How to Reboot Iphone 5se Phone

First parties penetrate Russia in a roundabout way iPhone 5, with iOS 6 on board. This means that soon the happy owners will have their first questions, how to use all this good and what that button means. Here it is useful, our traditional manual with an overview of the main points of the new phone and its OS. So we meet our brief instructions for using iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

The basic elements of the iPhone 5

How to Reboot Iphone 5se Phone

The location of the icons on the main screen may not match what is shown in the picture. It all depends on your settings and installed applications, this picture shows the location of the “default” elements.

The most important buttons of the iPhone 5

On / Off Button

How to Reboot Iphone 5se Phone

To lock the screen of the iPhone 5, press the “On / Off” button. In this mode, the phone can still receive calls, messages and other data updates, as well as play music. At the same time, touching the screen does not cause any action.

By default, the iPhone 5 screen will be locked if it is not touched for one minute. This parameter can be adjusted in the basic settings of the phone, the “Screen” section.

Home Button
The home button fully lives up to its name and allows you to instantly return to your home screen from any application, with just one click. It also gives quick access to a number of extremely useful actions, more details about them can be found in the following table:

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Volume buttons They also serve for their intended purpose and allow you to adjust the volume during a conversation, listen to music and in many applications in the environment of iOS 6. In inactive mode, adjust the volume of the call, alarm, and other sounds. effects.

Ringer / Silent Switch To activate the silent mode, just switch this lever to the position with a red indicator. In this mode, the iPhone 5 will not play incoming calls, messages, warnings and other sounds associated with the notification. At the same time, this switch does not affect alarms, games and the player, and sounds from these applications will continue to play through the built-in speaker.

Install a SIM card in iPhone 5 The process is extremely simple. Your iPhone 5 comes with a special tool for opening the SIM card tray, which can be easily replaced with a regular paper clip. Using this tool, open the SIM tray, insert our nanoSimka (instructions on how to make nanoSim from a regular SIM card) and carefully insert it back. A special latch built into the mechanism of the tray will not allow you to make a mistake, the main thing is not to confuse the side, but this is not easy to do thanks to the specially designed tray.

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IPhone 5 Activation
The activation process for iPhone 5 is described in detail in one of our previous instructions.
We advise you to look there. iPhone 5 Activation

Making a phone call
To launch the “phone” application, boldly click on the green handset icon, which is always located by default on the dock of your desktop.

How to Reboot Iphone 5se Phone

To make a direct call, you can enter the number manually using the keypad, select a subscriber from your favorites, contacts or the list of recent calls, as well as ask Siri voice assistant for this. Special quick access buttons located in the bottom row of the “phone” application will help you get comfortable with calls quickly enough, but we go further.

Launch programs and switch between them To open any application, simply click on its icon. To collapse it and return to the home screen, press the “Home” button, and to switch between desktops, simply swipe your finger left and right. Double-clicking the Home button will open a list of all running applications, and also allows you to switch between them, for this, after the list is open, simply click on the desired icon.

Keyboard layouts in iPhone 5
To add or remove one or another virtual or physical keyboard, you need to go the following way: the Settings icon.> “Basic.”> “Keyboard”.> “International keyboards.” Here you can add or remove one of hundreds of layouts. For any language, you can separately select the layout of both the on-screen and physical keyboards.

Search To start searching all over the iPhone 5 (this includes contacts, mail, photos, applications, notes, etc.), you need to go to the search screen. To do this, return to the main desktop and swipe the screen to the right, or simply press the “Home” button again.

The iOS 6 notification center collects all available notifications in one convenient place. Short list of available notifications:. Missed phone calls and voice messages
– New text messages
– New email
– Calendar Events
– Reminders
– Social. the network
– Weather
– Promotions

To open the notification center, just gently pull the screen down, starting from its highest border. Scroll down to see all notifications. The notification center also shows a series of notifications on the iPhone 5’s locked screen, and notifications received while working with applications will be shown as a small pop-up banner at the top of the screen.

Voice Assistant Siri To start the voice assistant. Siri, you must press the Home button and do not let go for three seconds. After the beep, you can ask a question, or ask Siri to do something for you.

Siri’s capabilities are quite extensive, at the moment you can ask her to make a call, write an SMS, schedule a meeting on the calendar, find out the weather and where fish is best cooked in your area, the list goes on and on. The only fly in the ointment. Siri still does not understand Russian, so that you have to talk to her in English.

So we went over the main points necessary in order to start using iPhone 5. I hope “how” questions you have somewhat decreased. For a detailed study of the functionality of iOS 6 and iPhone 5, I advise you to read the detailed instructions from Apple itself (at the moment, unfortunately, only in English. As soon as the instructions in Russian appear, the link will be replaced). If, after reading, nothing works out. contact the comments, we will deal with your questions together.

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