How to Remove Small Scratches From Your Phone


How to remove scratches from plastic, each person is interested, I assure you! In every house, in every family there is a huge amount of plastic things that you use daily. The external case of the refrigerator, household appliances, mobile phone, even the interior and the bumper of the car. all this is made of plastic. Therefore, today’s article will be interesting to absolutely everyone. from housewives racking their brains over how to restore the former shine to the refrigerator cover, to avid motorists who want to remove a scratch from the bumper with their own hands.

In today’s market there are many tools to remove scratches from plastic material, but they are only effective if the damage is not too deep. The most common ones are:

  • polish to remove scratches;
  • special pencils;
  • paste to fill the damage.
How to Remove Small Scratches From Your Phone

Dear hostesses and their attentive husbands, you need to use these funds strictly according to the instructions. These funds can be colorless and colored.

If the scratch is quite deep, then it is better to choose a color tool, since the depth will need to be filled with a suitable shade.

Remember that a deep scratch often looks lighter than the main background, so do not put off this "operation" for tomorrow. It is better to fill and paint it in a timely manner.

And now, useful information for your husbands, and for you, of course, lovely ladies, if you are happy owners of a car! Minor damage and scratches are most effectively removed with polishing agents for car bodies. They may be:

  • rough, having a texture with abrasive particles;
  • Finishing, with a soft silicone texture.

So, for plastic that is used in everyday life, choose only finishing polishing agents, so as not to damage the restored surface.

Any product you choose is applied to the damaged surface with a soft flannel cloth. An ideal diaper is ideal for this mission.

And now I want to tell you about a little trick. Extreme craftsmen remove scratches with a lighter. “How is this possible?” You ask. And here’s how: the flame of a lit lighter should be brought to a scratched area, but no closer than 5. 8 mm, Well, then very carefully and with jewelry accuracy, lead the flame along the scratch. The plastic will melt a little and thereby tighten the scratch. If you succeeded in this way "sew up " scratch, then do not touch the plastic element for about 30 minutes: let it cool down well.

If the scratch is proud "flaunts" on the dashboard of an elite and expensive car, it’s better to contact the service for help, especially since many now have a service "scratching".

We remove scratches in the passenger compartment

You can remove scratches from plastic in the passenger compartment even at home. Each driver cares about the appearance of the interior of the car no less than the health of the engine. Therefore, for each owner or owner of a car, the following information will be very useful. Thanks to these methods, you can effectively remove scratches from plastic in the cabin and avoid replacing damaged items.

Depending on how deep the scratches are and on what surface they appeared, there are the following ways to fix this problem:

  • use of a hair dryer;
  • masking minor scratches with polishing agents;
  • polishing scratches with a special pencil;
  • thorough repair of a plastic element.

For surfaces with embossed texture, only the last two methods can be used, since others will only aggravate the situation and ruin the appearance of the plastic.

Well, dear motorists, let’s go:

1. We remove scratches with a hairdryer. A well-known hair dryer can effectively relieve plastic from minor scratches. over, you can use a regular hair dryer for drying hair, as well as a construction one. The algorithm of action is very simple: when the plastic is heated, small scratches and defects are self-tightening due to slight melting.

In order to remove scratches from a torpedo, you must first wash the plastic thoroughly using detergents. This will prevent scratches from accumulated dirt and dust, and damage when heated will be healed faster. When the panel dries, turn on the hairdryer at minimum power and direct it to the area that needs to be restored. If changes do not occur, you can increase the temperature of exposure, so that the plastic begins to melt a little. It is not recommended to keep the hair dryer at one point in order to avoid excessive heating of the plastic. If you do everything right, then the damage will be tightened right before your eyes or it will noticeably improve, and it will be easier to remove them later by polishing. Only after the plastic one has completely cooled down, will it be possible to touch it.

2. We remove damage by polishing. The safest and easiest method to remove scratches in the passenger compartment is polishing using special abrasive products.

Those pastes that are designed for paintwork surfaces should not be used: purchase only those that are designed specifically for soft plastic.

You can polish with a grinder, and you should make sure that the spindle is installed at minimum speed. If this is not available, then polishing can be done with your hands. It is so easy that even you, gentle hostesses, can do it.

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Scratches are removed in the following order:

    • wear rubber gloves and start washing the plastic surface with detergents. Pay special attention to those areas where there is old dirt and a huge amount of dust;
    • it is necessary to thoroughly dry the restored surface;
    • after that, abrasive paste is applied to small scratches and damaged areas. Use a small sponge or a piece of foam to scratch. In order for the paste to begin its action, it needs to be given some time, which is described in the instructions for use;
    • when the paste turns white, you can start the polishing process.

    Now, in a circular motion, clean off the remnants of the abrasive paste, periodically removing the dust that has formed. Upon completion "plastic surgery" in the interior of your car, the plastic surface must be thoroughly washed, but you need to act carefully and carefully so as not to create new damage and scratches.

    Video: How to Remove Small Scratches From Your Phone

    3. Use a masking pencil. This is perhaps the fastest and easiest method to mask scratches in the cabin and on the bumper of a car. I can’t call this method low-cost, since high-quality pencils are quite expensive. But they are enough for a long time, so you can safely spend money once, especially since such a restoration at a car dealership will not be cheaper.

    Such a pencil is filled with a special composition. With the right shade, the contents of the pencil fill the scratch, and it just becomes invisible.

    Often the panel has a standard color of black or gray, so choosing the right pencil shade will be much easier.

    Plastic scratches are removed as follows:

      • damaged areas are thoroughly cleaned of all kinds of contaminants;
      • dry well;
      • the sharp part of the pencil is filled with scratches and defects, given time to dry;
      • after that, you can remove the excess contents of the pencil and proceed to polishing. this will smooth out the sharp transition of the restored areas and the main surface of the panel.

      4. Overhaul and removal of scratches from plastic. The most difficult and longest method of restoration of a plastic surface in a car is painting. But it is this method that will effectively hide all the flaws and defects. over, thanks to this, you can change the interior of the machine by changing the color of the panel. Therefore, even in this time-consuming process there are advantages.

      The first step is to remove the damaged part, because only in this way you will not damage the upholstery and the integrity of the windows. The plastic part is removed in accordance with the instruction manual given by the manufacturer.

      Now I offer you, dear motorists, as well as their husbands, who will do all this, consider in more detail all the stages of work:

        • the part with which it is necessary to remove all scratches is thoroughly washed and remove all dirt using detergents;
        • the next step is the grinding of the damaged surface, but if your panel has a relief structure, then in this case it does not apply;
        • if the panel has a smooth surface, then it can be sanded with a special machine or manually using sandpaper;
        • then the prepared surface is covered with a special primer, which is sold in cans. Be sure to choose a primer that will not react with plastic;
        • after you have applied two coats of primer, the surface should be treated with fine abrasive to a perfectly even state;
        • if the panel has deep damage, then they must be repaired with putty;
        • upon completion of repair work, the surface of the panel is covered with the selected color. Optionally, plastic can be varnished, but in some cases it can create glare and interfere with driving.

        Now, you know about all the tricks and methods that will help to effectively remove absolutely any scratches in the passenger compartment, as well as from the bumper. From now on, when new scratches appear, you can easily decide what to use in this case: a correcting pencil or again ask your beloved husband to make a small "repairman" and repaint the panel in a color that matches perfectly with your new coat.

        Remove scratches from the plastic of the phone

        It is not surprising that various defects appear on the mobile phone, because we use it every day, so now I will tell you 10 secrets that will help remove scratches from the plastic of your phone.

        I want to warn owners of expensive smartphones or tablets that doing such experiments with the sensor is a risk, anyway! Therefore, I recommend conducting such manipulations only if you are confident in your strength and dexterity.

        Do not forget that before starting work, you should protect all the connectors of your gadget from moisture and other means that we will use for this.

        So, dear readers, I propose to consider the main recommendations and secrets that will help remove scratches from the plastic and the phone screen.

        Used remedy

        How to apply?

        1. Tooth powder or paste

        In order to remove scratches from the plastic cover of the phone, as well as some screens, you can use regular toothpaste. “How is this possible?” You will think. But like this:

        • apply a small amount of good toothpaste or diluted tooth powder to small scratches on the screen or plastic;
        • in a circular motion “rub” the paste into minor damage;
        • wait a while until it dries;
        • moisten a cotton pad with water and wipe the plastic or screen. You will be convinced that small scratches really become imperceptible.

        But if deeper damage appeared on the phone, then this method will not work.

        The usual soda that every housewife has in her house will hide minor scratches:

        • dilute soda with water until the consistency of thick slurry or sour cream;
        • apply the product in a circular motion on the scratches of your phone;
        • then use a dry cloth to wipe off any excess and wipe dry the damaged area.

        The algorithm of action and the method of preparation are similar to the case with soda.

        4.Any vegetable oil

        Many claim that the oil can remove even the deepest scratches. But, based on personal experience, I can argue that this method is suitable only to eliminate minor damage:

        • apply one drop of oil to the damaged area;
        • rub it until the area is covered with a pleasant shine and the greasy stain disappears.

        This tool will hide small scratches only for a short time, it is rather a corrective “cosmetic” tool.

        5. Car care products

        Any polishes that you use for a car can be used to remove scratches from a plastic phone:

        • apply a polishing agent to a scratch;
        • Using a dry cloth, polish the damaged plastic until the scratch is less noticeable.

        That’s all! The principle of operation is similar to the previously proposed means.

        6. Furniture polish

        Even furniture polish can be used to remove scratches from the plastic and the screen of your phone. To do this, apply a small amount of the product on a cotton pad and rub the area to be restored until the scratch disappears from sight.

        No matter how strange and terrifying this may sound, many experimenters claim that it is sandpaper with the least amount of rough spraying that can remove minor scratches from plastic and even the touch screen.

        If you can’t believe it, then it’s better not to try this method on your phone.

        Back in the days of our grandmothers, GOI paste was often used to polish various surfaces. This product contains a small amount of abrasive substances and is used for polishing ceramics, optical glasses and, as modern experience shows, for plastic and touch screens.

        But it is not worth placing high hopes on precisely this remedy, since it is able to remove small scratches and then not for a long time.

        9. Tools for polishing displays

        Like it or not, but a specially developed composition of such tools copes with the problem of scratches on the screen and plastic of mobile phones and other gadgets. Such tools, of course, will not remove a deep scratch, but minor defects will perfectly hide.

        On the Internet you can find the statement that a piece of suede is able to permanently remove scratches from the phone! But this material, like all steel ones, can only hide small damages, but nothing more.

        I want to summarize that all these tools can really effectively cope with minor defects and remove scratches from the plastic of your phone. But they will not be able to cope with deep damage. Therefore, I would like to give you advice, dear readers: if significant damage has appeared on your phone, it would be more advisable to contact a service center. Well, to mask minor defects, while you are planning to go there, you can use these means. I wish you success and be as careful as possible!

        Elimination of scratches on glasses plastic

        If scratches appear on your glasses, do not delay the solution to this problem. "for later"as damaged lenses impair visibility and may impair vision. I know several effective methods to resolve this problem and really want to share this knowledge with you.

        Minor defects can be removed using the following tools at hand:

        If your glasses have an anti-reflective coating, then be prepared to part with it using an abrasive. When using this tool, the acid will remove any coating, but the plastic lenses will remain intact:

        • put on rubber gloves;
        • lower glasses of glasses in the container which is filled with this abrasive;
        • wait a few minutes;
        • rinse the lens with cool water;
        • Discard any items that have been used and come in contact with the abrasive.

        Despite the fact that the anti-glare coating has disappeared from your glasses, now there is not a single scratch on them, and their visibility has improved significantly!

        Now it’s all! All the tips and tricks that I knew, all told you. Now, in the field of removing scratches from any type of plastic and from any things, you are a real pro! From today, such an unpleasant problem as scratches on plastic will disappear from your life forever! And you will enjoy the bright moments with a smile, looking through the updated lenses of your glasses and driving your car. "restored" a car.