How to Record a Conversation On Iphone 5

How to Record a Conversation On Iphone 5

Good afternoon friends. You are preparing for an important telephone conversation and trying to understand:. How to record a conversation on the recorder on an iPhone during a call? Let’s look at the most common 5 methods that will help us record on the phone. Making a similar recording using an iPhone is quite simple. At the same time, one should not forget that in some countries the law is very strict on telephone records. From here, licensed software, similar to the recorder, disappeared from the catalogs of the Apple Store.

But nevertheless, despite this, users have the opportunity to make such a recording on the APhone. In this matter, the creators of "Apple" software from Europe and China will help us.

Record a conversation using Jailbreak and Audio Recorder 2

Jailbreak is one of the most convenient and affordable options for recording a conversation on the APhone. To make such a record, log into the Cydia system (how to install the Cydia system, we’ll talk in one of the following articles) and check the connection to the following resource

When the connection to the service is strong, enter the name in the search engine AudioRecorder and download the software.

If you couldn’t download the Audio Recorder, you can try to download it from the repository

Install software on your gadget. To record a telephone conversation using Jailbreak, you need to leave the program open and move the slider to the other side next to its name. Further, a window will appear on the monitor, on which we will be warned about the prohibition of recording both outgoing and incoming conversation in some states. Then, an agreement will appear where we need to tap on the "I accept" button.

Next, you need to select the recording option, automatic or manual. The most convenient automatic mode. As soon as the interlocutor calls you, the iPhone will record the conversation from 1 second.

That the recording has begun, we will show a special pointer. If you nevertheless chose the manual mode, in this case we tap on the APhone using the “Record” button. The button is similar to the button of a standard voice recorder.

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Video work of Audio Decoder 2 on iOS 9

If the Jailbreak program is used, then in the iPhone menu you can find all the conversations recorded by this utility. They are located in the folder of outgoing calls and sorted by time and date. This information is small and its format is usually m4a.

Important:. Audio Recorder 2 does not allow you to record incoming calls.


  1. When you install Cydia, in fact, you crack iPhone (the application is so arranged). Having installed the application, your system updates will stop;
  2. Also, you will lose the warranty if the Jailbreak is installed on the iPhone. Therefore, think carefully before installing Cydia. If this does not suit you, move on to the next method.

Record on GoogleVoice

Recording a conversation on an iPhone is also possible using the GoogleVoice resource. To record the voice recorder application, registration on the service is required. After activating the program, enter the iPhone menu, then again select the gadget settings. The “Calls” tab is placed in them. In front of this section, tap and put a daw. After this, a simple beginner can record telephone conversations.

When you start talking to a person through iPhone, press the Speakerphone button. After completing the conversation, press this key again. If you want to listen to your recordings, you must click on the "Sea" button.

The GoogleVice program has one feature, which consists in the receipt of information about the start of a conversation recording. What is noteworthy, this information is received not only by the owner of the gadget, but also by its interlocutor. If this does not suit you, then this function is easy to turn off.

Record with Callwrite

Many users recognize this Callwrite service as one of the most convenient and excellent. The program was created by programmers of the Russian Federation only for "Apple" gadgets.

The utility functions as follows:

  • Activate the resource like a conference call;
  • We are connected to the conversation by phone.

After 2. 3 minutes, when the conversation is already completed, you service send a notification that the recording is stopped. After that, you can listen to the last conversation.

The conversation file will be stored in the gadget for 3 days in mp3 format. To listen to the recording or forward it to another device, a person needs to enter his personal account. In this program, recording a telephone conversation is paid.

Conversation video recording

Adapter for recording on iPhone

There is also a very elementary recording method. you turn on the speakerphone on your smartphone and use a regular voice recorder. I suspect that many users do this. Of course, the recording quality will be quite low.

If at the same time you want to get a high-quality recording, you are advised to purchase an adapter. For example, U2. It has a 3.5-inch plug, which is placed in the audio jack of the iPhone.

The storage capacity is equivalent to recording for 144 hours, information is transmitted to the computer via USB.

Recording with TapeACall Pro

Another great way to record a telephone conversation on an apple gadget is to use the TapeACall Pro utility. This official app is in the App Store itself, which is rare. As I mentioned, in this catalog there are practically no such programs because of the laws of different countries.

Plus of this program

  • You can record simple calls on the APhone;
  • There is a voice recorder function;
  • High-quality recording of conversations.

The main difference between this utility and similar ones is that the user has the ability to record not only an outgoing call, but also an incoming one. The application is paid, but it has better features and an attractive, intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Extreme ease of use of software. The utility makes it possible not only to listen to recorded conspiracies, but also send them to Email addresses. This utility reminds me of CallWrite.

Conclusion:. How to record a conversation on a voice recorder on an iPhone, you now have an idea. If one of the options does not suit you, select the next. And so we try until you find the best for yourself. Good luck!

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