How to Record a Conversation On Iphone 6

How to Record a Conversation On Iphone 6

Everyone has a friend with Xiaomi who records absolutely all the calls. It’s so hard to talk on the phone: it’s impossible to get rid of the thought that every word can be a discredit and used for personal gain.

Joking as a joke, but at Apple everything is really more complicated, and the standard recording of conversations on the company’s devices will never appear. However, this did not stop us from finding as many as 5 ways to record the conversation on the iPhone. You are welcome!

The information in this article is for informational purposes only. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the laws of the country in which you are located before recording calls.

The easiest way to get another iPhone or Mac

How to Record a Conversation On Iphone 6

Standard “Voice Recorder” on an additional iPhone

Key Features:

▪️ No additional software needed: you can use the standard “Voice Recorder”
▪️ To record a voice call, you will have to talk on the speakerphone
▪️ Recordings can be quickly synchronized with the main device via iCloud

If you have an old iPhone, which is left after buying the brand new iPhone Xs Max, then this method is just for you.

During a voice call on the main device, you just need to activate the speakerphone (“Speaker”), and then enable recording in the “Voice Recorder” on the second device (it could even be a Mac).

The main disadvantage in this case is precisely the speakerphone, which will not allow you to properly record a conversation in a noisy office, on the street and in any similar situation. In addition, the interlocutor will quickly understand that he is on speakerphone.

It’s good that all the recordings from the Voice Recorder on iPhone and Mac can be synchronized via iCloud. the entire archive of saved conversations can be easily collected on the main smartphone.

Use the TapeACall Mobile App

How to Record a Conversation On Iphone 6

TapeACall Conversation Recording App

Key Features:

▪️ No additional devices needed
▪️ Your operator must support the second line
▪️ Call recording must be turned on before the call
▪️ There is an expensive monthly or annual subscription

IPhone call recording apps work through a second line. Apparently, precisely because of this they are scolded in the App Store. But besides this, there are no other ways to fix a call without additional devices.

Before trying this application, you should also make sure that your service provider supports the second line exactly at your tariff: some operators disable this service on a prepaid basis.

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After a short setup, you can start using the application. When you press the record button, the program will call a special number within your country. After that, you need to click “Add”, select a subscriber number for recording a call and use the “Combine” button.

Video: How to Record a Conversation On Iphone 6

It turns out you first call a special service station, After that, call the person for an important conversation and combine calls with him. Immediately after the call ends, the application downloads its record.

Download on the App Store (free subscription: a week for free, 329 rubles per month, 849 rubles for 3 months and 2 050 rubles per year)

Use the recorder on your Apple Watch

How to Record a Conversation On Iphone 6

Voice Recorder Application by ALON Software

Key Features:

▪️ To record a voice call, you will have to talk on the speakerphone
▪️ Recordings can be quickly synced with iPhone

This method works similarly to recording a conversation using an iPhone or Mac. There are two differences: in this case, the recording device is always put on your wrist, and you need to install a third-party application on it using the link below.

During a voice call on the iPhone, you just need to activate the speakerphone (“Speaker”), and then enable recording in “Voice Recorder” on Apple Watch.

After the recording is completed, you can immediately listen to it right on the watch, and after a couple of seconds you will see it in the application library on the iPhone.

It is a pity that the Apple Watch does not have a built-in voice recorder, it would work more simply and stably.

Download on the App Store (free shopping: a whole set from 75 to 149 rubles each)

Ask to record it through the second line

How to Record a Conversation On Iphone 6

Recording a conversation through Voice Recorder on Mac

Key Features:

▪️ You need an extra person with additional devices
▪️ Your operator must support the second line
▪️ Call recording must be turned on before the call

If you go even further, you can even use an additional person to record the conversation. For this, you will also need second line support, which you need to talk to with your service provider.

First you need to call your friend, employee or colleague. After that, you click the Add button and select the person whose conversation you want to record. When you get through to him, click “Combine” to arrange a conference.

Now your accomplice hears both you and the interlocutor. He can use either a smartphone on Android with the ability to record voice calls, or speakerphone on the iPhone and any additional device with a voice recorder.

This is the most troublesome technique, but it will give you the opportunity to record a conversation without speakerphone and third-party services.

Download on the App Store (free shopping)

Try special devices for recording

How to Record a Conversation On Iphone 6

This is PhotoFast Call Recorder X

Key Features:

▪️ Light weight: only 11 grams
▪️ There is a slot for a memory card so as not to occupy iPhone memory
▪️ Supports iPhone 5 and newer Apple smartphones
▪️ There is a headphone port

In nature, there are also separate devices for recording calls on the iPhone. If you need it often for work or out of interest, think of something like that.

The device is inserted into the Lightning port, after which the iPhone will offer to install a special application to manage it. Now need to call and press the record button on this thing. Voila!

The device even works on the iPhone 5, but is suitable for more recent Apple smartphones and even the iPad.

Headphones can be plugged into it, but you won’t be able to listen to recordings through it without an iPhone.

What to choose in the end

If you don’t have an additional device at hand or don’t want to bother with the speakerphone, best try the TapeACall app.

Yes, in his work there are nuances that you need to get used to, and the price is 329 rubles. per month is not happy either.

Nevertheless, if you need a recording of conversations for business purposes, you will hardly find anything more convenient.

(2.44 out of 5, rated: 72)

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