How to Remove Unnecessary iPhone Apps

How to Remove Unnecessary iPhone Apps

Learning to remove programs and games from Apple iPhone

In this manual, we will discuss how to remove applications from the iPhone. This instruction is also useful for the owner of an iPad or iPod Touch, as all actions to delete games and programs on these devices are performed in the same way. We hope that after familiarizing yourself with the material, you will be able to remove one, several or all all unnecessary applications yourself. For convenience, we divided the article into sections:

All the icons with games and programs in the iPhone and iPad are laid out on the home screen, among these icons there are installed applications, but there are also standard ones (for example, Safari, Mail, Notes and others). Standard applications are part of the Apple iOS operating system and cannot be removed. All other applications installed by the user can be removed as necessary. If, after trying all the methods below, you still can’t remove the games and applications, then be sure to read the article to the end. Removing a game from iPhone. Method # 1
We already got acquainted with the simplest way to remove programs from the home screen in the article about the arrangement of icons. But since we decided to collect here all the possible ways to remove applications from the iPhone or iPad’a will have to be repeated. As an example, we will try to delete the game from the iPhone, thus cleaning up a bit of the memory of our phone:

  1. We touch and hold any application icon for the game.
  2. Do not let go until the programs start to move, if the icons are shaking, go to the next item
  3. Select the game or program you do not need and click the cross in the upper left corner. A confirmation message appears to delete the application: "Removing the program. will also delete all its data." Data is the save of the game and other components used by the game, so we are not afraid and click. Delete.

This method of removal can be used both to remove games and programs from the home screen, and to remove applications from folders created in iPhone. In older versions of firmware, upon removal, the phone (or tablet) asked to rate the application to be deleted on a 5-point scale. We try to remove the application from the iPhone. Method number 2
In this method, we will learn how to remove the application from the iPhone using the standard Settings application. This method of uninstalling applications appeared in iOS 5 and later versions. For those who are not versed in the versions, we read. "What is the firmware in my iPhone." The present removal option is just as simple as the first method, let’s go:

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  1. Launch the Settings application, go to the General section
  2. We select. Statistics, and we see the list of all our applications and games. The volume of each application is indicated here, so if your memory is full and you do not know what to delete, then this method of removal will be very convenient.
  3. If the list does not contain an application to be removed, then click the button below. Show all programs. We select the old, unnecessary and heavy application and press the button. Uninstall the program, two times. That’s all, the application has been successfully removed from your iPhone.

How to remove programs from iPad using iTunes. Method number 3
The iTunes computer program can also delete programs from the iPhone (or iPad). The method of removing programs using iTunes can be used by users who often connect iPhone or iPad to the computer. As an experiment, we will try to remove the application from the iPad. Using a USB cable, we connect the tablet to the computer and start the iTunes program. Whoever does not have Tuna yet, install it.

How to Remove Unnecessary iPhone Apps

Uninstall apps from iPad in iTunes

  1. As soon as iTunes starts on your computer, select iPad (or iPhone) in the sidebar of the menu, for those who do not have a left-hand pane, press: Ctrl S (for Windows users)
  2. The control point for our iPad’s will open in the right window of iTunes, now you need to select the Programs tab, all tabs are on top
  3. Scroll through the working screens and look for an unnecessary program that we will delete from the iPad’s. We hover over the program to be deleted and click the cross as in method No. 1. If you accidentally press the cross, the application can be returned by pressing the button. Return.
  4. For final removal, click the button. Apply, and after synchronization the program or game will be deleted from the iPad.

If applications are not uninstalled from iPhone or iPad
All three methods that we went through today may not work when the iOS operating system has a restriction prohibiting the removal of applications from the iPhone. Signs of the included software installation restriction:

  • When removing applications in the 1st way, the icons jerk, but there are no crosses
  • When uninstalling programs from the iPhone using method # 2, there is no button. Delete program
  • ITunes does not remove applications from iPhone

If your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch has a similar situation, then you should disable the restriction on uninstalling applications. The restrictions are removed in the settings, this is done simply on the condition that you remember your password:

We launch the regular application Settings, select. Basic. section Restrictions

Enter the restriction password for your iPhone or iPad and turn on the toggle switch. Uninstall software. After the toggle switch is turned on, you can try the above methods to delete applications again.

If you decide to delete something else, or vice versa, write it to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then you can familiarize yourself with other instructions for novice users.

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