How to Open Icloud On Iphone 8

The best place for your photos, files and more.

All Apple devices have iCloud. Therefore, your photos, files, notes and other data are always synchronized and reliably protected. This happens automatically. and you just have to do your favorite things. Simply register with iCloud and get 5 GB for free. And you can increase this space at any time.

ICloud Photo

All your photos and videos.
Always at hand.

Library of memories
on all your devices.

Using iCloud Photos, you can easily find, view and send from any of your devices a photo or video that you took yesterday or even several years ago.

space on devices. room for creativity.

To save space, high-resolution original photos are automatically uploaded to iCloud. And on your device there are only lite versions of these pictures. But you can always download the originals back.

The easiest way to share photos with loved ones.

With Shared Albums, it will be convenient for you to share pictures from your vacation or from various events with your friends and relatives. You can choose who will see, upload and comment on photos and videos in these albums.

iCloud Drive

All files. Different content.
One repository.

Your files
all at once
your devices.

Files that you store in iCloud Drive can be quickly found and opened from any of your devices. To do this, there is a Files application on iOS and Finder on Mac. And on Windows computers, you can use Explorer or

Store files as you like. Work with them wherever you prefer.

In iCloud Drive, you can organize files into folders, rename them and mark them with one color or another. And when you make these or any other changes, the files are automatically synchronized on all your devices. You can even make sure that iCloud Drive stores all the contents of your Mac’s desktop and the entire Documents folder.

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Send one link for everyone to work together.

Thanks to iCloud Drive, it’s very easy to invite others to work with you on one file. Just send them a special link. You no longer have to deal with different copies, track versions and endlessly send these files.

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ICloud enabled apps

Your favorite apps
even more convenient with iCloud.

All the most necessary.
Available on all your devices.

iCloud allows you to automatically synchronize applications such as Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Safari, and some applications from the App Store on different devices. For example, if you add a new phone number, create a bookmark in the browser, or update the slide in the presentation on one device, then you can immediately see it on the other.

Teamwork in Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Notes.

You can work on one text, presentation or table with other users. In this case, any change in the document will appear immediately at all. You can even edit the same document from different devices. your team will see all your edits: from A to Z.

All posts. At the same time on all devices.

All your messages are now automatically saved in iCloud. So, you can find in the correspondence the desired address, funny picture or something else. from any of your device. Then from it to continue communication in Messages. And even from the new phone or computer that you just set up.

Backing up and restoring with iCloud

All valuable and beloved.
Under reliable protection.

Auto backup for your peace of mind.

iCloud automatically backs up your iOS device when it is connected to a power source and to a Wi ‑ Fi network. Therefore, if you lose your device or buy a new one, your valuable information and favorite content will not be lost. 1

Transfer everything important to a new device.

Thanks to iCloud all your settings, photos, applications and documents will be immediately transferred to a new device. To do this, just enter the data of your iCloud when activating a new device: just a few minutes. and everything will be in place.

How to Open Icloud On Iphone 8

Double protection of your data.

Two-factor authentication is an additional level of security created so that no one but you can access your account. Thus, you can only log into your account from devices that you trust. For example, from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Choose the best plan for your storage.

How much storage is right for you or your family depends on how you use your devices. Simply register with iCloud and get 5 GB for free. over, this storage can always be increased. easily and quickly. In addition, when calculating the space occupied in iCloud, purchases from iTunes and the application are not taken into account. So free space is only needed for photos, videos, files and backups.

How to Open Icloud On Iphone 8

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