How to Reflash Android Smartphone

Your android Android OS How to reflash Android smartphone

To know how to reflash Android device, be it a tablet or smartphone, be sure to pay attention to this manual and carefully read the instructions below.

What is firmware?

Term “Phone firmware” means the process of replacing software in the device, i.e. the operating system. A flashing of the Android phone can be performed with the aim of:

  • installing a newer operating system;
  • correction for software failures in the device (smartphone or tablet);
  • Hacking protection Android device.

Each manufacturer, releasing smartphones and tablets on the Android platform, is actively supporting customers, releasing updates and updates for its gadgets with varying success. In practice, the developer delivers official firmware mainly “by air” (via OTA updates), as well as uploading a special firmware image file on his website or portal.

You can flash the image thanks to a set of special software:

  • CWM Recovery.
  • TWRP Recovery.
  • ROM Manager
  • Using a computer and a special set of programs (Fastboot, KDZ Update, Odin and other utilities).

As a rule, firmware images before updating are packaged in special archives with the extension ZIP, ISO, and others.

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In addition to official firmware, very often users and the community of the gadget form support for devices by releasing custom versions of firmware and posting them on amateur forums and portals. Such updates can provide enhanced or truncated functionality of official images, supplementing or removing unnecessary points from them.

To begin with, before the flashing process, be sure to take care of your data on the device’s internal memory. When updating, all files are erased, which means that you need to make a backup in advance and save important files to external media.

On the question how to flash android under OTA updates “over the air” we will not stop, but rather we will concentrate all our attention on other update methods.

Flashing your phone using CWM Recovery

The rich functionality of CWM Recovery allows you to perform many manipulations with the device, including rolling firmware. By default, stock Recovery is installed in the devices, which means that first you need to install the ClockWorkMod Recovery utility itself.

The general firmware process described below applies to ZIP files. Instruction:

  1. Go to Recovery. To do this, you must completely turn off the device, and then hold down a certain sequence of buttons on the body of the device. The set of keys may vary depending on the device manufacturer. Each combination may differ from each other. Additional information can be found through search engines by asking the appropriate question. A universal option is a set of the following clicks:
  • Volume Up Button On Key
  • Volume Down Button On Key
  • Volume up / down buttons power key “Home”.
  • At the same time, the volume up and down keys and the power key of the device are pressed.

Video: How to Reflash Android Smartphone

How to Reflash Android Smartphone

Once in recovery, you will see a central menu, which you can navigate through using the volume up and down buttons, and the power key will perform the function of selecting an action.

  1. Before the beginning android firmware The device is required to perform a full reset of the gadget to the factory settings. To do this, go to the “wipe data / factory reset” item and confirm the action by clicking on the line with the inscription “Yes. Wipe all user data”.
  2. Returning to the main lobby, select “Install zip”.
  3. Next, click on the item “Choose zip from / sdcard” and in the explorer tree select the file with the firmware saved earlier.
  4. Confirm the selection by clicking on the item “Yes. Install.”.
  5. The process of flashing the device will start. At the end of the process, the user will see an inscription on the screen “Install from sdcard complete”.
  6. All that remains for the user to do is return to the main lobby of CWM Recovery and complete the process of rebooting the gadget by clicking the “reboot system now” line.

After these steps, the installation of the firmware will begin. Do not panic, because the installation algorithm can last up to 10 minutes.

How to flash an Android phone using TWRP Recovery

For those who like working with the utility in the form of TWRP Recovery more, the following instructions for installing the update in the form of a ZIP archive are offered:

  1. Drop the file with the firmware image into the device memory.
  2. Go to TWRP recovery. This is done by analogy with CWM.
  3. Reset to factory settings by clicking on “Wipe” in the main menu. Pull the lever to the right. At the end of cleaning the gadget, return to the original lobby by pressing the “Back” button.
  4. In the main lobby, select “Install” and find the previously downloaded image in the file system tree. Click on it by dragging the slider to the side.
  5. After that, the firmware process will start. According to the standard, it does not exceed 2-3 minutes.
  6. Upon completion, the utility will automatically display a message about a successful flashing. Clicking on the “Reboot System” item, reboot the device.

Install updates using ROM Manager

With this application, you can not only perform firmware, but also create a backup of the system. Use this option so as not to lose important data and quickly restore all the functionality of the smartphone.

To get started, you will need special Root rights on the device, which allow you to access the internal files of your device at the system level. You can use any of the presented programs for this.

The second important aspect when working with ROM Manager is custom recovery. All firmware actions take place directly in the Android launcher itself, and ROM Manager serves as a visual add-on for Recovery.