How to Remove Password With Iphone 6

Hello friends! Not so long ago, I bought my wife an iPhone 7, and she is a forgetful lady and a problem arose: how to unlock iphone if you forgot your password? At this point, I realized what the next topic of my article will be.

Despite the fact that on most iPhone models finger scanners are installed, many out of habit continue to use digital passwords. There are also owners of phone models 4 and 4s, in which the fingerprint scanner is not built-in. Plus there is a chance of glitches on the scanner. That is why thousands of people still face the problem of a forgotten password.

1. How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password: 6 ways

After the tenth attempt, your favorite iPhone is blocked forever. The company is trying to protect the owners of the phone as much as possible from hacking data, therefore it is rather difficult to recover the password, but there is such an opportunity. In this article, we will give you as many as six ways to unlock an iPhone if you forget your password.

How to Remove Password With Iphone 6

Important! If before attempting to reset you did not perform any synchronization of your data, all of them will be lost.

1.1. Using iTunes in the previous sync

If the owner has forgotten the password on the iPhone, this method is recommended. Prudence in recovery is very important and if you are lucky to have a backup copy of the data, no problems should arise.
For this method you will need a computer that previously synchronized with the device.

1. Using a usb cable, connect the phone to the computer and wait until it appears in the list of devices.

2. Open iTunes. If at this step the phone starts asking for a password again, try connecting it to another computer or use the recovery mode. In the latter case, you will have to postpone the question of how to unlock the iPhone and restore the access password first. about it in method 4. Do not forget to check if you have the latest version of the program, if you need to update the program here.

3. Now you need to wait, some time iTunes will synchronize the data. This process can take several hours, but it’s worth it if you need the data.

4. When iTunes indicates that synchronization is complete, select "Restore data from iTunes backup." Using backups is the easiest thing to do if you forget your iPhone password.

How to Remove Password With Iphone 6

5. A list of your devices (if there are several) and backups with their creation date and size will appear in the program. How much information remains on the iPhone depends on the creation date and size, changes made since the last backup will also be reset. Therefore, choose the latest backup.

If you are not lucky to have a pre-made backup copy of your phone or if you do not need the data, read the article further and choose another method.

1.2. How to unlock iPhone via iCloud

This method only works if the “Find iPhone” function is configured and activated. If you still wonder about how to recover a password on an iPhone, use any of the other five methods.

1. First of all, you need to go to the link from any device, no matter if it is a smartphone or a computer.
2. If before that you did not enter the site and did not save the password, at this stage you need to enter data from the Apple ID profile. If you forgot your account password, go to the last section of the article on how to reset the password on an iPhone for Apple ID.
3. At the top of the screen, you will see a list of “All devices”. Click on it and select the device you need, if there are several.

How to Remove Password With Iphone 6

4. Click "Erase (device name)", so you will erase all phone data along with its password.

How to Remove Password With Iphone 6

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5. Now the phone is available to you. You can restore it from an iTunes or iCloud backup or reconfigure it as if it had just been purchased.

Important! Even if the service is activated, but Wi-Fi or mobile Internet access is disabled on the phone, this method will not work.

Without an Internet connection, most ways to crack a password on an iPhone will not work.

1.3. By resetting the counter of invalid attempts

If your gadget is blocked after the sixth attempt to enter a password, and you hope to remember the password, try resetting the counter of incorrect attempts.

1. Connect the phone to the computer via the usb cable and turn on iTunes. It is important that Wi-Fi or mobile Internet is turned on on your mobile.

2. Wait a while until the program “sees” the phone and select the “Devices” menu item. Then click "Sync with (the name of your iPhone)."

3. Immediately after the start of synchronization, the counter will reset to zero. You can continue to try to enter the correct password.

Do not forget that the counter does not reset just by rebooting the device.

1.4. Using recovery mode

This method will work even if you have never synced with iTunes and haven’t enabled the feature to find your iPhone. When using it, both the device data and its password will be deleted.

1. Connect the iPhone via usb to any computer and open iTunes.

2. After that, you need to hold down two buttons simultaneously: “Sleep mode” and “Home”. Keep them long, even when the device starts to reboot. You need to wait for the recovery mode window. On the iPhone 7 and 7s, hold down two buttons: Sleep and volume down. Hold them for as long.

How to Remove Password With Iphone 6

3. You will be prompted to restore or update the phone. Select recovery. The device may exit recovery mode, if the process drags on, then repeat all steps again 3-4 times.

4. At the end of the recovery, the password will be reset.

1.5. By installing a new firmware

This method is reliable and works for the vast majority of users, but requires the selection and download of firmware, which weighs 1-2 Gigabytes.

Attention! Carefully choose the source to download the firmware. If there is a virus inside it, it can completely break your iPhone. How to unlock it, you will not be able to find out. Do not ignore antivirus warnings and do not download files with the.exe extension

1. Using your computer, find and download the firmware for your iPhone model with the extension.IPSW. This extension is the same for all models. For example, almost all official firmware can be found here.

2. Enter Explorer and move the firmware file to a folder at C: \ Documents and Settings \ username that you use \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates.

3. Now connect your device to the computer via the usb cable and enter iTunes. Go to the section of your phone (if you have several devices). Each model will have a full technical name and you will easily find your own.

4. Press CTRL and Restore iPhone. You will be able to select the firmware file that you downloaded. Click on it and click "Open."

How to Remove Password With Iphone 6

5. Now it remains to wait. In the end, the password will be reset along with your data.

1.6. Using a special program (only after jailbreak)

How to Remove Password With Iphone 6

Attention! At the moment, the program works only on 64-bit systems.

1. Download the program at and install it on your computer.

2. Connect the device to the computer via a usb cable, after a while the program recognizes it.

3. Open the program window and click the “SemiRestore” button. You will see the process of clearing devices from data and password in the form of a green bar. Expect the mobile might reboot.

4. When the snake "crawls" to the end, you can use the phone again.

2. How to reset password for Apple ID?

If you do not have an Apple ID account password, you will not be able to log into iTunes or iCloud and reset. All methods of how to recover the password on the iPhone will not work for you. Therefore, you will first need to reset your Apple ID password. Most often, the account identifier is your mail.

1. Go to!&page = signin and click on the “Forgot Apple ID or Password?” button.

How to Remove Password With Iphone 6

2. Enter your ID and click on “Continue”.

3. Now you can reset your password in four ways. If you remember the answer to the security question, select the first method, enter the answer and you will get the opportunity to enter a new password. You can also receive an email to reset your password to your primary or backup mail account. If you have another Apple device, you can reset your password using it. In case you have connected a two-step verification, you will also need to enter the password that will come to your phone.

4. After you reset your password in any of these ways, you will need to update it in other Apple services.

Which method worked? Perhaps you know life hacks? Share in the comments!

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