How To Put A Dog Muzzle On

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Metallic, nylon, leather muzzle for dogs, models of all sizes and shapes from domestic and European manufacturers – what is it and why buy a protective "mask" for your pet? Most owners will refuse such a purchase, motivating their decision by caring for the animal’s freedom and unwillingness to cause discomfort to the pet associated with wearing this accessory. However, the prospect of a conflict is more than unenviable: your dog can bark in the direction of a child, a mother with a stroller or an elderly neighbor, and the peace of mind will immediately end.

It would seem that there is no need to worry: the pet was on a leash and caused no harm to anyone. But people who experience fear at the sight of dogs of a different opinion – if a small york cannot escape from the hands of a vigilant host, then a huge German shepherd or dog can become a real threat in the eyes of frightened neighbors. Convince the tenants of the house in the safety of living and walking next to such a giant does not work? Then you have to think about buying a muzzle.

Those who believe that muzzles – the sign of large and formidable animals, are mistaken: very often they hide their teeth behind the mask and representatives of small breeds. And it’s not even the fact that the dog scares people who meet with him during the daily prom – accessories made of leather, fabric, metal and plastic can be useful in many situations where an animal can cause harm, unwittingly – for example, during trip to the veterinarian.

Features of the application and types: how to choose a dog muzzle

What is this important accessory? It turns out that it is simply necessary for:

  • Transportation of an animal in transport – not all passengers are ready to go in a full bus with a dog, even if it is relatively peaceful;
  • Training an adult dog (provided that you have taken a dog at a conscious age, and he can resist during commands);
  • Protecting your pet from poisoning – very often, four-legged friends are pulling from the ground all that they see. The muzzle does not allow to pick up a “tidbit” piece, which can be deadly.
  • A visit to the vet – if the animal is hurt, even unintentionally, it will immediately respond and try to take revenge on the offender. So to secure the doctor during the examination – the task of every caring owner.

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In addition, a muzzle is a guarantee of good relations with neighbors, which will never hurt, but will only improve the owner’s reputation and allow the dog to live peacefully in the house. It is much more pleasant to be confident in understanding from the side of the tenants than to expect the worst from them, meeting oblique looks and unconcealed malice during each walk. So the acquisition of this innocuous accessory is not a whim and whim, but a real need for most owners.

  • When selecting should be aware of the breed of pet and its size. Models that are ideal for boxers and sheepdogs will be completely unsuitable for Spitz and Welsh Corgi and vice versa.
  • The cost of the product depends on the brand, the country of manufacture and the material from which the accessory is made. If you want to save money, do not forget: the main thing is a comfortable sock and structural strength.
  • The muzzle should not put pressure on the nose and the area around the pet’s eyes. Try on the accessory and see if the animal can lick, breathe deeply, open its mouth? This factor is especially important when walking in the heat, when mastiffs, lapdogs and pit bulls are exhausted from the heat.

How many mounts should be? For calm doggies, one is enough – as a rule, it is located behind the ears. If your four-legged fidget can easily pull off a leather or fabric protective "mask", look for a more reliable option.

How to choose a muzzle for a dog: types and materials

There are several varieties of this popular accessory – each model is good in its own way, however, almost all options have flaws:

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  • Leather – there are two options – a deaf, tightly covering the mouth, and a basket, assembled from soft bands, connected to the grid. The first one should not be used in summer or used during long workouts and dressings – the dog cannot breathe, sticking its tongue out and quickly becomes exhausted. However, such a model also has advantages: among them there is reliable protection against animal bites and ventilation provided by the holes made in the product. The second muzzle is an ideal acquisition for Labrador, Terrier and Collie owners. In it, your animal will be able to drink and will feel as comfortable as possible – a flexible design does not press on the nose of the animal as a deaf cover of a fully enclosed model.

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  • From metal – is a mesh basket that covers the dog’s face to the eyes. The wire grille reliably protects passersby and becomes an effective means of protection against aggressive fighting breeds dogs. Some models are equipped with a special leather lining, located at the nose – it does not allow the frame to rub the face. However, in most structures such an insert is absent – this option will suit dogs with thick hair: chow-chow, bobtail, Newfoundland. Rottweilers, dogmas and Dobermans are better to purchase a model with a special layer of fabric or leather.

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  • Plastic – the same design – basket or mesh. The dog’s muzzle is relatively free: the animal may lick or stick out its tongue during deep breaths. The disadvantages of this option are low wear resistance and the need for regular cleaning. Plastic may crack due to mechanical stress or low temperatures. Often this material painfully rubs the pet’s face.

Another species that is especially popular among owners of good-natured and calm dogs is a bridle or loop. A fabric or leather strap fixes the jaws of the animal and is attached to the back of the head. This option is ideal for walking in public places and can be used by owners of dogs that are under stress from wearing metal or plastic mesh.

How to choose the right size muzzle

  • Length – (from eyes to nose and from the neck to the eyes);
  • Girth – (for measurement, you must move the tape slightly below the eye line);
  • The width of the face.

Dimensional grids of different brands can vary, so it is just necessary to take measurements – so you can find the ideal option without spending money and time to buy “a cat in a bag”.

Muzzles for dogs of small breeds: design features

For chihuahuas, poodles or pugs, special design models are needed – most often they are made from nylon. A soft or hard frame (in the event that the product is made of plastic) clasps the pet’s muzzle and does not allow it to pull something inedible from the ground, but it is so seductive. Another option cat muzzles used for small dogs: in the photo of such cone-shaped structures can be clearly seen – the animal will not be able to open his mouth to bite someone or eat something deadly. However, in this virtue lies a significant drawback of this model – the dog will not be able to quench their thirst or lick themselves.

How To Put A Dog Muzzle On

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Remember: the protective "mask" should not interfere with the animal to drink, breathe with the tongue sticking out and open the mouth. This condition applies to all options: grid, node, basket. Exceptions are deaf models.

How to muzzle a dog: do not forget about safety

If you took your measurements correctly, the dog should not feel any discomfort even in the wire basket. However, precaution never hurts: carefully check whether your pet does not press a hard frame. Be sure to see if your straps are tight. If after a walk you find deep marks on the dog’s nose and face, loosen the clasp or buy another product – there is always a chance that the chosen model will be too tight and small for your pet.

Photos from the site: ysatik.Com

How to teach a dog to wear a muzzle without meeting resistance

Dressura should be practiced at home or in a setting that does not cause the dog to experience stress.

  • For a start, you can put a treat in the “basket” of the product and feed it to a puppy or adult animal. After praise your pet and repeat the exercise.
  • After a few days, try to put a strap or strap on your head, while at the same time pushing the feed into the holes of the “basket”. As soon as the dog eats all the pieces offered to it, remove the muzzle.
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In our country, walking a dog with an increase in withers of more than 40 cm and weighing more than 5 kg without special “protection” can lead to a fine (from 1 to 5 thousand rubles). Do not tempt fate: even the most calm dogs can show aggression at the most inappropriate moment, and curiosity during a walk often becomes a cause of serious poisoning. Take care of the peace and health of your animal and the people around you. Believe me, this is not so difficult, and most importantly – very important!

In order to figure out how to choose the right muzzle for the German Shepherd, you need to know about the features of different types of ammunition. It is necessary to consider this or that protective device taking into account the nature of a particular dog and the conditions for which it is necessary to purchase this part.

Which muzzle is better for a German shepherd

A rich selection of muzzles for dogs can cause confusion. Guide for the owner of a shepherd can be answers to major questions.

Why do dogs need ammunition on their faces?

There is a law that tells a dog owner to put a muzzle on a pet in public places. Adequate owner himself will not take the dog into the transport without this accessory. On examination at the veterinarian, this detail helps to calmly carry out the examination and procedures. Often, the owners of excessively active animals put on a muzzle so that the pet does not pick up hazardous waste. In addition, an aggressive dog simply needs to be deprived of the opportunity to try the tooth of passing people. Sheep-dogs, like dogs of impressive size, should appear in public places in muzzles.

Types of protective ammunition

Ideally, you should have several types of muzzles for different life situations, but this is too expensive. It is better to choose the most convenient option for a particular shepherd. Each ammunition has its advantages and disadvantages. You can consider the most popular ones.

Metal muzzle for shepherd

The advantages of this subject include:

  • Reliability;
  • Strength;
  • Convenience for dogs.

Correctly selected ammunition does not touch the muzzle, is well fixed and serves for a long time. It allows the dog to open the mouth inside the "cage", which allows the animal to breathe normally in the heat.

There are several disadvantages of this design. A metal body on a massive dog can injure another dog while playing. The owner can receive a significant blow to the leg with this construction.

For the dog itself, the metal grille can be dangerous during frosts: the tongue easily sticks to it.

It is possible to recommend such a muzzle to a shepherd dog for the warm season for quiet walks or trips in public transport. It is better to choose those designs in which there is a fabric gasket between the dog’s muzzle and the metal grille.

Iron Muzzle with Gasket

Plastic ammunition

Plastic has some advantages of metal, in particular, it can breathe normally with its tongue hanging out.

The muzzle is light and inexpensive. Its disadvantage is low strength. It is easy to break in the game, in addition, some dogs easily pull it off the muzzle.

Broken plastic can cause injury to the dog itself and its game partner. In severe frosts, the muzzle can behave unpredictably, for example, to crack. Hard edges touch the skin and sometimes rub it.

Such ammunition can be recommended:

  • For the warm season for a brief walk on the city;
  • For use in public transport;
  • For walking near landfills.

Finding something inedible through a fine grate is almost impossible.

Leather muzzle

Ammunition of leather can be closed – solid or open, which is made of leather straps on rivets. These devices have a common dignity – naturalness, but this is also a disadvantage.

The skin has a strong odor, which is not too pleasant for the shepherd dogs with their sensitive smell. In addition, the material does not tolerate water.

After playing in the sleet, the leather of the accessory dries out and deforms. The muzzle loses its appeal. If it is from belts, then the gaps between them can become wider, which affects the main function – protection.

The main difference between the two types of leather muzzles is that the closed version prevents the animal from opening its mouth, which can lead to thermal shock. Belts are well breathable and do not rub the skin of a shepherd.

Open leather muzzle

Solid Leather Muzzle

A closed muzzle of leather should be worn for a short time and make sure that the dog does not overheat. The correct ammunition from belts is an excellent choice:

  • For long walks;
  • Games with harmless animals;
  • Travel to transport.

Stretched belts will not protect against poisoned bait or trash on the street, so this muzzle should be updated frequently. This is one of the most comfortable models for the shepherd.

Tissue ammunition

Sometimes this device is called a medical muzzle. It is more suitable for visiting the vet than for a walk. Such muzzles can be divided into 2 types:

  • With a fixed size;
  • With the ability to fit the width of the muzzle.

The second option is more convenient, since the tape is fixed to the Velcro in several positions.

The first kind of safer holding the jaw.

Tissue muzzle is worn for manipulation in the medical office. For walking, it is inconvenient, because it does not open the mouth. The option with a flypaper can be "expanded" and used for daily walks. Please note that such "extended" ammunition does not prevent the eating of garbage. Sheepdog in it can, if desired, "grab" someone.

How to pick a muzzle in size

However, it is not always possible to force an unprepared animal to appear in an unfamiliar place, and sometimes it is just difficult to take out a large dog. In this case, you need to understand how to find out the size of the necessary ammunition. Main settings:

  • The girth of the muzzle is measured by a measuring tape, departing 1 cm from the eye line.
  • The length of the muzzle is measured from the nose-lobe to the 1 cm mark from the eyes.

This distance of 1 cm must be shepherd, so that the design does not interfere with the look, that is, Would not touch the eye. The girth of the muzzle should be measured with the mouth closed, but then added to the size of 3 to 7 cm. This will allow the animal to breathe.

The correct size of the muzzle can be confirmed after fitting. The remaining traces of the design on the face indicate the wrong choice.

How should the muzzle sit

If the design is designed for open mouth, then you need to offer a shepherd a treat, without removing the ammunition. If the animal can open its mouth and stick out the tongue, then the choice is made correctly. On the construction with rivets, check their strength, so that the thing will last longer.

For veo – Eastern European shepherd dogs, it is better to use additional parameters:

  • Neck girth;
  • The distance between the back of the head and the ears.

These dimensions will help calculate the length of the fixation belts.

Video: how to pick a muzzle for a German shepherd

Muzzle for a puppy German shepherd

To pick up ammunition so that it would fit on any age, it does not work out. Babies need a muzzle. As you grow it will have to change. First you need to choose a soft design that does not prevent the puppy from breathing freely. There is a category of muzzles, which can only be formally attributed to protective ammunition. They are a loop of leather belt, wound on the face. This could be the first model for a growing dog.

How to put a muzzle on a sheepdog

In order to wear a muzzle, you must first put the dog’s face in the "basket" of the design. If the muzzle "lay down" comfortably, fasten the design with straps at the back of the head and neck. In the future, you can get rid of the fasteners, putting rivets on the adjusted length of the belts. In this case, placing the "basket", you can pull the straps through your ears. A carabiner can be welded to the straps on the back of the head, which will fix the construction on the collar. This will not allow the animal to remove the ammunition on their own.

How to teach a German shepherd to a muzzle

It is easier to start any training from puppyhood, however, this magnificent breed perfectly learns skills later.

From what age to wear protective gear

Before trying on any design on the face, you need to grow the face itself. No one would ever think to hang straps on a puppy’s snub nose. It is reasonable to start training a German Shepherd puppy at the age of 3-4 and up to 6 months. At this age, the baby begins to gradually accustom to walks.

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How to teach an adult dog

A mature dog is unlikely to be delighted if you immediately pull an incomprehensible construction on his face, so this should be done in stages:

  1. Introduce the animal with a new subject. Let the dog sniff it and get used to it.
  2. Put in the design delicacy. Let the pet himself put his face there. Do not try for
  3. To whip up the ammunition or keep the dog there, otherwise the process will be delayed. The number of approaches for the delicacy should be at least 10-15.
  4. Hold a hand with a delicacy in front of a muzzle, treating a shepherd when she shoves her face in it. Here you can give a certain command, which will be further associated with this action.
  5. Let’s command, on which the animal puts his face in the ammunition. Treat her with a treat. At the same time, carefully fasten the straps for a few seconds, or better, wear them quickly through your ears and immediately remove them.

If you do this three times a day, then in 2-3 days you can accustom the shepherd dog to the ammunition.

When to teach a sheepdog

It is more convenient to time training to feed or walk. This will be an additional encouragement for the animal. The first walk with a new detail may scare the dog a little. If, after fixing the muzzle, the dog tries to remove it, distract it with a toy or pull it up, expressing dissatisfaction with a stern voice. You can not overdo it. As soon as all the paws will be on the ground, and the animal will no longer be tied up by the ammunition, immediately begin to praise it and intensively feed it with a treat.

It is necessary to choose official ammunition proceeding from character of a sheep-dog and convenience. You can teach a smart animal to wear it at any age.

How to put a muzzle on a dog can sometimes discourage the owner. First of all, this is due to the incorrect selection of this protective accessory. In addition, very often the dog simply does not want something to bind her and can simply resist, and refuse to wear this tool.

Some adults are quite aggressive individuals can shake their faces, trying to rip off a muzzle or refuse to continue to even walk. Thus in this article there is a need for a more detailed consideration of the issue of how to accustom the dog to a muzzle and a step-by-step consideration of why a pet may not be measured with this subject.

For what purpose is the muzzle of a dog necessary?

Any dog, regardless of its size, in some cases needs to wear a protective item. Thus, it is worth highlighting the most common situations of such urgent need:

  • Such a dog as a Labrador, which is very large in size, should not be walking in public places without proper protective equipment. Although it is this breed that is friendly enough, it does not mean that the puppy will not want to frolic and grab his trouser leg or bite past a passing man.
  • Large-sized individuals always cause fear among passers-by. It is also very important to note that the owner does not always manage to predict the mood of his pet. Therefore, the need for this protective item is very difficult to overestimate. In the event that it is correct to muzzle your dog, it can prevent her attack as much as possible or any inappropriate reaction.
  • Even if you have a small dog, when visiting a veterinary blade you should not forget about such a protective accessory as a muzzle. Even the most friendly pet can react with unpredictable aggression to a prick or touch of a stranger. Thus, how to accustom an adult or young dog to a muzzle here also should not be overlooked by the owner.
  • In the event that you are going to transport your pet in public transport, you definitely need to get a protective muzzle. This is due to the fact that most carriers simply prohibit the transportation of dogs without the presence of protective accessories.
  • To accustom your pet to wearing ammunition is primarily necessary because it is necessary for the preservation of his health and life. During walking the shepherd can lift something from the ground and get poisoned. Any evil neighbor can poison the yard dogs, and your pet will become his victim. The consequence of such poisoning may be the most unpredictable, therefore, it is best to be warned and put on a protective equipment to the dog.

Features of the proper selection of protective agents for dogs

To teach an animal to wear a muzzle is primarily necessary in order to protect others as much as possible, as well as to prevent the pet from being poisoned if he decides to eat something from the ground.

However, do not forget that a muzzle is a subject that should be in the location of any pet, regardless of its age, size, and also what kind of temperament the animal has.

It does not matter to a dog for a year or just a few months, you only need to walk it if you have a muzzle, harness, leash and other things.

As for the main varieties of the necessary protective equipment, they are mostly the following:

This protective item is suitable for both medium and small pets. In the event that your dog is distinguished by large dimensional indicators, it will not be difficult for him to simply break such a muzzle. In order that the dog does not raise unwanted items from the ground, a woven leather copy is also suitable. The object does not cause any discomfort to the pet, therefore, to quickly accustom the dog to him will not make absolutely no difficulty.

It is this type of protective object that is rightfully the most durable, durable and not expensive. However, in order to tame a dog to wear such an item, it is necessary that the dog reaches a certain age and get used to the leather counterpart. In the event that the first muzzle that you put on the dog is made of metal, then the pet may not like it, he will be outraged and may hurt his master. Even veterinarians with experience sometimes fear individuals, young age, which the hosts bring to the reception.

This type of protective equipment today is considered the most popular and effective. This is due to the fact that the tool has a special ease, functionality, a fairly reasonable cost, and does not cause any discomfort to the pet. Due to the fact that the tool is fairly simple to regulate, you can acquire it with the stipulated that the pet grows up.

However, there is still one drawback here – this is that muzzles of nylon are made exclusively of open type. Therefore, if the dog wants to lift something from the asphalt, there will be no obstacles for him and he will be able to eat it easily.

Summing up, it is worth noting that if your dog is not particularly peaceful, then you should definitely buy for it a protective ammunition, like a strong muzzle.

The muzzle is an important accessory for any dog. Even if your dog is the most friendly and peaceful, dating with a muzzle can not be avoided. For example, he will need to visit the vet or for a trip to public transport. How to muzzle a dog?

To teach a baby to a muzzle is quite simple. The following method is considered universal and almost always works well.

Within a few days, put in a muzzle a favorite pet treat and let the baby eat it. When he will calmly approach this accessory, put it on the muzzle with a careful movement, give the pet something tasty and immediately remove it. Repeat this for a few more days. After that, you can already try to take the kid on a walk in a muzzle.

You also will not notice how the growing up puppy learns to substitute a muzzle for a muzzle after it gets used to it. Try to get two convenient types of this accessory. One, more dense, for visits to the veterinary clinic, and the second, more free, for walking.

To accustom an adult animal to a muzzle is much more difficult. Get ready for the fact that the dog will long refuse to uncomfortable for her accessory. You need to show character and perseverance.

You do not need to wear a muzzle just before unpleasant activities, for example, before going to the vet. So for the dog he will always be associated with something bad.

On the contrary, make it so that this accessory is associated exclusively with pleasant things, such as walks. Proceed as follows.

  • Go out for a walk only in a muzzle.
  • If the animal will try to remove it, help him, but immediately after that go home.
  • Stay at home for 3-5 minutes, command “Walk!”, Put on a muzzle and go out again.
  • Repeat this action several times daily until the animal understands what is required of it.
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Someone takes a couple of days to develop a habit, and someone needs more than one week to do it. The main thing – do not give up and continue to train.

You need to make every effort to teach your four-legged friend to such an accessory. In a modern big city you just can’t do without it.

Have you done your first walks with your pet? So, you know that you just need to wear a German shepherd dog before going to a collar and leash. But do not forget about a very important attribute for walking, especially for such a large breed – a muzzle.

Many believe that this need is not justified, for each owner of your favorite dog is the kindest, but it is not. In this article we will tell you why you need a muzzle and what kind is best for your dog in one way or another, its life.

What is it for?

The muzzle is designed primarily to protect others from the aggression of the dog. Moreover, the degree of aggressiveness of the dog does not matter, because the person subconsciously feels threatened by an unfamiliar large dog, which includes the German Shepherd.

We describe the main situations in which a muzzle can come in handy:

  • While in transport, especially public;
  • When going to the vet;
  • During the departure, training, training;
  • It is necessary to prevent the dog from picking up objects from the ground;
  • Avoidance of property damage.

The muzzle helps keep calm relationships with people around you. Most of them have a negative attitude to dogs without a muzzle when they meet them on the street, especially to large breeds. They can not only quarrel with the pet owner, but also try to poison the animal. In order to avoid all possible problems in the future, it is better to equip the German Shepherd.

Consider in more detail what types of muzzles exist.

Varieties of accessory

Many give their preference to practical and comfortable fabric muzzles. In addition to this type, there are other types:

  • Soft nylon;
  • Metal mesh;
  • Deaf leather;
  • "Baskets" of leather;
  • Plastic;
  • Loops or bridles;
  • Police training.

Consider in detail the pros and cons of these types of muzzles.

Soft nylon

This type completely fits the face, it is not possible to lift anything dirty on the street, to drink from puddles. The pet’s nose can be both open and closed with a special insert, thereby not allowing him to breathe with his tongue sticking out. With the necessary manipulations, such as cleaning the ears or cutting the nails, this accessory can protect you from the bites of a disgruntled animal.

While walking in the hot season, for the convenience of the dog, you can use a nylon net-shaped muzzle. If your shepherd likes to gnaw items, it is better to choose another accessory – nylon fragile and quickly become useless.

Mesh metal

This species is one of the most suitable for the German Shepherd muzzles. It is made in the form of a lattice, closing completely to fall to the very eyes, but allows the muzzle to be free inside. In certain types of this accessory there is a lining that does not allow the metal to rub the animal’s leather cover.

Advantages: Apart from the fact that this product is durable and does not require daily care, another huge plus is that it is suitable for hot weather, as the dog breathes freely in it. And the grill protects against possible pet bites.

Disadvantages: due to certain weather conditions (frost, rain) it cannot be used. Also, be prepared for all sorts of bruises and bruises – an accidental blow with a metal muzzle is extremely painful. If a lining is attached to the grille, then due to the accumulation of moisture, diaper rash may appear on the dog’s skin.

Deaf leather

This muzzle you can easily replace the metal. It is made on the same principle – closes the entire mouth to the very eyes, firmly fixing the strap on the back of the head and an additional strap on the forehead. This is a great option for dog training. In many models for the convenience of the animal has ventilation holes.

Advantages: applicable in any weather, without rubbing the face of a shepherd. In it, the dog will not pick up anything from the ground. In this muzzle, the pet will not bite anyone and will not cause injury to an accidental blow.

Disadvantages: too dense surface makes it difficult to breath, not allowing the German Shepherd to breathe with his tongue sticking out. It can not be worn during long hikes and in too hot weather.

Leather Basket

If your pet has a balanced character, then this accessory is just for you. The free mouth is covered with soft leather stripes, intertwined in a grid.

Advantages: in such a muzzle, the dog feels comfortable, as its design allows you to breathe freely with your tongue out and can drink at a convenient time. It is used in all weather conditions, allowing you to look completely non-aggressive.

Disadvantages: this type wears out quickly and requires constant cleaning. In addition, some animals manage to pull it over his head with his paw.


This muzzle is very convenient for frequent and intense workouts due to its lightness. It is designed in the form of a basket and allows the German Shepherd to breathe freely.

Advantages: used in all weather conditions, it is good to swim in it. A pet cannot bite anyone through this item. It is easy to care for such a muzzle. It only needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Disadvantages: may crack from sudden impact or due to low temperatures. Rubs the leather cover when wearing too long.

This muzzle loop reliably fixes the closed jaws of the shepherd. Made of fabric or leather and fastened with two straps on the back of the head.

Advantages: due to its ease and simplicity of putting on, it is indispensable during walks in crowded places.

Disadvantages: wear out quickly.

Police training

The name of this muzzle speaks for itself – it is used by law enforcement officers during training and training of German shepherds for future tasks. Made such a muzzle of leather with inserts of steel plates.

Advantages: provides safety for both the environment and the dog itself, since the possibility of injury is excluded. A special inner pillow protects the nose of the animal from shock during training. Convenient openings on the sides of the required size allow the animal to breathe freely.

Disadvantages: the highest price among all existing muzzles.

Teach the dog to change clothes

After you put a collar on the shepherd dog and fasten the leash, you should use the Sit command to plant it near your left leg and put on a muzzle. Watch carefully for the behavior of the dog, if she is unhappy and is trying to pull off a new thing, give the order "Fu." Make your pet sit like this for at least 15 – 20 seconds, then praise him and encourage him with stroking. Gradually increase the time to a minute, with a calm reaction, say the command "Near" and go out into the street. Whenever you try to get rid of a new accessory, stop right there and give a prohibitory order.

The German Shepherd just loves to walk, so she not only quickly gets used to the muzzle, but she herself will start to get into it with pleasure, if only you can go for a walk with her.

We select the size correctly

Before you finally pay for the selected muzzle, compare the dimensions specified by the manufacturer with the dimensions of your shepherd dog. To find out accurate measurements, you need to measure the following parameters:

  • The length of the muzzle (from the eye line to the end of the nose);
  • Girth muzzle (slightly below the eye line);
  • The width of the largest part of the muzzle;
  • The height of the muzzle (from the front, from the chin to the nose; immediately add a few centimeters to take into account the distance of the open mouth);
  • The distance from the eyes to the nape;
  • Girth of the neck (right behind the ears);

If the size is chosen correctly, it means that the pet will be comfortable in it. You should not tighten the belts too much, the dog should be able to open the mouth and breathe freely. Exceptions are deaf muzzles. Carefully inspect the pet’s skin after removing the accessory. If there are traces of the straps, then you did not correctly choose the size of the product.

Did you like this article? And what is your dog’s muzzle? Please share with us your experience.

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