How to Recover Deleted SMS On Huawei

How to recover deleted messages on a Huawei and Honor phone? A similar question usually visits users too late, when it is no longer possible to return correspondence, since neither smartphones nor SIM cards contain separate recovery functions for deleted records. But there is still a way out of this situation.

How to restore SMS on Honor and Huawei phones?

There are 2 main ways to recover deleted data:

  • use of special applications;
  • Install SMS recovery programs on a computer.

In addition, sometimes it is possible to return records using a cloud or a recovery point.

Deleted Items Folder

But first of all, in case of accidental destruction of the dialog, it is recommended to look into the “deleted” folder, perhaps the necessary sms was saved there. Then you should look into the cloud storage, where received messages are sometimes duplicated. The last step will be to check if the smartphone has a suitable save point.

MiniTool Mobile Recovery

If the above options did not help, you will have to install a special mobile application on Android, for example, MiniTool Mobile Recovery. The main advantage of this program is that it is able to restore correspondence in the messenger, minus. in the restrictions set by the developer: only 10 messages can be returned for free.


Undeleter is another paid application that returns correspondence. But it will be possible to return the dialogs only from the smartphone’s memory, the service does not apply to third-party storages.

GT Recovery

GT Recovery will require root access to work with the smartphone. But this program:

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How to Recover Deleted SMS On Huawei
  • completely free;
  • Russified;
  • works with all types of memory.

That is, it is noticeably superior in convenience to the previously listed options.

SMS BackUp

The following service is more likely to prevent deletion, since it creates a backup copy of a text document. But if necessary, he is able to return part of the destroyed files. At the same time, this program solves most of the problems without obtaining root rights; they will be needed only for solving global problems.

Video: How to Recover Deleted SMS On Huawei

PC recovery

It was already mentioned above that users are able to return messages using special programs for the computer. Enough for this:

If you have any questions or have complaints, let us know

  1. install the service you like on your PC;
  2. connect a smartphone to a computer using a cable;
  3. run the program.

Then it remains to find the desired file and return it to the selected device.

Android Data Recovery

Most of the action on the mentioned program is free, and its use requires only one thing: turning on the USB debugging mode on the smartphone. If the mode is active, it will remain:

  1. connect your Android to PC;
  2. run the program and wait until it scans the phone;
  3. open the desired folder;
  4. Select the files that you want to recover.

GT Recovery for Windows

The next program, which allows you to figure out how to restore SMS on Honor and Huawei, is universal. It is capable of working both on a computer and on a telephone, and even part of the files deleted from a PC can be returned.

Dr. Fone

Principle of Operation Dr. Fone is identical to the one above. Users need to connect the phone, run the program and scan the device. Then in the list that opens, select the messages that you want to return.

It is important to emphasize that sometimes a service requires root rights, but this rarely happens.

Mobkin doctor

Mobkin Doctor also invites users to select dialogs that require restoration immediately after scanning, the program does not contain anything unusual. In this case, if the recovered messages suddenly disappear, you should look in the new folders on the PC, often they are stored on the computer.

Coolmuster Android SMS Contacts Recovery

The main advantage of the Coolmuster Android SMS Contacts Recovery service is its simple interface, which contains only the start button. Of the minuses, the paid nature of the utility should be highlighted: without paying for the message, you can only see and read, but not save.

How to never lose text messages?

Removing messages from the phone’s memory is an inevitable process, because once the number of sms received exceeds the permissible limit. But, fortunately, they can be saved using:

  • Cloud storage
  • or backing up correspondence.

SMS backup

To create a backup copy of SMS, it is recommended to download a special SMS Backup application & Restore With it, you can save dialogs on external media, which guarantees their preservation even in the event of a sudden breakdown of the phone. It is allowed to store copies on a smartphone, but such a step does not save from all the surprises.

Saving to the cloud

Another way to save important messages is to store correspondence in the cloud. To do this, use the sms Backup program. The mentioned service allows you to archive and transfer dialogs to the cloud both at the request of the owner of the smartphone, and in automatic mode.