How to Remove Knox on Samsung S4 Mini

After updating to the latest versions of Android, getting Root rights on Samsung smartphones is not full due to Knox. In this article, we learn to disable or remove Knox.

At the moment, from Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Samsung smartphones have problems getting Root rights, for example, models such as:

Sasmung S4. I9190, I9192, I9500, I9505

Samsung Note3. N900, N900

What’s the problem?

Samusng is increasingly implementing security on its Android smartphones. If you got to get Root, after which you try to go into the SuperSU administrative application, you will get an error:

“The SuperSU application tried to access a system item on your device without permission. This attempt is blocked. For added security, you can remove applications downloaded from unauthorized sources. ”

or message in the informative area of ​​Android:

Root will not work fully!

Why did you experience such problems?

Samsung has implemented a Knox security system, according to the manufacturer, this:

“Samsung KNOX is a complete mobile enterprise solution. Given the increasing use of smartphones in business, it is designed to meet the security requirements of enterprise IT services without compromising the privacy of workers. ”- Read more about Knox

In other words, this is an additional security implementation for business. How to get Root rights if there is a problem with SuperSU not working.

Way from the site Android 1

This method has been tested and works 100%. What is needed for this method?

  1. Installed Custom Recovery
  2. Download firmware update archive and move it to your Samsung:
  3. Put Samsung in Recovery Mode
  4. Flash in the custom Recovery

Video: How to Remove Knox on Samsung S4 Mini

Reboot Samsung. After this entire procedure, reinstall Root.

Method number 1

Go to the section / system / app and delete files

  • KLMSAgent.apk
  • KNOXAgent.apk
  • KnoxAttestationAgent.apk
  • KNOXStore.apk
  • KNOXStub.apk
  • KNOXAttestationAgent.apk

How to Remove Knox on Samsung S4 Mini

Then restart your Android smartphone!

Method number 2

Enter the command in the terminal (save the case of letters, it is important, press the Enter button after each command)

pm disable com.sec.knox.seandroid

Method number 3

Install the KNOXDisablerFree_v1.0.1.apk application. Go to the application and press the button “Disable”

How to Remove Knox on Samsung S4 Mini

Method number 4

Call up the additional menu from the desktop by pressing the button

Select Knox Settings

In the menu, select Uninstall Knox.

Method number 5

Install the Titanium Backup application or System app remover. Uninstall the following applications using them.

  • com.sec.enterprise.knox.attestation
  • com.sec.knox.eventsmanager
  • KLMS Agent
  • Knox
  • KNOX Notification Manager
  • Knox store

Method number 6

Method number 7

It does not work on all devices, but it still works. To do this, you need to get root using the Vroot program.

Bad news about the warranty

Another bad news for Samsung owners, after receiving Root rights, you lose the guarantee, even after removing root rights and flashing it, as the counter of custom firmware will tick!

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