How to Remove Pattern Key on Huawei Y5

Huawei Media Pad T1 factory reset or Hard Rezet.

For a long time they did not write topics with instructions for resetting the graphic key or password on Android mobile devices. Therefore, we decided to resume this topic and write more detailed instructions to convey to each user how this can be done. Today we will talk about the device of Huawei tablet based on Android, brand T1.


This procedure will delete all data from your device, so we strongly recommend that you make backups on your computer or other cloud storage. The site administration is not responsible for the phones damaged by you during a full reset.

How to Remove Pattern Key on Huawei Y5

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The first and easiest step for you is to make sure your device is 50% charged. If not, please charge your device. Resetting according to this instruction is done in several cases: If your device is blocked by a graphic key or password, if the ransomware banner hangs on your device, if your device constantly hangs on the splash screen and constantly reboots. The actions will be performed in several ways, which we will describe below.

The first way is done on a device that has access to the menu. To do this, go to settings and find the section, backup and reset. Click on discharge and confirm own choice. After you do this, your device will begin to reset and then it will automatically reboot. Upon launch, your gadget will be like new and you will be able to use it again.

Video: How to Remove Pattern Key on Huawei Y5

The second method is used if you do not have access to the screen. For this it is necessary switch off wait for two minutes after disconnecting your tablet. After a complete shutdown, you must press the key volume down and wait half a minute, after that without releasing the volume click on power button ( on off) and hold all these buttons until the recovery process begins. It can be expressed as an inscription Fall or will appear green man with gears and loading bar. Some may have such a thing as Recavery, which means incomprehensible letters in English will appear. It may be that Android will appear and there will be an inscription no team, if such an inscription then slowly click on house in the touch part of the screen or try clicking volume up or way down as a last resort neating once. After that, a menu should definitely appear, in this menu you need to go down to the item wipe / data.factory / rezet and click nutrition, after that you will again be thrown to a new dialog box, there we go down to the point Yes and again we press on food after which the device will begin to reset, it will take some time for your gadget to finish it will throw you back. You just need to restart the device and smile at the new device.

Who doesn’t show any actions to follow this instruction, then you have locked the bootloader and recavery, in order to unlock them you need to install the root and change the firmware. If you haven’t done this before, it’s better not to encounter this and take your device to an authorized service center to specialists. They will help you solve this problem.

That’s all, thanks for watching! If you have any questions or would like to say thanks, we are waiting for your comments under the description.

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