How to Open the Back Cover of the Zte Blade A610c

How to Open the Back Cover of the Zte Blade A610c

1. Nice looking

2. 4g (Checked in Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Saratov)

3. Holds the battery for a long time (Day two in active operation)

4. Very nice screen

1. Stock launcher

2. Stock firmware

3. Quiet speaker

4. Peeling off near the headphone jack

I bought a phone for 8.100
After Highscreen Zera S rev. S it was just a great transition. I thought that I was changing the flea, but I needed a new phone right at that moment. Stopped at zt. Lured 4g. It was only gold, at first it was wildly enraging, then it got used to it.
I arrived home, took off the stock launcher. He is terrible. I put Nova Launcher and the phone became extremely pleasant to use. Very quiet external speaker. Sometimes happen "friezes" so strong that I want to break the phone on the asphalt, but as soon as everything passes. nice usability again. In the stock firmware, bluetooth works strangely and sometimes the screen orientation feels strange. Recently, gapps were breaking. I plan to flash.
I can rate the phone for 4 stars. Strongly extends the battery and 4g, which works great even on a train.
The battery is gorgeous, to all phones like that. Pokémon at maximum brightness of the GPS screen (which also works very well) work 6-7 hours stably.
For its price, it is an excellent choice in the b-phone line.

P.S. Charges quickly only from the native adapter. Apparently due to the fact that he has 5 amperes.

1) The main thing in the phone. screen. 5 inches, IPS with a resolution of HD 720. Budget, but great. Compared with the AMOLED screen of some Highscreen friend. in brightness one to one, contrast, of course, loses, but it does not flicker, like AMOLED.

2) Battery. main reason for buying it. Prior to that, I went with some kind of thick DNS’om with a battery of 4000. Here, too, 4000, but it lasts much longer. affects a newer processor and a fresh version of Android.

3) EXTERNALITY! I never driven by the appearance of the phones, but this one in gold is really handsome! It’s not a shame to get out of your pocket, relatively thin (2 mm thicker than the sixth iPhone), but do not forget about the powerful battery on board!

4) 4G for that price.

5) Whoever switches to this phone from others will be pleasantly surprised by the regular ability to customize the menu buttons and back, they can be swapped.

6) Android 5.1. Sat on 1.6, 2.1, 2.4, 4.4. and the first time I don’t want to change something, it’s simpotichny and convenient.

1) Camera. Noise even during the day at ISO 100. However, the noise will be visible at maximum resolution and on the computer.

2) The camera application slows down even during the day, even if you shoot the Sun. It turned out the reason for the brakes. live autofocus, third-party camera application runs smoothly

3) The speaker is average in volume, I will give it 3 out of 5 points

5) The camera application and native dialer are thought before starting to work. There are not enough gigabytes there. never loaded with this)

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I have been using it for more than a month. The phone liked the shape, solid body, almost silent vibro, which is a drawback in some smartphone models when the case is noisy with a vibro signal. It catches GPS very quickly, even indoors.

The main drawback is that it freezes 7 times a month (on the screen, the image is as if the cartridge was incorrectly installed in a shogu or dendik). In the first such case, I thought that the phone went out, but then it rebooted itself.

Another drawback is the strange volume control when watching a video, because the first volume value (the quietest) is already loud. And by the way, the speaker rattles at high volume, which is sad.

At the first use, I immediately noticed how poorly you can hear the interlocutors during a normal call through a cellular connection. The lack of high frequencies during a conversation, this is practically the absence of tweaking sounds, that is, you have to strain to make out what they say to you. It is especially bad when it is noisy around. over, if you call through programs that have an Internet connection, then the quality is much better and there are high frequencies and everything is perfectly audible. This is strange.

Video: How to Open the Back Cover of the Zte Blade A610c

If you use the phone while charging, the sensor does not perform its duties when scrolling up and down. Left-right, or just pressing the buttons works, but up and down you need to press on the screen with incredible efforts to get at least some kind of movement. You take out the charge and everything works clearly right there!

During conversations, the light sensor turns off for some reason and the screen turns on, and here you understand, you can poke anything with your ear (left or right): dropping a call is still the most harmless, you can turn on the speakerphone and lose your hearing a little, or go through a couple of steps in some game.

Battery (4000 mAh. Very good)

IPS HD720 Screen

Frankly weak processor (for the sake of power consumption)

System memory (for applications)

Dimensions (I still can’t carry it in my pocket)

4000 mAh battery, LTE, 64-bit processor and official warranty. For such a price, there are especially no devices with such characteristics

The assembly is perfect, do not quibble. The lid holds very well

Laconic appearance, matte plastic

Spacious battery (It holds the charge very well for a day in active mode, for two or three days in passive mode)

The proximity sensor works poorly

Not enough space on the phone

1. Screen. A very good screen is bright, high-quality everything on it is clearly visible.

2. Battery. Just great. In quiet mode, up to 3. x days. In full load mode with the Internet (4G) and GPS turned on and surfing for 24 hours. Checked.

3. Appearance. I have gold and does not look at the price I bought for

4. Price. Start of sales (December 2015) purchased for 8990.

5.4G. This is just class. Internet is flying.

6. OTG. A couple of times it came in handy watching movies from a flash drive.

7. Front camera. For a selfie, it’s fine even with all sorts of goodies like: "Beautiful face" and its resolution is 5 megapixels (in fact 2).

8. Die Hard. Many times it fell but the screen did not break along the contour there is a frame that protects the screen.

1. Software. There was a memory issue on the first firmware (B01). Fixed by update. On the latest firmware (B03), the phone itself is not stable:

the response is delayed

during a conversation, the screen does not always go blank and you can accidentally turn on the speakerphone,

today set the screen lock now I can’t remove it it is written that it is forbidden to unlock the phone settings :),

at any time, the melody of both the call and the SMS can be changed to the standard one and then back to the one you set.

The phone on this part constantly surprises me.

2. The camera is back. 5 years ago I had HTC Touch Diamond 2 there was a 5 megapixel camera. Filmed at times better. The real quality of the camera pulls at 3 megapixels. The camera itself is declared 8 in fact 5 and shoots at 3 megapixels. Colors can’t normally convey everything is blurry, noises on all photos. However, the text and macro shooting performs perfectly.

3. Microphone. Very often they don’t hear me, I have to repeat, but I myself like to speak quietly. The problem only appeared on this phone.

size 4. Purely individual, but big for me.

5. Case. In the area of ​​the headphones and the charging connector, the coating peels off. It appeared at 3 months of use.

Great battery, good screen.

Fast internet LTE.

Small thickness for this amount of battery.

Something is somewhere crooked, so it is extremely difficult to achieve a sleep mode, and without it from a 4 Ah battery, there’s not much sense.

Unimaginably little internal memory.

The cameras are below average, the front is even, perhaps, below the bottom.

8 built-in GB of memory, 4.5 of which are occupied by the system, are categorically not enough even for a minimal set of applications. All new applications are installed on the built-in memory, despite the fact that the settings indicate microsd as the default installation location. Updates are also not made due to lack of space in the memory, you must first delete something, but after half an hour or an hour there is no space again. What he clogs with at such a speed, I did not understand. I regularly delete the cache and other temporary service files. Not all applications are transferred to the SD card, but those that were transferred, then independently without permission and demand are transferred back to the internal memory. Some disappear without a trace on the way.

When you call with your ear and cheek, everything that can be pressed is pressed and, accordingly, a dozen or two applications are launched. To end the call, you have to wait until they all open up (it’s a brake, this is not a quick process), then close them (yes, it’s also not fast), only after that you can get to the phone connection that is still lasting and press the red handset.

Severe, it would be possible to chop nuts, if not for suspicion of fragility. Holding with one hand is not very convenient. It vibrates as if it beats 380V, the vibration had to be turned off. The sound is nasty and also seems to beat it 380V. In addition, about a month later, the speaker began to rattle.

The battery lived on the first month of day 2 if it was used less or less, a day and a half if it was used actively. After 2 months, there is enough 12 hours. A case made of cheap slippery plastic, to put a SIM card and a micro SD you need to remove the back cover, for which you need good strong nails and strong fingers. The display is also plastic, although this is for its price is hardly a drawback.