How to Record a Phone Conversation On Iphone 5s

How to record a conversation on iPhone with high quality and without problems?

Note that without special tools, which can become a special voice recorder or application downloaded from Cydia, you can not do. Since recording a conversation on an iPhone “out of the box” is simply impossible. This is not provided for in the device. The same statement is true if the user wants to record conversations on iphone 4s or any other version of the gadget.

How to Record a Phone Conversation On Iphone 5s

So, with this found out. You will need special equipment. But which ones? In this article we will talk about such a wonderful program as Audio Recorder. It is extremely easy to use and multifunctional.

How to record a conversation on iPhone using Audio Recorder? First, let’s talk about what this program is. Its main task is to create digital copies of telephone conversations. That is what she does. It should be noted that this recording method is the most convenient and reliable, since the user receives information that in the normal mode may be lost for some reason.

Audio Recorder works in two modes: manual and automatic. The program is fully Russified and has a minimum of settings, so everyone can master it. According to the program’s developer, it is the first jailbreak designed specifically for recording phone calls to Apple’s mobile device.

How to Record a Phone Conversation On Iphone 5s

How does this wonderful application work? It is enough for the user to install the program on his iPhone and indicate any of the four available recording modes: record everything, only incoming / outgoing or manually. The results are automatically saved. If necessary, you can not only listen to them, but also forward them by e-mail. With Audio Recorder, the question. how to record a telephone conversation on the iphone 5 and newer devices. will not bother you anymore. After all, everything is simple and clear.

Please note that the transfer of such materials (recorded conversations) to third parties violates the constitutional rights of citizens of the Russian Federation, however, the production of recordings of conversations for personal listening is allowed. To eliminate the occurrence of any problems, the program developer added a function to his creation that warns of the beginning of a call recording.

Audio Recorder works on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

How to Record a Phone Conversation On Iphone 5s

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How to Record a Phone Conversation On Iphone 5s

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How to Record a Phone Conversation On Iphone 5s

How to record on a video what is happening on the screen of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Many of the users are interested, How to record a telephone conversation on iPhone and is it possible to do this without an external recorder. Yes, there is such an opportunity and it appeared relatively recently, with the release of iPhone 5. Below we will tell you with the help of which programs you can do this most easily.

In addition to recording directly, other useful functions are also built into this program: playing recorded audio and sending them by email.

Of the advantages of Audio Recorder, one can note the ease of use and the ability to work with it in the absence of the Internet. The sound quality is very good.

A big minus. you can’t record incoming calls, which for some users can be critical.

This program has much more functionality than the previous one: it allows you to leave a voice message on the answering machine and change the voice timbre. The latter allows you to remain anonymous and prank your friends.

Another good program and now we will explain how to record a telephone conversation on iPhone using it:
– Install the application;
– Open it and fill in all the fields in the questionnaire;
– Select the “Calls / Recordings” tab and come up with a pin code, then click “Live Phonecast”;
– Make a call and after the subscriber answers the call. the “Merge calls” button will appear, click on it and recording will begin;
– After the end of the conversation, open iPadio, there will be a recorded call.

OpenGsm PRO-X. the best program for recording a telephone conversation on an iPhone

One of the relatively new programs, which is very popular among users of iOS-products. A great alternative to a standard voice recorder.

Application Features:
– Able to keep a journal, collecting information about calls, SMS and email;
– Allows you to record incoming, outgoing calls, conferences;
– You can integrate OpenGsm with Viber, WhatsApp, FaceBook, Skype;
– Works with any version of iOS, starting from 4.

Of the minuses. to complete the work you will need to do a Jailbreak, which may lead to a loss of warranty.
The application is paid, the user is given only 2 days to get acquainted with the functionality.

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How to record phone conversation on iPhone?

Have you wondered how to record a conversation on your device? Everyone has at least once encountered this dilemma. Many users are sure that at the moment, recording telephone conversations on the iPhone is not possible. In fact, such an opportunity appeared on the fifth generation of the iPhone, and is nothing more than additional software. In other matters, this requires some skills, and in this article we will try to talk about all the features of this function.

How to Record a Phone Conversation On Iphone 5s

Features of recording a conversation on the phone

How to Record a Phone Conversation On Iphone 5s

Software needed

As we have said, recording a telephone conversation is possible with certain software. It is the applications that will help to qualitatively record the voice of the interlocutor and the telephone conversation itself. over, you will not need any extra knowledge. Below we will consider several of them and talk about their features.

Google voice

An interesting option is the Google Voice service. You need to visit the Google Voice website and register. You are required to create an account there and install the program on the phone from the AppStore. After all the manipulations done, return to the Google Voice service website, click on the gear icon and select the settings, then the call option. There you check the box next to the call recording function. When the call itself, you can press the number 4, then the conversation will be recorded. We want to note that the program will warn you and your interlocutor that the conversation is being recorded, so it will not work to be a cool spy. The recording can be found in the application in the inbox Google Voice. If you need to copy the dialog to a computer, there will be a key under each entry, if you click on it, you can select the desired download format. The file will end up in your iTunes.

How to Record a Phone Conversation On Iphone 5s

The second option for recording a call can be considered using the iPadio program. Install the program from the AppStore and be sure to specify the necessary data:

After you have completed everything, you will need to come up with a four-digit code. Next, click Live Phonecast. After that, the phone applies the settings for the application. Then, after listening to the message, you open the keyboard tab and click on the pin code you invented. After that, press the confirmation key. When you call any of your friends in the lower corner of the screen, the merge calls key will appear on the left side, as soon as a person answers your call, you need to click on it to record. After the conversation, you can again enter the program and your profile. Your entry will be there. It can also be listened to, dropped onto a computer or deleted.

How to Record a Phone Conversation On Iphone 5s

iPhone Recorder

And the third program we will look at is iPhone Recorder. The program allows you to record only on outgoing calls when you call someone and not you. The application is extremely easy to manage and there will be no problems with it. Records can be sent from your device by e-mail to other devices. The interface is intuitive and has a similar outline to a regular phone window. Summing up, I want to say that the function of recording a conversation is not quite as simple as it might seem, and setting it up on your phone will take some time. But we hope with the help of this article you will be able to determine the method that suits you.

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