How to Recover Deleted Photos On Samsung

Let’s figure out how to recover deleted files on the Samsung phone. Depending on the device model, users may use extraction from the cloud or from the recycle bin. In addition, you can use the capabilities of a third-party application. The described methods can be used to restore photos on a tablet and other devices with the Android platform.

Recover from Samsung Cloud

The Samsung Cloud service provides the account holder with up to 15 GB of cloud memory. Samsung phones have automatic synchronization of photos and video files, so all the contents of the phone’s memory are duplicated in the corporate cloud.

If the user has not changed these settings, then recovering photos from the phone that were deleted will not be difficult. The only condition is that the smartphone must be connected to the Internet, this is necessary both for timely synchronization and for subsequent recovery.

  1. Open your smartphone’s settings and select the “Cloud and Accounts” section.
    How to Recover Deleted Photos On Samsung
  2. Go to the Samsung Cloud menu. Check the synchronization activity for the “Gallery” of the device, as well as the date of the last data exchange. If everything is included and the photo was taken earlier than the specified date, then proceed further. Otherwise, the method will not work.
  3. Press the “Restore” command and wait for the device to find the latest copy of the data.
  4. In the list that opens, select "Photos" and wait for the completion of the process.

After a while, the deleted pictures will be returned to the device’s memory.

Recovery from the recycle bin of Samsung Galaxy

  1. Open the Gallery app. Go to the menu, to do this, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the window.
  2. In the field that opens, select the "Basket" section.
  3. The user will be provided with pictures that have been deleted, but are still available for recovery. Find the one you need and, clicking on it, specify the desired “Restore” action.

It is important to keep in mind that Samsung Galaxy stores the deleted photo for 15 days, after the expiration of the expired files are automatically deleted and it is no longer possible to restore them.

3rd party applications

Let’s figure out how to recover deleted photos on Android through third-party applications installed on the Samsung phone. There are many developments that solve the task, but we will consider only the most popular applications: DiskDigger, Android Data Recovery and Dumpster.

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Using this program, you can recover deleted photos from your Samsung phone without getting root rights and access to system files. The application is free and installed from Google Play, it is better not to download from other sources of the program.

  1. Open the application and activate the search.
  2. Among the results, select a file or group and give the command "Restore".
  3. By clicking on the gear icon, you can configure the filter to search if the program finds too many images.

The program scans and extracts for review images not only among the remote, but also in the cache of programs used on the smartphone. This increases the chances of finding the right picture. The filter allows you to set many parameters: the size of the thumbnails or the file itself, the time frame for creating the image. All this greatly simplifies the search for a specific photo. Using the advanced version in conjunction with open root access provides even more options.

Android Data Recovery

One of the best programs for returning, deleted from the Samsung phone, multimedia files. It is especially relevant in cases where the smartphone refuses to see the memory card. Suitable for all Android devices with Root rights.

We restore the files to the following algorithm.

  1. Install the program on a PC and connect a smartphone or tablet via USB to it.
  2. Turn on USB debugging on your smartphone, this is done through the device’s settings in the "Options for Developers" section.
  3. As soon as the program detects a connected gadget, click the "Start" button to scan the device, then "Allow" and again "Start" or Start.
  4. After scanning, all found images that were previously deleted will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Select the desired snapshot and click Recover.

The necessary files are not restored on the smartphone, but will be saved on the PC.


This method allows you to prevent loss by creating a special directory where the files go if the program has deleted the folder with photos or other media files. To resolve the issue, just install the application from the device’s Market.

The program does not require separate settings, at the time of deletion it saves the file in its storage, from where the user can easily extract it without loss of quality. The only drawback of the free version is the presence of a large amount of advertising.

Yandex Disk

Similarly, the Yandex.Disk application will save the accidentally deleted photo. Install the program and configure image synchronization, and then all your pictures will be duplicated in the cloud storage.

Restoring a photo from there will not be difficult, and you can do it on any device, not just Samsung. You need internet to work.

Computer Recovery

Recovery after deleting photos on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and other gadgets with the Android platform has been described in detail above, we will figure out whether it is possible to recover data through a PC. You will also need a utility for this, the process is described in detail in the Android Data Recovery section.

Similar applications that you can use:

  • 7-Data Android Recovery;
  • Pandora Recovery;
  • Recuva.

The principle of operation of these applications is identical: open the administrator’s rights on the device and turn on USB debugging mode, connect the smartphone to the PC and scan using the selected utility. Select the desired files from the results and save to the computer.