How to Reduce Fan Noise In Computer

How to Reduce Fan Noise In Computer

Almost all desktop computers have fans. Their task is to blow the radiators that are installed on the hottest chips, blow the elements of the power supply, and also provide air movement inside the computer case. All these fans create noise and in some cases it is so strong that it becomes difficult to work at the computer.

If you encounter such a problem, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this material. Here you will learn how to reduce the noise of fans installed in the computer.

Preparatory stage

Before you start the fight to reduce fan noise, you need to do some preparatory work with your computer. First you need to clean the computer from the dust accumulated in it, which reduces the cooling efficiency.

In order to clean the computer from dust, unplug it from the power supply and remove the side cover. The safest way to remove dust is a can of compressed air. With it, you can blow out all the radiators and remove dust with minimal risk of damage to something. For this procedure, it is better to go outside so as not to raise dust in the house.

Also, to remove dust from the computer case, sometimes use a brush for painting or drawing. Using a brush allows you to clean your computer without raising dust, but this method is less safe. The brush creates static electricity, and this can lead to computer damage, so it’s better to use a spray.

After removing dust, check the temperatures of the processor and graphics card. If it is above normal, then replace thermal grease.

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Fan speed reduction

After you bring the computer to normal, you can start to reduce the noise from the fans. Here one of the easiest and most effective ways is to reduce the speed. This is done in two ways software (via BIOS or from the operating system) and hardware (using a resistor or reobass).

The software method can only be applied to coolers that are connected to the motherboard through a 4-pin connector. At the same time, the process of managing such coolers may differ depending on the motherboard. Typically, the BIOS needs to specify the temperature at which the fans will increase the speed of rotation. The minimum fan speed is also indicated, it is used until the indicated temperature is reached. The screenshot below shows how these settings look in the BIOS of the MSI motherboard.

Video: How to Reduce Fan Noise In Computer

If the fan is connected to the 3-pin connector of the motherboard or generally directly to the power supply, then to reduce its speed you need to use a resistor. Such a resistor can be independently selected and soldered into the power wire. Those who are not friends with a soldering iron can use ready-made adapters that you only need to connect between the fan and the motherboard.

Also, to reduce the fan speed, you can use the so-called reobas. This is a device that connects to the 5.25-inch bay of the system unit and allows you to adjust the speed of rotation of the fans connected through it.

Replacing fans with quieter ones

Fans that are used to cool computer components are very different in their noise level. This is mainly due to the type of bearings used. In ordinary inexpensive fans, bearings are used, and in models more expensive, hydrodynamic bearings, which work noticeably quieter and retain their performance for longer. Also, the size of the fan greatly affects the noise level, the larger it is, the quieter the fan runs.

In general, replacing fans is a great way to reduce the noise level that comes from a computer, but you will have to spend a bit on that.

Reduce the number of fans

Sometimes, you can reduce the noise level by reducing the number of fans that are used in the system unit. It is clear that to refuse the fans on the power supply, processor and video card will not work. But, the number of case fans can be completely revised.

If you have a mid-range computer without “top-end” hardware and overclocking, then you will have enough of one case fan that will work to blow hot air. And if you have an office-level computer, then you can try to do without case fans at all.

Computer Case Replacement

Replacing the case is a way for true connoisseurs of silence. Now on sale there are many cases designed to minimize noise. In such cases, special sound-absorbing materials and rubber elements are used to reduce vibration.

over, such cases are immediately equipped with high-quality coolers, so you do not have to buy them separately. But, you need to be ready to give 150 or more for the new case.