How to Put Root Rights on Android

Sooner or later, any Android device user is faced with the need to install ROOT rights on their device. Sometimes this need arises because of an application that refuses to work without ROOT rights, sometimes access to system files is required in order to change or configure something.

But, in most cases, users refuse to install ROOT rights, because they believe that it is too complicated and they will not cope. Although actually making root rights is quite simple. Long gone are the days when, to install root rights, you had to study long instructions and spend hours sitting on your smartphone. Now there are solutions that allow you to install ROOT rights in just a couple of minutes, even if you do not understand this at all.

In this article, we will consider one of these methods. Now you will learn how to install root rights on Android with just one application and even without using a computer.

Step No. 1. Install the Framaroot app on your Android smartphone.

So, as you already know, all we need is one application. This application is called Framaroot and can be downloaded from the official site. There you can see a list of supported devices.

Download the APK file, copy it to your smartphone and install. Before installing, do not forget to make sure that your device is allowed to install applications from unknown sources. You can learn more about this in our article on installing applications from APK files.

Step number 2. Launch the Framaroot app on your smartphone.

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After installing the Framaroot application, you need to run it. This can be done using the shortcut on the desktop and in the list of applications.

Step No. 3. Select “Install SuperSU”

Next, we need to select “Install SuperSU” from the drop-down list of available actions.

Step No. 4. Choose a method for obtaining ROOT rights.

Next, we need to choose a method for obtaining ROOT rights: Boromir, Faramir or Barahir. To do this, just click on one of the options.

Step number 5. Installing Root rights on Android.

After that, the Framaroot application will install root rights on your Android smartphone and report it using a pop-up window.

At the end of this article, we will consider the most likely problems that can occur when using Framaroot.

Problem No. 1. My device is supported by the Framaroot application, but I could not install ROOT rights.

How to Put Root Rights on Android

Most likely, the firmware on your Android device was updated, in which the developers closed the vulnerability used by the Framaroot application. Try another way to get ROOT rights.

Problem number 2. I get an error number from 1 to 10.

Framaroot cannot use the vulnerability. Perhaps this vulnerability is absent in your smartphone or you are using an outdated version of the Framaroot application.

Problem number 3. How to remove ROOT rights obtained using Framaroot.

Launch Framaroot and select “Delete Root Rights”. You can also remove Root rights using other methods.