How to Put a Black Theme On iPhone

The new operating system from Microsoft offers the user a powerful set of tools for personalizing the OS. But to make the computer truly unique, read how to install a theme on Windows 10 and configure it (also see “Changing the color of windows in Windows 10”).

Where are stored and how to configure them?

To enable and configure a predefined theme, use the Settings application.

RMB on the desktop → Personalization → the “Personalization” section in the Settings application opens.

How to Put a Black Theme On iPhone

Here you can customize the image of the desktop, the color of the windows and the Start menu, and the transparency of the interface elements.

Go to the “Themes” item → Theme settings → the “Personalization” window familiar to the old OS will open, in which enable and configure the themes offered by the system by default.


If you intend to remove window design options that are not used on your computer, you can do this in the control panel.

  1. RMB on the Start menu → control panel (turn on small icons) → personalization.
  2. RMB on an unnecessary OS interface design → delete. The variant that is used by the system cannot be deleted. In this case, replace it first and then remove it.


If you do not like any of the proposed interface design options, download and install new themes.

From the official site

  1. RMB on the Start menu → control panel (turn on small icons) → personalization → click on the link “Other topics on the Internet”.
  2. The official Microsoft website will open with various window design options.
  3. Choose an option → Download theme.
  4. Launch the downloaded file → after installing it, the “Personalization” window will open and the theme of Windows 10 will change.

From third-party portals

Installing third-party themes on Windows 10 is done using the UxStyle patch.

  1. Download and install the utility.
  2. Find the appropriate OS design option from an outsider and download it to your computer.

How to activate a black theme?

In Windows 10, by default there is no black theme, so users who are used to using it immediately get upset. But you can turn on the dark OS design interface yourself.

  1. Press WinR and enter the command: regedit Registry Editor will open.
  2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SOFTWARE → Microsoft → Windows → CurrentVersion → Themes → Personalize.

The video shows the process more clearly.


The video will allow you to visually see how to complete each step correctly.


The user has the opportunity to customize the interface of Windows 10 at their discretion. He can activate standard themes, download new ones from the official site of Microsoft or third-party developers, or use a dark design option. Changes are made in the "Personalization" window.