Ringing the Phone

This method works on older versions of the Android OS. Try calling a locked phone from another device. After accepting the call, the smartphone is automatically activated and you will not need to enter with. In the same way, you can bypass input and other types of screen locks.

Fig. 5. Android Incoming Call Window

If new versions of the operating system (from 5.0 and higher) are installed on your smartphone, using a simple call will not work. However, you can restore access using third-party PC programs that automatically delete the saved key script. Examples of such utilities:

The essence of the work of these programs is that it is installed on a smartphone and on a PC. Using the remote recovery function of the gadget, you can start the process of resetting the file on your device from the computer. Reboot the phone so that the key settings disappear.

If the Bypass utility was installed on your phone beforehand, to unlock it, just send an SMS with the text “1234 reset” to the device (without quotes). Bypass will scan message texts and if it finds secret text in one of them, it will restart the smartphone and delete the graphic element.

After restoring access, immediately go to the phone’s security settings and disable the lock function.

Method 3. Low Battery

This method is suitable for any smartphone on Android. However, it takes time and attention. You should wait until the phone is discharged and a notification window appears about the critical charge of the battery.

In this window, you can click on the “Battery Status” button. After that, you will be redirected to the menu for viewing battery usage statistics. You do not need to enter a graphic key for this.

Fig. 6. access restoration through the Connect Charger window

The only complexity of the method is that the system window disappears 10-15 seconds after it appears. Catching a message is not easy when the phone runs out of power slowly.

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Method 4. Logging In to Your Personal Google Account

If the user incorrectly enters the graphic figure several times (more than 5 attempts), a notification will appear on the screen stating that you need to wait half a minute before a new attempt to enter. At this point, the “Forgot key?” Key also appears. By clicking on this field, you will be redirected to the login window for your Google account.

Type your email and password in the appropriate text boxes. After checking the data, the password will be reset. To install it again, go to the security settings and set a new shape.

Fig. 7. Google Page Restore

Method 5. Starting an Internet Connection

To authorize your account, you must have an active Internet connection. If you enter the correct username and password, but there is no connection, you should try to connect the Internet using the smartphone’s hot keys:

  • To start, restart the phone;
  • Immediately after switching on, a status bar will appear (“curtain” at the top of the screen). Expand this window and click on “Mobile Data”.

Fig. 8. the inclusion of mobile Internet

  • If there is a router nearby that the smartphone has previously connected to, you can click on the Wi-Fi button and the connection will happen automatically without entering a password.

After activating the Internet, re-enter your account information in Google. Now the system will be able to recognize the page and access to the phone will be restored.

Fig. 9. enable Wi-Fi using hot keys

If you cannot open the notification center window, use the special system code to connect to Wi-Fi:

How to Reset a Pattern Key on Huawei
  • An emergency call button is located on the lock screen. Click on it;
  • In the window that opens, enter the command ” # # 7378423 # # ” ​​(without quotes);
  • Wait until the system configuration window appears and select the Service Tests tab (in some versions. Service Provider);
  • Click on the WLAN item;
  • Connect to Wi-Fi.

Video: How to Reset a Pattern Key on Huawei

Fig. 10. connection window selection

If there is no router nearby, transfer another SIM card with Internet connection to the phone and activate data transfer over the mobile network. Enter your details for Google. After that, Android is unlocked.

Method 6. Manually Removing an Option

To use this method, the Recovery Mode option must be installed on the phone. It is available only in official phone models. Depending on the type of recovery window (CWM or TWRP), the interface and tab layout may vary slightly.

Transfer the Aroma Explorer archive from the PC to the phone and move the file to the memory card. Now go into Recovery Mode and open the folder with the program archive. Install it. Now, in recovery mode, access will also appear to system files.

Fig. 11. installing the program in Recovery Mode

Go to the dataàsystem directory and in the file list that appears, delete the object with the name “gesture.key”. it is responsible for the installed graphic key. Without this file, a reboot will automatically reset the password.

How to start Recovery Mode? To do this, just click on the power, volume and home button. Hold them for 15-20 seconds until the command window appears.

Another option to delete the “gesture.key” file is to connect the phone to the computer in drive mode (the mode can be selected through the notification center without unlocking the screen). Using a regular Windows Explorer, go to the phone folder on the dataàsystem path. Delete the pattern object.

Fig. 12. delete key file using PC

Method 7. Utility for Instant OS Recovery

It is also necessary to use Recovery Mode in this method. Download the archive with the GEST utility to your smartphone using a computer. The application works by automatically searching for the Gesture Key file and deactivating it. The archive is available here.

Now go into Recovery mode and install the application from the archive in the same way as shown in Figure 11. Now just restart your Android. After the lock screen appears, enter any combination of lines and access will be restored. Do not forget that after successfully logging into the smartphone’s desktop, you should disable the graphic key in the settings.

Method 8. Removing a Key Using an Additional Account

This method is only suitable if the phone has several authorized users and root rights. Each user’s account must have SuperSU utility running in multi-user mode.

Fig. 13. SuperSU application settings

A specific combination of a graphic key can only be set on a single user account. If you try to put the same figure on the lock screen of another account, the system will not allow it. Thanks to this option, you can always access the phone, even if you forget one of the keys.

Log into the account of the second user and launch SuperSU. Go to the dataàsystem window and delete the file that contains the graphic key, as well as objects with the extension db, db-wal and db-shm. objects of local phone settings.

Method 9. Call the Recovery menu and reset

This option is also suitable for any Android smartphone or tablet. To delete a forgotten key, reset to the initial settings. Such a function is provided on all phones, and the process is activated through the settings window. Since the user cannot enter the settings from the locked gadget, use the Recovery Mode menu.

Turn off the phone and start the recovery window by simultaneously pressing the three keys (Home, Volume and Power On). Run the data reset process shown in the figure.

Fig. 14. reset to factory settings

Remember! As a result of this action, all data and user files will be deleted from the smartphone without the possibility of further recovery. Before resetting, we advise you to remove a memory card and SIM card from your phone so that the contacts do not go away.

After rebooting, you will need to reconfigure the gadget:

  • Connect internet;
  • Pass authorization through Google;
  • Set location settings.

Fig. 15. running reset process to factory settings

Method 10. Instructions for Sony Gadgets

Universal recovery methods that are suitable for any device, regardless of manufacturer, have been described above. However, in some cases, it is better to use unique methods that are developed for the model of your phone. Consider the instructions for phones and tablets from Sony. Recently, the company developed software to unlock the phone using firmware. In this case, all data and other settings will be saved.

Sony devices are restored using Flashtool. It is installed on a computer or laptop. Then the phone is connected to the PC and through the interaction of the interfaces the user can restore the device or perform its firmware. You can download the application from the manufacturer’s website using the link.

Download the official password reset utility. This can also be done through the Sony website.

Launch Flashtool on the computer and connect the locked mobile to the PC. Follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Tools window;
  • Click on the Bundles field and then on Create;
  • In the window that appears, fill in the fields for the firmware location, device model, installation type and utility version. Sample data to fill out:

Fig. 16. setting the installation of the key deactivation file

  • Confirm the creation of the password remover by pressing the Create key.

Now flash the smartphone via Flashtool. Instead of updating, select the file created above. After restarting the gadget, the key on the lock screen will disappear.

If you are having difficulty restoring your Sony phone, use the step-by-step instructions in the video.

Method 11. Hardware Failure and Maintenance

Sometimes, the unstable operation of the lock screen is the result of hardware failures. The user can enter the graphic key correctly, but due to problems with the display module, the sensor does not correctly recognize touches on the screen.

If you have problems at the same time connecting to the mobile Internet and to the router’s network, this may indicate a malfunction of the antenna module. Often it breaks after falling or hitting the phone. Contact the service center for a detailed diagnosis of your phone.

Method 12. Data Reset for HTC

Not all phone models support the simultaneous pressing of three buttons to perform a reset. If you can’t get to the Recovery menu by holding them, try a method that is exactly suitable for the model of your Android smartphone.

In the phone from HTC, you first need to turn off the gadget and get its battery. Now press the volume down button and the power key until the recovery menu appears.

Fig. 17. keyboard shortcut for HTC

Scroll through the settings using the volume keys. Select the Clear Storage field.

It should be noted that for HTC devices there is a separate utility HTC Sync. With it, you can quickly reset a forgotten graphic password. The application is installed on the computer. You can download the installation file from the link.

After installation, connect the phone to the PC and, using the installation of the Lock Bypass process, wait for the data to be reset and the device to reboot. Unlock in gadget settings. If the first time the graphic key window does not disappear, repeat the reset.

Fig. 18. reset for HTC

Method 13. Reset for Samsung

Owners of devices from Samsung just turn off the device and click on the power button, volume up and the center key. In the recovery mode window that appears, select the wipe data / factory reset command.

Method 14. For Huawei Smartphones

On smartphones from Huawei, data and settings are reset as follows:

  • The user disconnects the device. Then you need to take out the battery and install it again. If, due to the unique characteristics of the phone, it is impossible to get the battery, immediately turn off Recovery after turning it off;
  • Enter recovery mode by pressing the volume and power buttons simultaneously. Reset by clicking on the factory reset section.

For new models of Huawei smartphones, this instruction may not work, so the gadget will need to be restored through the manufacturer’s website

How to prevent a problem?

If you regularly use the Graphic Key function and do not want to face the problem of a forgotten combination of lines in the future, ensure that the following functions are available on your phone:

  • Install Root Rights. Superuser mode allows you to quickly solve software-related errors. You will have access to all hidden phone options. It is worth noting that with the setup of the root, the device warranty is lost;
  • Use the SMS Bypass app. It can be purchased in the market for a dollar or download the trial version on the manufacturer’s website. Thanks to this program, you will have the opportunity to quickly restore access to the gadget in just a few clicks.
  • Write codes and passwords in a separate notebook, which is hidden in a safe place. This way you will never forget the login options.

Fig. 19. main window of SMS Bypass utility

Video instructions


If you forget the password or graphic lock on Android, then this is not a reason to panic.

How to unlock Android if you forgot your pattern

Unlocking Android without a mechanical Home button through the phone’s service menu! In fact, everything is very simple, which is not clear, write in the comments!

Android: How to remove the password or how to reset the pattern (the official way. not hacking)

Forgot your password for Android phone (tablet)? Looking for a way to bypass or remove a password or pattern lock on Android? I want to share with you the standard way to change or reset a password (graphic lock) for Android devices. Many manufacturers have provided the ability to change or reset a forgotten password on Android devices. To do this, return your phone to the factory settings.