How to Reload Iphone 5s Without a Button

Rebooting iphone 6 helps to solve many problems, in some cases temporarily, but most often one restart of the phone is enough to continue stable operation for many months. There are several ways to restart iphone 5s, today we’ll talk about each of them individually. We will give valuable advice and, as always, we will attach the video instruction on how to restart the iPhone if none of the buttons works.

Ways to restart iPhone

There are several effective ways how to restart the phone from Apple, each of them is safe for the device, it can be applied several times a day. Is it possible to reboot an iPhone without a button? Of course! how to do this, read below and watch the video.

  • Regular way using the power button
  • Hard reset your phone if it freezes
  • If the button on the case does not work
  • If the sensor does not work
  • Software reboot option
  • Using Assistive Touch

The benefits of rebooting the phone

The benefit is undeniable, like any computer, a modern smartphone is capable of processing huge amounts of data. The more information, the faster the device’s cache gets clogged, which leads to software failures, freezes and subsequent problems for the user. Here is a short list of problems that harm users and prevent you from fully using your iPhone.

  • Getting rid of iOs glitches
  • We eliminate the braking of the system as a whole
  • Get rid of graphic artifacts on the screen
  • We kill the hung application
  • We reset the smartphone’s memory cache;
  • Full restart of the hardware.
  • Solving many other iPhone 5 problems

IPhone Restart

Rather, it’s not even a way to reboot, but simply a regular on / off function of the iPhone. From the beginning of the entire line of iPhone models, 2, 3, 4, 4S, and others, the on / off button of the device was located on the top of the device. The power button was moved from the upper end to the right starting with the new 6, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus models. According to rumors, the iPhone 8, the power key will also be located on the right side.

How to completely restart the iPhone using the normal inclusion option? Everything is simple and reliable. We press the power button and hold it for 10 seconds, until the slider with the word Turn off appears, now swipe, the phone turns off. After a couple of minutes turning on the gadget, we get a cleared cache, most of the glitches will never make themselves felt again. The method works if iOs does not hang tight, and all applications work in normal mode. But there are situations when a hanging device does not respond to pressing hardware buttons, then a “hard reset” will come to the rescue.

Video: How to Reload Iphone 5s Without a Button

Hard reset

How to restart the iPhone when it freezes so much that it does not respond to pressing the lock button? Then the so-called “hard reset” will come to the aid of the user. With its help, it is really possible to restart the device with any software and hardware error. This method works on all Apple equipment from phones to tablets of all models and trim levels.

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Rebooting the iphone 5 in hard reset mode is simple, we simultaneously hold down the lock and Home keys, wait 10-15 seconds, the phone should go into reboot, if this does not happen, wait longer. In any case, this method will help, sometimes you just need to hold the buttons longer. The hard way will help if the sensor does not work, but it is unlikely to restore its functionality if it is not a software glitch.

Video instructions on how to restart iPhone 5s if a regular restart does not work, but it freezes.

Reboot without a lock button

Any technique fails, an expensive iPhone is no exception. Falling, mechanical damage to the case, it is these factors that lead to damage to the device, which makes it difficult to reboot. Most often, the hardware lock button fails, it is also the power button, the phone. Without it, it is impossible to turn on. turn off the phone and reboot the device, if necessary. But even without such a valuable part of the iPhone, it is quite possible to restart the device by software, although it is not so simple.

Let’s figure out how to restart an iPhone without a much needed screen lock button? There are four main ways.

Using Assistive Touch

  • We go “Settings. Basic. Universal Access”
  • Find and enable the “Assistive Touch” function
  • Press the soft button that appears on the screen;
  • Select the “Device” item;
  • In the menu that opens, press and hold the “Screen lock” item;
  • Turn off the phone.

Change fonts in Settings

  1. Go to “Settings. Basic. Universal Access.”
  2. Click on “Bold Text”.
  3. Agree to reboot

How to Reload Iphone 5s Without a Button

That’s all, the problem of how to restart iphone 5 without hardware buttons has been resolved. After loading, go to the settings and remove the “Bold text”, the phone will reboot again and the system font will return to its original state.

By resetting the wireless network

  1. “Settings. Basic. Reset.”
  2. Select “Reset Network Settings”
  3. We agree to a reboot.

How to Reload Iphone 5s Without a Button

It must be remembered that this method works, but deletes all data about networks, resets all network settings, including wi-fi passwords and VPN connections, so be careful.

Wait for the battery to drain.

This option, how to restart an iPhone without hardware buttons, is suitable for extreme players or real lazy people. You don’t need to do anything, we sit and wait when the phone’s battery runs out and it turns off. To make the process go faster, you can turn on a movie or any video, for example from YouTube. This will drop the battery in a couple of hours, after which it will turn off, and you just have to connect the charging. By default, the iPhone turns on when the charger is connected, so the problem will be solved.

Nevertheless, we recommend taking the iPhone for repair, replacing the lock button is not so expensive, and it adds significantly to problems and dances with tambourines.

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