How to Pay Apple Pay Papa Jones

For several years now, the largest bank in Russia has had a wonderful program Thank you from Sberbank.

According to experts, this is one of the most popular loyalty programs in Russian banks.

Program News

On July 1, 18, a new loyalty program is launched. Now there are four levels: “Thank you”, “Thank you very much” (roughly the same conditions as in the regular program earlier), “Thank you so much” and “ than thanks”.

How to Pay Apple Pay Papa Jones

You can go to another level no more than once a quarter.

Bonuses are awarded for every full 100 rubles of a purchase operation, and accrual is canceled. Thank you for your mobile connection.

In order to accumulate points, you only need to register in the program through self-service devices or in the Sberbank OnL @ yn system. Official website:

After that, with each purchase you will receive Thank you in the amount of 1 Thank you for each ruble of purchase.

How to connect Thank you to Sberbank online

You need to click on the button Thanks from Sberbank in the personal menu (right column), the third line from the top. Enter the phone number, email and agree to the proposed conditions, for this, click Accept. You will receive an SMS with a password to interact with the contact center.

How to spend THANKS, how to find out the balance?

How to Pay Apple Pay Papa Jones

From the reader: delighted with this service. The most generous cashback of Russian banks that I have seen. I began to use only the Sberbank card. products, cafes, a beauty salon, gas station, entertainment. all on the map. Now, by the end of each month, several thousand THANKS. We spend in our favorite restaurant. It has already become a tradition 🙂

There are also discount coupons that you can use when shopping.

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Indeed, in order to accustom the user to the map, this program was conceived.

We asked our readers where they often spend THANKS, it turned out: Ozone, Yandex Taxi (discount coupon), food (BurgerKing and cool pizza from Papa Jones), Euroset, Rigla (pharmacies) and FinFlair (clothes).

How to Pay Apple Pay Papa Jones

Video: How to Pay Apple Pay Papa Jones

Your regular daily purchases may be slightly more profitable. Accustom yourself to cashless payments with plastic.


The program works with the following funds:

  • Give Life Charitable Foundation
  • Orthodox Relief Service “Mercy”
  • Charitable Foundation “Galchonok”
  • Charity Fund “House with a Lighthouse”
  • Food Fund “Rus”

How to Pay Apple Pay Papa Jones

Helping those in need is very simple. you can purchase charity cards from major Russian foundations.

Program support

  • By phone 8 (800) 555 55 50 (call within Russia is free)
  • Online.

Bonuses Thanks are debited:

Feedback about the program Thank you

Can be combined with stocks at retail outlets:

Someone is using work questions.

I am a courier. I breed very important papers. Every day I put on the card the amount of gasoline, mobile communications, other expenses. Everywhere I pay with a card. Piles up a lot Thank you. This is an addition to the salary.

Bonuses accumulate slowly, but in general the idea is great. I use the card often enough)

That’s right. an ordinary marketing move from Sberbank, to attract potential customers who will drive themselves further and further into debt and at the same time rejoice to the impossibility that they were given a discount of 10 rubles.

Thank you from Sberbank for a very interesting and profitable program, we bought a crock-pot, an iron and a tablet case for “thanks”. Saving up for a long time of course, but it’s worth it!)

Thanks for the birthday:

This is an action, just a stimulant and that’s it. These 0.5% are mere pennies, even with decent amounts, pennies are accumulated there.

This promotion is very beneficial for those who are used to paying for purchases with a card (for example, it is more convenient and more familiar to me in cash). Registration for this program is quite simple, and applies to almost all Sberbank cards (except for some Maestro and Maestro Social cards of the North-West Bank of Sberbank of Russia)

To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised) I did not know that there was such a promotion)) I would definitely have to use it)

I have a card from Sberbank but all theirs are supposedly shares of a scam!

There is a Sberov card, but I did not know about such a chip before. She acts on all the cards, who knows?

Invest well in real estate (apartments) at the initial stage of construction. after construction, you can get not a bad approx.

Cool action. I’m a client of Sberbank myself, and I’ve heard something about “Thank you,” but somehow I didn’t understand its meaning. now I’ll be sure to register, the more I often pay with a card 🙂

I already used Spasib. I bought headphones on the Euroset. They only asked for a bank card and instantly wrote off 300 rubles. Very convenient.

I like to receive gifts for my purchases. So I have been using this Sberbank program for a long time, conveniently, pleasantly, profitably!

Thank you for such wonderful information, but I didn’t know. it’s only interesting if it will be difficult to register or not?

This is very good news! It’s a pity that I didn’t know about this promotion before, as I sometimes pay for purchases with a Sberbank card. Thanks for the useful information!

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