How to Play Video From Youtube To TV

There are a large number of ways that allow you to transfer the image from the screen of a smartphone to a TV or computer. To a large extent, everything depends on the model of the phone and the TV. We will divide our article into several parts.

First, consider the question that users most often ask us: “how to watch video from a phone on a TV?”

To solve this issue, there are several ways that any person is able to perform, with minimal knowledge in this area. The result will be from the capabilities of the smartphone and TV. In one case, you connect your smartphone as a flash card via network or usb cable and then you select the files of interest for viewing in the TV interface. In another case, if the smartphone and TV are functional, the image is transmitted to the TV screen in the online mode. This option will be useful for fans to play games or watch videos on a large diagonal.

Miracast or AirPlay (Wireless Monitor)

These are wireless technologies that transfer smartphone screen images to smart TVs. Information is transmitted through a direct connection between a smartphone and a TV, without routers and routers. Also on phones from Sony and Samsung, the wireless technology for transmitting screen images is called. Screen Mirroring and Mirror Link.

How to Play Video From Youtube To TV

For an example of a smartphone that runs on Android 6.0 (Meizu MX4), open the smartphone’s settings, go to the “Display” menu. "Wireless Monitor."

The device will search for devices within range of the wireless network of the smartphone and TV. Select the connection interface available for communication, and the screen image of the smartphone will be transmitted to the TV.

DLNA (BubbleUpnP, iMediaShare)

The function allows you to pair devices on a Wi-Fi network (home network) and view files in a slide show. It is advisable to use this type of connection if your TV does not have a SmartTV function, but is connected to an AppleTV, DuneHD, etc.

Please note that in the way of connecting a smartphone and a TV via DLNA, it is impossible to broadcast the image online to televisions that do not have the SmartTV function. For everyone else, real-time image transmission is feasible.

We advise you to use a specially designed application that will facilitate the process of setting up data transfer. For iOS. iMediaShare, for Android. BubbleUpnP.


One of the easiest ways you can connect your smartphone to a TV is via a USB-HDMI cable. In this case, the smartphone must have a micro-HDMI connector, and a free HDMI input on the TV. If, according to the technical specifications, your smartphone does not have a micro-HDMI port, then we recommend that you use the micro-USB-HDMI adapter (converter).

USB or how to connect a smartphone to a TV via a USB cable?

As a rule, modern generations of televisions have USB ports for connecting media or data transfer devices. If such an interface is also present on your TV, then you can easily view photos and videos from your smartphone in USB storage mode.


As part of the article, we examined the most popular ways to connect a smartphone to a TV and transfer images from screen to screen in real time. These solutions are universal in nature and are suitable for the most popular models of smartphones and TVs, such as iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Meizu and others. To facilitate understanding of the process of pairing a TV and a smartphone, we suggest that you use the flowchart below.