How To Pick A Dog Muzzle

Many believe that muzzles are needed only by the enormous, angry fighting dog breeds, and small dogs can live their whole lives without this terribly inconvenient device. But unpredictable situations in life are mass. For example, your friendly and cute little dog got sick and he needed to be urgently transported to the vet by public transport, and his character changed sharply for the worse because of the pain and the pet became unpredictable. Without a muzzle, it is difficult and dangerous. Consider the question of how to choose such a necessary and useful thing for your shaggy friend, so that he looks decent and performs his functions well.

How to choose a dog muzzle size?

This device can not be chosen correctly, without first making a number of necessary measurements. The distance from the point where the forehead passes to the muzzle, to the end of the spout is the length of the muzzle. Its girth is measured in the largest place, somewhere in the 2 centimeters from the eye line. Further from this place we measure the distance to the occiput, and then behind the ears we establish the circumference of the neck. We try to measure the width of the face and its height at that time, so that the mouth of the dog at that time was closed. With this data, buying a muzzle will be much easier.

How to choose a muzzle for a dog?

  1. Metal muzzles. The main advantage is that they do not interfere with breathing and even make it possible to get drunk. In the cold, it will be difficult and even if trained in a steel mesh, a pet may be injured. It is better to find muzzles with soft pads, which are slightly damped. Such products are good for giant schnauzers or other large shaggy dogs with a "beard".
    How To Pick A Dog Muzzle
  2. Leather mesh. Here the size is important so that it does not obstruct the breathing of the dogs. Also, well appreciate the material, hard skin or non-plastic leatherette will rub the face, and large bulging rivets traumatize the head. For walks or transportation in public transport leather products are suitable for most breeds.
    How To Pick A Dog Muzzle
  3. Nylon muzzle. In the question of how to choose a muzzle for a dog, many stop their eyes on cute nylon externally muzzles. You can buy such devices for small and obedient animals, they are not suitable for angry service breeds. For long walks, nylon muzzles are also better not to buy, these products make it difficult to breath while running.
    How To Pick A Dog Muzzle
  4. Nylon or leather loop. It is difficult to call such a muzzle reliable, but it allows you to instantly close the mouth and cross a busy place with your pet, constantly being in contact with it. It is also suitable for the correction of animal behavior.
    How To Pick A Dog Muzzle

Even a dachshund, a toy terrier or a spitz, if it begins to rush at unfamiliar citizens, is sometimes difficult to keep in a minibus. Therefore, a muzzle harvested ahead of time will help rescue the owners of dogs of various breeds, from the crumbs to the great mastiff or dog.

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