How to Remove Pattern Key on Huawei

A graphic key is one of the most common ways to protect smartphone contents from prying eyes. To go to the smartphone’s desktops, you need to connect the dots on the screen with a specific gesture. Let’s figure out how to unlock the forgotten Android pattern key.

Unlock pattern using password reset

If you use two ways to activate your smartphone, you can use the pin code to access the desktop. In this case, enter the pattern key incorrectly several times, and when the message “Unlock in another way” appears, enter the numeric code.

This method will not work if you did not use double authorization!

Phone call

On older versions of Android OC, there is a very simple unlock feature. It is enough to wait until they call you or ask an assistant to do this. A call allows you to unlock the screen and go to settings. This vulnerability has been fixed in new versions of the operating system.

Discharge the battery

This method will require time and attention from you. Wait until a notification of a critical battery charge appears on the screen and click on the “Battery Status” or “Set Power Saving Mode” button. From this settings menu you can go to the rest of the options. This method, how to remove a forgotten graphic key from Android, requires dexterity, since the notification appears for only 5-15 seconds. You need to have time to press the desired button before it disappears.

Use your account

If you enter the pattern key incorrectly several times in a row, a message about the timeout of operations will appear on the screen. While you wait 30 seconds before a new one, the message “Forgot the key?” Appears on the display. Click on it.

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You will see a window with fields for entering an email address and a password. They need to enter the details of your Google account. If you provide the correct data, then your phone will be unlocked.

It is important that the phone is connected to the Internet. If you deactivated the connection, you must restore it. To do this, reboot the device, and when it turns on again, slide the shutter on top. There you can activate Wi-Fi or Data Transfer. After setting up your Internet connection, re-enter your Google Account information.

Removing a pattern using a PC

If you have a laptop or computer on hand, then you can try to delete the file in which the key code is recorded. To do this, you need to connect the device with a wire to the computer, and then select the drive mode.

Using Windows Explorer, go to the datasystem phone folder and delete the pattern key registry file. It has the name gesture. key. Now you just have to reboot the device and go to its desktop by sliding the curtain up.

Utilities to reset the pattern file

If none of the above methods is suitable for a user who has forgotten the graphic key. how to unlock Android remains an urgent problem. In this case, you can use the utilities installed in the device’s memory. But for their use on your smartphone must be an option Recovery Mode. In official phone models, it is by default. To enter this mode, hold the power button and volume down key.

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Once you have made sure that you have this option, use the computer to transfer the archive from one of the programs to the memory of your smartphone:

  • Amore;
  • GEST

In Recovery mode, install the program from the archive. In the first case, you will have to manually delete the key file yourself, and the GEST utility does this work in automatic mode. It is good in that the recovery of the smartphone occurs instantly. After installation, restart your smartphone. Do not be surprised if the screen again asks you to enter the key. Swipe randomly to unlock your smartphone.


If the user has forgotten the Android graphic key, but none of the listed options for resetting it has come up, then the device must be completely rolled back to its original state. This can be done using Recovery mode. You can start the mode in different ways, most often for this clamp the combination of power and volume keys. Before going to the debugging menu, it is recommended to remove the memory card and SIM from the device.

How to Remove Pattern Key on Huawei

You will see a long list of options. From them it is necessary to choose wipe data reset. After you select this option, confirm your decision with the power button. Wait until the phone reboots, and after turning on, enter your data from your Google account. All files synchronized with it will remain in place, and applications will be restored. The only thing you lose is user files for which synchronization has not been configured.

Ways to recover a forgotten pattern for different smartphone manufacturers

We will tell for those who have forgotten the Android graphic key what to do if you have a smartphone of a certain brand.

  1. Sony. This manufacturer has developed special software that will help you restore your smartphone. To reset the graphic key, you will need to install Flashtool utility on your laptop or PC, and then connect the locked device with the cable. Open the Tools window, click on the Bundles field and the Create button. At the top of the window, you will need to fill in the device type, utility version, firmware and device model fields. Also indicate the path to the firmware file. Then confirm with the Create button to reset the pattern.
  2. HTC. This smartphone also has a PC utility. HTS Sync. In it you need to use the Lock Bypass option to reset the pattern. Wait for the device to reboot and remove the key in the device settings.
  3. Samsung. On this phone, a key can only be reset after a general reset to zero. Most models go into Recovery mode by simultaneously pressing the central button, volume up and shutdown keys.
  4. Huawei. Reset also occurs using Recovery mode. Go into it while pressing the volume and off buttons. In the menu that appears, select the factory reset item. New smartphone models from this manufacturer can be restored only through the official website.

In order for a user who has forgotten the Android graphic key how to remove it no longer thinks, it is worth using the SMS Bypass application. It is distributed for a fee, but there is also a trial version. This program will allow you to restore access to your smartphone in just a couple of clicks. To use this program you do not need to have special knowledge.

Every girl at least once faced with a situation when she forgot a graphic key on an Android phone. This material will help to cope with it, distribute it among friends, it will be useful to men. If you know a key reset method that we did not mention, write about it in the comments. You can also ask questions in them.