How to Repair Windows on an Asus Laptop

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Often laptop users are faced with a problem when the operating system crashes. And if earlier the device could be “brought back to life" only by reinstalling Windows, now there are several options at once. The first is to use the built-in solution located on the installation disk. The second. system recovery Asus laptop. the function will reset the equipment to factory settings. Of course, such methods are not only on the above devices. Today I will talk about them and the standard ones.

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Embedded Solution (to contents)

All laptops from Asus have a tool that allows you to restore the performance of the equipment. It is located on the hard drive and takes about 20-30 GB. This section is hidden. It can’t just be deleted, but there are tools to say goodbye to it. Nevertheless, it is better not to touch the restoration of Windows 7 to factory settings.

This application is convenient in that it does not remove previously installed drivers, and therefore there will be no need to spend time on this procedure again.

Before restoring the system, it is recommended that you scan your files for viruses using Comodo Internet Security.

It is worth remembering that this solution is perfect if the computer does not see the image on the installation disk.

Be sure to connect the device to a permanent power supply before starting.

To start recovery from the recovery section, you need to perform several actions:

Hold the button "F9"And hold it for a few seconds.

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The corresponding menu appears on a black background. Push "Enter".

Choose the appropriate language and "Next".

There will be a warning about erasing all information from the main disk. Confirm the action.

We select the section where you want to restore the OS.

How to run the solution? Push "Next"And everything will go automatically.

The device will restart several times, the picture will change. You will be prompted to enter data. you don’t need to do this. the equipment will do everything for you.

Do not worry once again. just leave the laptop for a while. The main thing is to wait until the desktop appears. The process on various devices is delayed from half an hour to a half.

Entering any data is necessary only when choosing a username.

Windows drive (to contents)

Another frequently used tool is System Restore, which is offered on the Windows 8 installation disc or other latest versions. In this case, it is best to do this from a flash drive. The main thing is to prepare the appropriate portable memory in advance. To do this, you need an image of the system that is currently installed on the computer, and a special program. Let’s say Wintoflash Perfect for this. Just insert the device, launch the application and, using the prompts, create the desired element.

To restore, we make several movements:

Now we enter through BIOS by pressing "F1","F2","Del"Or even combinations. suitable buttons are written on the monitor. But usually you still need to use one key. So it will help even if the button does not work. Fn.

How to Repair Windows on an Asus Laptop

We expose the launch from a portable device. This is done in the menu "Boot".

Then save and exit. How to do it? All tips are written on the display. everyone can figure it out.

After the device restarts.

A black screen will appear, on which there will be a message about a key being pressed to start the procedure.

Next, we will see the installation menu for Windows 10 or the version that we need.

After choosing the language, we go to the next window. over, in the lower left corner there is "System Restore". We go to the last paragraph.

A menu with options opens. Choose the appropriate option. Usually it will be enough to click "System Restore”And the whole process will go almost automatically. But it is worth noting that there is also an option to run through the command line here. this is useful in some serious cases.

After system recovery, be sure to check for viruses with AVG AntiVirus Free

Well, as usual, there are several ways to return a system to work. However, some of them are built-in features.

It is worth noting that the latter can not always be found. So, for example, the manufacturer decided in this way to save free space. In addition, after the acquisition, the system could be reinstalled, which often leads to the loss of factory tools.

I hope the article helped you solve the problem.