How to Reinstall Windu on Samsung Galaxy

You can reinstall the system on Android by following certain simple steps. In addition, the huge advantage of the Android OS is its open source code, thanks to which it is possible to not only reinstall the software to the identical one, but also try various amateur builds with special innovations and additions.

System reinstallation process

Before reinstalling Android on your device, copy all the important data from the main memory to a flash device or PC. There is also a special function in any phone or tablet. data backup. With its help, you can put user settings on an external medium or in the cloud in order to practically completely restore personal information on the device. It is recommended to perform it every time you change the firmware, update the device, or install new drivers. Reinstalling the Android operating system can be done using several methods (relevant both on the phone and on the tablet):

  • Reinstalling via computer using a USB cable;
  • Using the “Recovery Menu” directly on the Android phone.

Both options are suitable for installing official assemblies, as well as for custom firmware versions. Select the reinstallation package that you need and follow the algorithm described below.

Installation via computer

Many firmware versions can be installed using Fastboot. After installing the utility, download the firmware you need, connect the device with a USB cable to the computer, and follow the steps below:

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  1. Unzip the archive into the “Program-tools” folder, where the “adb” and “fastboot” files are located (for example, the folder is called “adb”).
    How to Reinstall Windu on Samsung Galaxy
  2. It is necessary to transfer the device to fastboot mode. To do this, enable USB debugging on the device, and run the command prompt (Winr) on the computer. In the window that appears, enter the command “cmd”. We write the following (after each request we put “Enter”):
    • cd /;
    • cd (here we enter the location of the adb file on the disk);
    • adb reboot bootloader;
      How to Reinstall Windu on Samsung Galaxy
    • Now the Android device will reboot in the appropriate mode.
      How to Reinstall Windu on Samsung Galaxy
    • Before flashing, each section must be formatted. Use the “fastboot erase” command, and then enter the name of the desired partition.
    • Also, you need to flash the corresponding folders using the request “fastboot flash->section title>firmware file name »
      How to Reinstall Windu on Samsung Galaxy
    • Often firmware can be installed entirely with the flash all command.
      How to Reinstall Windu on Samsung Galaxy
    • At the end, you will receive a message about the completion of the installation.
      How to Reinstall Windu on Samsung Galaxy
    • Reboot the device and enjoy the new firmware.

    Video: How to Reinstall Windu on Samsung Galaxy

    Reinstalling the Android OS on the phone and on the tablet through the computer is practically the same, the main thing is to follow the points listed above.

    Reinstalling Android through the “Recovery Menu”

    Users often do not have the ability to connect the device to a PC or do not want to understand all the tricks of the firmware via USB for a long time. How to reinstall Android on a tablet or phone without resorting to the help of third-party programs? This is possible with the “Recovery Menu” utility built into the phone.

    1. Before reinstalling Android OS on your tablet or phone, save important data to external media.
    2. Turn off the device and transfer it to Recovery Mode. This is accomplished using various key combinations that can be found on your developer’s site. For example, for Samsung, the following sequence of buttons is used: center key volume up button power button.
      How to Reinstall Windu on Samsung Galaxy
    3. From the menu, select “install zip from sdcard”.
    4. Specify the path to the zip archive with the firmware that you placed on the device’s memory.
    5. After that, the system will reinstall in automatic mode.

    Make sure you have enough battery power on your Android device to upgrade the firmware. It is recommended to use a permanent connection of the device to the power supply to avoid possible errors and failures as a result of incomplete installation of the assembly.

    Resetting the phone to factory settings

    If you do not want to completely reinstall the system, but want to get rid of freezes and errors that appeared during the use of the device, use the Hard Reset function. To start it, follow the following algorithm:

    1. We go to the “Settings” section and select the “Backup and reset” section.
      How to Reinstall Windu on Samsung Galaxy
    2. Select the “Data Reset” item. A notification appears that all saved user settings will be deleted. We agree with the warning and run Hard reset.
      How to Reinstall Windu on Samsung Galaxy
    3. After that, the system will be reinstalled with the reset of all parameters to the factory settings. The software version and system kernel are not affected.

    It is worth noting that with this option it is not possible to install new OS assemblies or download custom assemblies to your device.

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