How to Record Video With Music On iPhone

Many users who downloaded multimedia content devices to their Apple memory complain about the increased complexity of this work. This is partly true, since you have to use the additional iTunes software package for this work. However, this also has its advantage. You can qualitatively design your media collection, and subsequently easily restore it.

How to Record Video With Music On iPhone

In this article, we will tell you how to download music to your iPhone using three different methods: Using the iTools file manager, a computer with iTunes installed, and directly through the Internet to iPhone.

How to upload music files to iPhone.

Downloading music to any device from Apple running an iOS operating system can be performed using three methods:

When using file managers and control programs, music content should be located on your hard drive. Whereas when downloading via the Internet there is no need to connect a smartphone to a personal computer. When downloading music to your smartphone, you need to remember that iTunes does not support all music formats. Therefore, it will be impossible to download such unsupported formats to the media library.

Music format for iPhone

The iTunes multimedia processor supports the following audio file formats:

ALAC (Apple Lossless);

Audible (format 2,3,4);

AAC Protected (from the iTunes Store);

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MP3 (from 16 to 320 Kbps);

There is no official support for such popular music standards as Windows Media Audio in iTunes. By default, this format is converted to AAC.

In the event that the file cannot be downloaded to the iTunes library, this evidence indicates that this format is not supported by the media combine. You need to convert it with third-party programs into one of the formats supported by iTunes.

Download music to iPhone via iTunes

It is downloading music to a smartphone using iTunes that represents the greatest difficulty. We will write down the advantages of using this method.

This advantage allows you to level out some of the complexity of the work of downloading audio files to the iPhone via iTunes. To write music to the memory of your mobile gadget, you must first download music files to the program library.

ITunes must be running. We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of the program.

If you are downloading file packages, you need to verify their number, in the event that individual files are not downloaded to the library, you must convert them and download again.

Sync iPhone with iTunes Music

To upload music from iTunes to iPhone, you need to synchronize it. To do this, perform the following steps:

How to Download Music to iPhone Using iTools

IPhone owners are offered a great alternative to the standard iTunes media processor, which you can easily download for free. This program is called iTools.

This program is a universal file manager that allows you to easily download various content to your iPhone or other gadget running iOS.

The user can easily transfer music files, both on the iPhone and in the opposite direction. All music files downloaded to the smartphone will be in the Music application.

iTools does not have iTunes functionality in organizing music collections. However, many users simply do not need this functionality when organizing a music collection. To upload multimedia content to iPhone you need to:

It must be remembered that if you use iTunes and iTools to download the same music file on your iPhone, the Music tab will have two identical Files.

Benefits of using iTools to download music:

Disadvantages of iTools:

How to download music on iPhone

You can download music directly from the Internet only with devices that have jailbreak. If you wish, you can use special loaders that are distributed from the AppStore. But at the same time, such music downloaded with the help of additional downloaders is stored not in the Music tab, but in the bootloader itself. Which significantly reduces the usability of multimedia files. If you have an i Pad or an iPhone with jailbreak, you have the option of downloading music directly to your music library. To do this, you need to download a special Bridge from Cydia. This tweak is supported on all devices that are running I OS, starting with the fifth version

There are many alternatives to Tweak Bridge. Most of them are distributed on a paid basis. The principle of operation of such applications is identical.

There is no difficulty in downloading music to the iPhone. You can use various ways to download the necessary music to your mobile device.