How to Reboot a Computer From a Windows 7 Keyboard

In the event of equipment failure due to a system failure, restarting the computer is sometimes very difficult (the mouse or touchpad on the laptop may not respond). There are several ways to restart the computer using the keyboard, which will be discussed later.

Reboot Methods for Windows

There are several methods for restarting a computer running the Windows operating system:

  • method one;
  1. if during a system failure the mouse responds to commands, then you need to press the “Win” key on the keyboard or select the “Start” icon in the left corner;
  2. the tab “Shutdown” will be located below. You need to click on it in the drop-down context menu and click "Restart". This option is considered one of the safest, since all systems will be able to prepare for a restart.

    How to Reboot a Computer From a Windows 7 Keyboard

    In the top line you need to select "Shutdown" and then the item "Reboot". This method is intended for users whose PC is running Windows XP.

    • third method. Using the keyboard shortcut "CtrlAltDel" allows you to call up a dialog box. In it, in the lower right part, you should select "Completion options" and then the desired action;
    • fourth method. For users who have Windows 8 or 8.1 operating systems installed on their PCs, the system can be restarted using the “WinC” command;

      Standard reboot method

      The standard method for restarting a computer is to use the arrow keys.

      In order to do this, you must perform several sequential actions:

        the first thing is to press the Win key (it is located between the Ctrl and Alt buttons);

      If applications were launched at the same time, a dialog box will appear where you will be asked to complete the running processes.

      “Ctrl” “Alt” “Del”

      Another method that allows you to restart your computer using the keyboard involves the use of the CtrlAltDel command combination.

      The restart of the system is as follows:

      • first you need to type on the desired combination "CtrlAltDel";
      • then a dialog box should appear before the user, the procedure for working with which will vary depending on a particular operating system. For example, users of Windows XP must first start the task manager;

        Users of Windows Vista and 7, when the dialog box appears, select “Shutdown options.” (located in the lower right part of the dialog box) and select “Reboot” in the offered list.

        Alt Alt F4

        Rebooting the computer can be done using the combination "AltF4".

        To perform it, in this way, you must sequentially perform the following actions:

        • First you need to press the desired combination on the keyboard;
        • then a small dialog box called “Shutting Down Windows” will appear on the screen. If the mouse fails to respond to commands during a crash, then use the arrows on the Up or Down keyboard to select the desired mode.
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          WinC (for Windows 8 / 8.1)

          For those users who have installed the operating system Windows 8 / 8.1, you can restart the computer using the keyboard with the “WinC” combination.

          The procedure includes:

        1. dial the desired combination "WinC";
        2. the side panel will drop out on the right side of the screen;
        3. on the side panel, select "Parameters";

        Command line

        You can reboot not only using keyboard shortcuts, but also through the command line. This option is suitable for owners of operating systems Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 and 8.1.

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        To restart the system through the command line, you must perform a series of sequential actions:

        • First you need to call the command prompt window. There are several ways to do this;
        • using the “WinR” combination, you need to open the “Run” window, where in the empty field you need to enter the command “cmd”;

        The second option to restart through the command line is as follows:

        • First you need to call the command prompt window. Calling methods have been described above;
        • then enter the following command “ping.n 0>nul&wmic OS WHERE Primary = "True" Call Win32Shutdown 6 "and press the" Enter "key.

        The third method is suitable exclusively for the Windows XP operating system:

        • first you need to call the command line;
        • then enter the command “rundll32 user.exe, ExitWindowsExec 2” and press “Enter”.

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        How to restart the computer using the keyboard, if it freezes

        You can restart the PC not only with the mouse, but also with the keyboard.

        In the process, the PC may freeze, for example, due to a lack of memory, in which demanding applications simply grab RAM. Another cause of the freeze may be a system crash that occurs due to a driver conflict, registry errors, or malfunctioning applications.


        In the event that the computer freezes only partially (that is, some equipment, such as a mouse, responds to commands), you can perform a restart using standard methods:

        Via the Start menu:

        • in the lower left part of the screen, click on the “Start” menu icon or call it with the “Win” key;
        • then select “Shutdown” at the bottom and click on the reboot item in the drop-down list.


        • you need to type the desired combination on the keyboard;
        • then a dialog box will appear in which, on the bottom right, you need to select "Shutdown Options" and click "Restart" in the drop-down menu.


        • first you need to type the combination "AltF4";
        • then the “Shutdown Windows” window will appear;
        • then you need to activate the "Reboot" mode.

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        In that case, if the computer is completely paralyzed, and the mouse does not listen, it is necessary to use more radical methods of restarting a frozen computer.


        • you need to type this command on the keyboard;
        • then after the dialog box appears, select the square red button “Shutdown Options” from the bottom right side;
        • then select "Reboot" and press "Enter";
        • After that, the PC will reboot and return to normal operation.

        The second method is pressing the “Reset” key on the front side of the system unit. This method is the most radical of all existing, as it entails a complete loss of unsaved data. It will be relevant only if the computer crashes completely, and the equipment (keyboard and mouse) does not respond to commands.

        This article looked at ways to restart the computer using the keyboard for each version of the Windows operating system. These methods will be useful if the computer freezes and the hardware fails.