How to Repair Brick Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

How to restore system on Samsung Galaxy Ace

It somehow happened by chance that the article “Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace: Frequently Asked Questions”, which was written just as an addition to the article “Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace: Get One-Hundred Master”, has significantly surpassed its predecessor in popularity and to date I collected nearly a thousand comments, which I try to answer as far as possible. In addition, I regularly receive similar questions in the mail.

Of course, I can not always answer the questions asked. After all, I am not technical support in the end, but just an ordinary user (if we are talking about phones), but many of my tips have helped, which I am sincerely glad.

People often ask how to reanimate a phone in the event of a system failure, when it cannot even boot. All the time I replied that it was necessary to restore the system and even wrote several times in detail in the comments how this is done.

Writing detailed instructions was planned for a long time, but without the need to demolish the system on my phone for a few shots, for obvious reasons, I did not want to. But recently, unable to withstand inhuman experiments, he began to literally ask for this matter, as a result of which I decided to bring him to my senses and at the same time tell in detail how this is done.

I was lucky, because during the recovery process I ran into the error “RAMDUMP Mode (ARM9 mode)”, which prevents the normal recovery of the system on the Samsung Galaxy Ace. So now I will teach you not only how to restore your phone, but also how to get around this error if you encounter it too.

Unfortunately, the illustrations were terrible, but there are some. After all, you can’t make screenshots during the procedure.

So, as we are well aware, the Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace is running the Android mobile operating system, in which the reset function is available even from the settings. But it so happens that the phone simply refuses to boot. In this case, a so-called factory reset is required.

How to Repair Brick Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

The only negative is that all data from the phone will be deleted, so in case of this extreme means, I recommend periodically storing contacts in your Google account or at least in Samsung Kies. I actually always use Google. It’s easier to synchronize data with all the gadgets you have to work with.

Suppose your phone stops loading beyond the logo screen saver, chopping off or rebooting endlessly, and you have no other choice but to reset the system.

First, fully charge the phone’s battery. During charging, it is better to leave it plugged in, since otherwise the procedure may simply not start.

On the phone off, hold down the main menu and volume up buttons, then press the power button and hold all three buttons.

If everything goes fine, then the menu shown in the next image will appear on the screen soon.

Here you need to select the item “wipe data / factory reset”. Going through the menu items is carried out by the volume rocker, and the main menu button is used to confirm.

Next, we will be asked to confirm that we definitely want to bang all the data. Among the set No, choose the only Yes, after which the reset procedure will begin, which will take very little time.

Then, at the top of the display, the already familiar menu will appear, in which you will need to select “reboot system now”.

That’s all. Your Samsung Galaxy Ace has been restored. The first download will be much longer than usual. Do not worry. This is normal.

So everything happens ideally, but there are also difficulties. This time, an error popped up on my screen with the text “RAMDUMP Mode (ARM9 mode)”. At the same time, the screen glowed without responding to any actions.

For the uninitiated, it looks scary, but in fact there is nothing wrong with that. If you encounter this problem, first remove the cover and remove the battery, and then reinsert it.

If you try to repeat the procedure, then again you run into the same error.

In this case, hold down the main menu button on the switched off phone and hold down the power button while holding it. That is, unlike the standard situation, we simply do not touch the volume up button and hold two buttons instead of three. Otherwise, everything happens the same way.

That’s all. I would be glad if this article helps someone.

If my article turned out to be useful to you, please advise it to your friends using the buttons of social networks or simply sharing a link.

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How to install official firmware Android 6.0.1 on Galaxy S5 Neo

Galaxy Neo S5 is a pretty old smartphone, but it still has enough power to run even the most demanding applications. We hasten to inform you that now you can update this device to the latest version of Android! Samsung just released the G903MUBU1BPD3 firmware as the new OTA build, so you should have received your own notification about the possibility of upgrading to Android-M. However, if for some reason you didn’t receive it, or you can’t just get tired of waiting, don’t panic. just follow the instructions below and you will learn how to manually update your device to the latest official version of Android.

This is the latest Android update available for the Galaxy S5 Neo. Therefore, in the near future you should definitely install it. This is not about the actual improvements of the new version, but about the security packages that are included in the new assembly and are very important for the system. So if you want to keep your data safe and enjoy all the delights of the new platform, follow this guide and come to success!

You should update your device manually only if there are obstacles to updating the smartphone by air. either the notification of a new version for your system does not come, or you cannot receive it due to the presence of root rights on the smartphone or user recovery (as you may know that OTA can only be applied if your phone is running on stock Android and only if its system is still locked).

Anyway, do not worry. The update operation can be easily and safely carried out even by a novice. For this process we will use the well-known program used by Odin. Recall that this program is designed to perform update operations; it, by the way, was developed by Samsung, which means that you do not risk anything. you are going to complete the official update operation, and your smartphone warranty remains in place.

It is also important to say that you do not risk turning your smartphone into a brick, guided by this “training” manual. The new firmware works stably, so that various errors and delays should not occur. So, do you have reasons to update your device manually? If so, let’s move on.

But, as a precaution, you must save all your personal data, the necessary information, accounts and files. Despite the fact that all this should remain in place, when using Odin you may experience problems, which then will be solved solely by resetting all the settings, and therefore deleting the entire contents of the phone. But do not worry, problems with updating through this program are very rare, this mainly happens if all the steps of the manual are not followed.

So, in order to play it safe, back up all your data, including EFS folders, IMEI / NVRAN data, other Internet settings, calendars, information about saved passwords, call logs, text messages, contacts, images, videos or audio files (sync them with your account, download the application from Google Play or use the cloud storage platform).

Video: How to Repair Brick Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Preliminary steps:

You must use a computer that must run on the Windows operating system. there you install the program One; Also, the USB drivers of your smartphone must be installed on the computer (you can use Samsung Kies to solve this issue or download here). On your smartphone, you must activate the developer mode. this function is activated in Settings-About phone. Just click on the build number until you are notified of the inclusion of the corresponding function. In addition, you need to check the USB debugging option on the phone. it can be found in the developer’s settings, which are located in the settings of your smartphone. You need to check the battery status on the device. it should be more than 50 percent. Otherwise, charge the phone before starting the update.

Do not miss the charging process, because otherwise your phone may become a brick.

How to reset settings on Samsung GALAXY S5 mini SM-G800H. reset (hard reset)

Welcome to! Want to know how to hard reset your Samsung GALAXY S5 mini SM-G800H? Sometimes tablets and phones running the Android operating system fail. If you are the owner of an android gadget and decide to reset Samsung GALAXY S5 mini SM-G800H to return your smartphone to the factory settings, then you have come to the right address. Often it is necessary to reset the settings due to an application error or if a virus infected the operating system (for example, resetting the settings can help if a virus has entered the Android banner that blocks the screen). Perhaps a similar situation has occurred with your gadget or you just want to delete all the information from the internal memory of your phone.

Various factors can cause a system crash. This may be a general clutter of the system due to the frequent reinstallation of applications and the installation of a large number of programs and games on the internal memory and memory card. Or, which, in general, is quite rare without outside interference, this may be an internal OS error. In addition to problems with the operating system, the Samsung GALAXY S5 mini SM-G800H may not turn on at all. If the device slows down, freezes or is unstable, then a hard reset can also help. But what exactly reboots and what happens on the phone? Here it is worth explaining that there are two types of factory reset on tablets and smartphones for Android. Samsung GALAXY S5 mini SM-G800H can be reset by software and hardware. And these methods have differences.

On some firmware with a soft reset, you can select the desired removal options. In this case, all information is deleted from the memory card and internal memory of the operating system. When a hardware reset is made through a special menu of Android System Recovery, there are no such options, so SMS messages, phone contacts, applications and games can be saved. Nevertheless, before making a software or hardware reset of Android to the factory settings, we still recommend that you make a backup of important data for you if possible and save it. As a result of the reset, the following data will most likely disappear: installed applications and games, Google account and all data associated with other accounts, your personal data (contacts, SMS messages, notes on the calendar), data on the system and application settings.

If you want to reset the settings on the Samsung GALAXY S5 mini SM-G800H phone in order to return the old firmware of the device, then you are forced to disappoint. Neither hardware nor software reset will help to return the old firmware. It can only be restored by manually flashing the gadget. Next, we will look at both ways of resetting your Samsung GALAXY S5 mini SM-G800H smartphone and start with a simpler method. software system reboot.

How to reset Samsung GALAXY S5 mini SM-G800H from Android

If your phone boots up, it’s easier to do a soft reset to the factory settings than to do a hardware reset of the system. To perform a software reset, you need to enter the menu of your smartphone.

How to Repair Brick Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

After you get to the device menu, find the settings shortcut and click on it.

In the settings you need to find the menu item ‘Accounts’ or the option ‘Personal data’ (depending on the gadget firmware). And then select the menu item ‘Restore and reset’ or another name which may be ‘Backup and reset’.

Next you need to find the menu item ‘Reset Settings’ (it may also be called ‘Reset Data’). As can be seen from the explanation in the picture below, all parameters will be reset and all data on the device will be deleted.

By going to the data reset menu item, you can reset the Samsung GALAXY S5 mini SM-G800H to the factory settings for Android.

After clicking on the reset button of the device, Android will ask for confirmation ‘Delete all personal data and downloaded applications? It will be impossible to restore them ’to completely reset the operating system.

By clicking on ‘Delete All’ (or on ‘Erase All’) you will begin the process of resetting your Samsung GALAXY S5 mini SM-G800H phone. This completes the description of the software reboot of the system and proceed to the hard reset hard reset.

How to Hard reset Hard reset

If your phone does not turn on and does not start, then the reason may be a software failure of the Android OS, and not a hardware malfunction of the device. It is for this that the developers have implemented a hardware reset, which can be launched by pressing the buttons on the Samsung GALAXY S5 mini SM-G800H. To reset the settings without going into the system, you must turn off the device. Here are some ways to reset, try to do:

1) To enter the reset, hold down the volume up button (or volume down key) and the power button. Or we do the same thing, but after pressing the power button, we continue to hold the volume key. 2) The second option is similar to the first, you need to press and hold the decrease and increase the volume, and after that just press the power key of the device. 3) The third option to start the recovery menu. we hold down three keys at the same time: the main screen button, volume up, and the power key. 4) The last option. Press the power button and hold for 1-2 seconds, then hold down the volume up and down buttons and the power key, and hold until the recovery menu appears.

Here’s how to reset hardware on Android in smartphones and tablets from Samsung (Samsung). Turn off the device. To enter the recovery menu, you must simultaneously press three keys: the button to call the main screen of the device, increase the volume and the power key. The settings are reset using the Wipe data / Factory reset item, which can be selected using the volume up and down buttons. Next, we agree to erase the data and reboot the device using the menu item ‘Reboot now’.

After that, the device will either simply reboot and reset automatically, or the recovery menu will appear. As soon as you get to the recovery menu, you need to select Wipe data / Factory reset using the volume up and down keys, click on it and agree to delete the settings on the phone. We hope you manage to enter the recovery menu and reset the settings on Android. If you have a question, or you are unable to reset to factory settings on the Samsung GALAXY S5 mini SM-G800H yourself, ask a question in the comments.

Updated instruction: How to reset settings on Samsung GALAXY S5 mini SM-G800H. reset (hard reset) Download

Installing official firmware on the Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Posted by: Niko

Instructions for installing the official single-file firmware on the Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900x).

Neither the administration of, nor the author of the instructions are responsible for your actions and results. Everything that you do. you do only at your own peril and risk.

To install the official stock firmware on the Galaxy S5 and return the status of the phone (“Settings” > “About the device” > “Properties” > “Device Status”) to “Official” after switching from custom firmware and thereby returning the ability to receive updates by air, just follow the instructions provided.

Save all the necessary data and files from your smartphone to a computer or to the cloud. When you reset the device, the internal memory will be fully formatted.

Download and install drivers for your phone. ATTENTION! If Samsung Kies is already installed, you do not need to install drivers. It is only necessary to completely unload Kies from memory, through the task manager, and then continue.

Disable the “Activation Lock” option in the device’s security settings.

Download and unzip the archive with the Odin PC program to an arbitrary folder. It is important that there is no Cyrillic in the path to the folder. For example, “C: S5FW”.

Unzip the downloaded archive into a folder with Odin PC for convenience. The file in the “.tar” or “.tar.md5” format must be left, and “SS_DL.dll” can be deleted.

Reset the device data. To do this, go to the “Archives and Resets” section in the settings on the “Accounts” tab, select the “Reset Device” option, and click the “Delete All” button. The phone will reboot.

Launch Odin PC as administrator.

Put the device in Download Mode. To do this, simultaneously hold down the Volume Down key, the Home button and the Power button. Then wait until the phone reboots and accept the warning by pressing the Volume Up key.

In this state, connect the smartphone to the computer. In Odin, the word “COM” should light up.

Press the “AP” button and select the TAR firmware archive.

The items “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” must be activated, and “Re-Partition”, if active, must be disabled.

Click on the “Start” button. The firmware installation process will begin.

At the end of the operation, if everything went well, the message “All threads completed.” Should appear in the Odin PC log. (succeed 1 / failed 0). ” The phone must be manually restarted by holding down the power button until the screen turns off. Initial loading of the device may take up to 5 minutes. ATTENTION! If the device does not boot for a long time or data has not been reset, it must be performed from the recovery. To do this, simultaneously hold down the Volume Up key, the Home button and the Power button. After downloading, select “Wipe data / Factory reset”, and after. “Reboot system now.” If after these actions the device also freezes at boot, it is necessary to reflash it again.

When the device boots up (it is advisable to skip the initial setup), delete data from step 7 again.

That’s all. After downloading the phone, it will be completely ready for use, and its condition should change to “Official”. If this does not happen and the condition is still “Special.”, You must repeat the 7th paragraph of this instruction.

  • Install custom firmware
  • Obtaining superuser rights
  • Installation of custom recovery and obtaining root rights
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