How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc

Whatever version of Windows is installed on the computer, the user will want to configure it so as to obtain maximum performance. This issue is especially acute for owners of weak hardware, which requires maximum free resources for stable operation.

Therefore, tuning Windows 10 to maximum performance is an excellent priority for them to purchase new components, such as a processor or video card.

Disk Defragmenter

When adding a large number of files to the hard drive, information is recorded not sequentially, but in fragments on different parts of the disk surface. In this case, fragmentation appears, and during the request for data the computer processes them longer because it needs to collect all the “pieces” together. To minimize such situations, defragment the disk. This is done with regular utilities.

  1. In the Run window (WinR), enter defragmentation and run the utility.
  2. In the “Disk Optimization” window, click “Analyze.” If more than 5. 7% is fragmented, click Optimize Repeat for all drives.
    How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc

Startup Optimization

In many programs, when they are installed on a computer, the autoload function is enabled during system startup. They may not be used by the user, but, working in the background, take away computer resources, so its work slows down. Applications that you do not use should be turned off or completely removed from the computer if they are not needed.

  1. Task Manager > Startup tab.
  2. Right-click (RMB) on an unnecessary program > Disconnect.
    How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc

Alternative options for disabling programs at startup can be seen in the video.

Disabling Unnecessary Services

Like startup programs, some Windows 10 services load computer resources, which can slow down your work. Disabling them will increase system performance.

  1. In the Run window, enter the command services.msc.Alternative option: Control Panel > Administration > Services or open System configuration (in the Run window, enter msconfig) and go to the Services tab.
    How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc
  2. RMB > The properties > Launch type > Disconnected.
    How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc
  3. When using the Computer Configuration utility, uncheck the necessary services and save the changes.
    How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc
  4. Reboot the computer.


On the video, you can learn more about which Windows 10 services can be disabled and how to do it.

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Setting visual effects

In Windows 10, a lot of PC resources are used to create visual effects for an interface. Disabling some performance parameters (visual effects) will increase the speed of old computers. But on modern gaming PCs, they will have less effect.

Video: How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc

  1. Start menu > System > Additional system parameters.
  2. In the “System Properties” window > Advanced tab > Performance block > Parameters.
  3. Set the switch to “Ensure the best performance.” You can separately turn off each of the effects so that you do not radically change the interface of Windows 10.
    How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc

Disable the adaptation of windows and taskbars to the background color, as well as Windows animation.

  1. Start menu > Parameters > Personalization > Colors > Color selection > Auto background color selection > Switch off.
    How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc
  2. Wini > Special abilities > Other options > Play Windows Animation > Switch off.
    How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc

Disabling Indexing

Indexing speeds up the search for files that are stored on a computer. But this function constantly scans them, tracks changes, and therefore uses system resources.

  1. In the Run window, enter the command services.msc.
  2. Windows search > RMB > The properties > Disconnected.
    How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc
  3. Confirm the changes and restart the computer.

Driver setup

One of the problems with the slow operation of Windows 10 encountered by a large number of users is unoriginal or outdated drivers. This problem is especially relevant for a video card. Look at the driver provider and their version in Device Manager.

  1. Start menu > device Manager > choose the right equipment > RMB > The properties > Drivers tab.
  2. If necessary, download and install drivers from the official website of the equipment manufacturer or update them to the latest version.

Clear Temp folder

The Temp folder in Windows 10 is used to store temporary and intermediate files created by the system and programs. Therefore, to speed up the computer, clean it:

  1. Enter in the line where the folder path is indicated, a variable % TEMP%.
    How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc
  2. Close running programs and delete the contents of the folder > restart the computer.

An alternative way is to use the built-in Disk Cleanup utility.

  1. Open System Disk Properties > General tab > Disk Cleanup.
    How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc
  2. Specify the files to be deleted (be sure to select the “Temporary files” item) > confirm the action.
    How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc

Power Settings

By default, Windows 10 sets the balanced power mode, which reduces the processor speed if the device is idle or does not require the use of maximum hardware. To speed up your work, set the computer to the “High Performance” power mode.

  1. Start menu > Parameters > System > Power and hibernation > Additional power options.
  2. In the Power Options window, move the switch to High Performance.
    How to Optimize Windows 10 On Weak Pc

Virus and malware removal

If after performing the above steps the PC still slows down and you don’t understand why this is happening, then the cause is probably viruses or malware. Check your Windows 10 anti-virus programs, such as DrWEB Cureit or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.


Setting the maximum performance of your Windows computer will help speed up its work. To do this, disable all visual effects, remove viruses, and change PC settings: disable indexing and some services, update drivers.

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