How to Open Cr2 File on Computer

What program to open cr2 photo format?

You may have a situation when your friends took pictures in the “.cr2” format, and for some reason your program for viewing images does not want to open them.

Or maybe you reinstalled Windows and these files stopped opening. Now we will tell you how to open cr2 and what kind of format it is.

About cr2 format

Its full name is Canon Raw Image File (abbreviated RAW). This format was created by Canon to prevent photo quality loss. Therefore, photos are large.

But at the same time, the cr2 format also contains textual information about the image and the conditions under which it was taken and when editing, you can very clearly, without loss of quality, change the brightness, contrast, white balance and other image properties

In fact, this is raw data that is obtained directly from the matrix of a Canon camera. in most cases it is not a professional camera (ordinary DSLR).

Naturally, cr2 can be converted to jpg, or to any other graphic format you need. We will talk about this a little later in the article.

Programs to open cr2

Canon usually provides tools for working with its format, but their programs are not very convenient. But this is not a problem, there are many programs that can easily open the cr2 format.

  1. FastStone Image Viewer. distributed free of charge and very convenient to use;
  2. F-Spot. also free software, specially designed for opening images and working with them;
  3. IrfanView. is able to work with this format provided that an additional plug-in is installed;
  4. Adobe Photoshop CS is a well-known powerful complex for working with photos. The program is paid;
  5. ACDSee Photo Manager. a paid program for opening editing and converting all the most famous formats;
  6. ACD Systems Canvas. shareware complex for working with vector and digital images;

We will use the free program FastStone Image Viewer, which is our first in the list. Since nobody forces us to use a paid program for these purposes.

You can download the link: FastStone Image Viewer (5.28 mb)

Having installed and launched, you will see such a convenient interface, where everything is clear and understandable:

How to Open Cr2 File on Computer

To convert cr2 to jpg, just select the desired photo, and then press the CtrlS key combination, or click “Save As” in the menu and select JPEG from the drop-down list:

Well, that’s all. such a question should not arise.

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Posted by Jay Geater, Chief Technology Writer

Did someone email you a CR2 file and you don’t know how to open it? Maybe you found the CR2 file on your computer and you were interested in what kind of file it is? Windows may tell you that you cannot open it, or, in the worst case, you may encounter the corresponding error message associated with the CR2 file.

Before you can open a CR2 file, you need to find out what kind of file the CR2 file extension belongs to.

Tip: Incorrect CR2 file associations may be a sign of other underlying problems in your Windows operating system. These invalid entries can also cause other related problems, such as slow Windows startup, computer freezing, and other PC performance issues. Therefore, we highly recommend that you scan your Windows registry for incorrect file associations and other registry fragmentation problems.


CR2 files are Raster Image Files primarily associated with Curious Labs Poser Character File.

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CR2 files are also associated with Canon Digital Camera Raw Image Format (Canon Inc.) and FileViewPro.

Additional types of files may also be using the CR2 file extension. If you are aware of any other file formats using the CR2 file extension, please contact us so that we can update our information accordingly.

How to open your CR2 file:

The fastest and easiest way to open your CR2 file is to double-click on it. In this case, Windows will choose the necessary program to open your CR2 file.

In the event that your CR2 file does not open, it is very likely that the necessary application program for viewing or editing files with CR2 extensions is not installed on your PC.

If your PC opens the CR2 file, but in the wrong program, you will need to change the file association settings in your Windows registry. In other words, Windows associates the CR2 file extensions with the wrong program.

We highly recommend scanning your Windows registry for invalid file associations and other registry problems.

Software Downloads Associated with File Extension CR2:

Some CR2 file extension formats can be opened in binary format only.

Download FileViewPro to Open Your CR2 Files Now

CR2 File Analysis Tool ™

Not sure which type of CR2 file you have? Want to get accurate information about the file, its creator and how can it be opened?

Now you can instantly get all the necessary information about the CR2 file!

Revolutionary CR2 File Analysis Tool ™ scans, analyzes, and reports detailed information about the CR2 file. Our algorithm (pending patent pending) will quickly analyze the file and in a few seconds will provide detailed information in a clear and easily readable format. †

In just a few seconds, you will know exactly the type of your CR2 file, the application associated with the file, the name of the user who created the file, file protection status and other useful information.

To start a free file analysis, simply drag your CR2 file inside the dashed line below or click “View My Computer” and select the file. The CR2 file analysis report will be shown below, right in the browser window.

Your file is being analyzed. Please wait.

† CR2 File Analysis Tool utilizes third-party software components. Click here to read the disclaimer.

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How to open CR2 file?

You should have been taken off photos, but instead of them you received unknown files with the extension.cr2? At the same time, as often happens, no program on the computer can open this file. Below we will consider what kind of format it is, as well as with what programs it can be opened.

Those users who have Canon cameras are certainly aware of the CR2 format. The CR2 format is an uncompressed image format that was created on the camera of a popular manufacturer. Due to the fact that this image is not compressed, it has a high quality of detail, but at the same time it has an impressive size (on average 6-7 times larger than the usual JPEG format).

There are two ways to open CR2: using specialized software and using conversion to JPG.

Method 1

In order to open the CR2 file on your computer, we recommend that you use the functional and free program FastStone Image Viewer. Among the features of the program, it is worth noting not only viewing CR2, but also editing, resizing, cropping, sharpening, adding watermarks, etc.

If you often have to work with a variety of image formats, including CR2, then be sure to try using the FastStone Image Viewer program.

Download FastStone Image Viewer for free

Download the program from the official site

Method 2

If you have a small number of CR2 files that need to be opened, and in the future you do not intend to work with this format, then in this case it will be easiest to use an online converter. This will allow you to change the format from CR2 to JPG, so you can open it with most programs, including standard Windows solutions.

To do this, follow this link to the website of the online converter and click the "Open file from computer" button. Windows Explorer starts up, in which you need to specify the desired CR2 file.

Then convert the file to JPG format and download the result to your computer. Subsequently, you can open it in any photo editor.

How to open.CR2 file?

XnView quite powerful program that combines many functions for working with images. This can be a simple view of files, and their conversion, and minor processing. It is cross-platform, which allows you to use it in almost any system. The program is also unique in that it supports about 400 different image formats, among which there are both the most used and popular, as well as non-standard formats. XnView can batch convert images. True, you can only convert them into 50 formats, but among these 50 formats all the popular extensions are present.

Chasys Draw IES. multifunctional editor, which includes a number of utilities such as a graphical editor, a utility for viewing images and photos, a module for batch conversion of graphics and a module for converting digital photographs into RAW format. In the main application window, you can personalize the worksheet by selecting the type of project you want to create. The application allows you to perform complex manipulations with images, such as creating a composition for printing, animation for web resources, image for a CD, DVD. The program allows you to scan the image in the presence of the necessary equipment. In addition to such a set.

XnConvert is a useful utility for converting and primary processing of photos and images. Works with 400 formats. Supports all popular image formats. With simple XnConvert tools, you can adjust brightness, gamma, and contrast. In the application, you can resize photos, apply filters and a number of popular effects. The user can add watermarks and retouch. Using the application, you can delete meta data, crop files and rotate them. XnConvert maintains a journal in which the user will see all the detailed information about his recent manipulations with images.

IrfanView is a free image file viewer that features small size and functionality. IrfanView supports a large number of formats, has a clear interface and the necessary set of functions. So, with its help, you can not only view images, but also rotate them at any angle, do minor color correction, remove red-eye from photos, etc. Also, using IrfanView, you can take screenshots (of the entire screen, as well as individual areas), tear out icons and icons from various files, rename files according to a predefined template, and.

Honeyview simple and beautiful program for viewing photos. It supports all popular image and photo formats, while those that are "unprocessed." There is also a convenient interface where you can view a photo in full screen, or in parallel two photos, which is very convenient if you need to choose the best. You can immediately save your favorite photos in a separate folder. If the photo contains data about the location, then the program will open Google Maps, where it will be possible to see the place where the photo was taken. Using hot keys, the program will open in Windows Explorer, a photo that is open in.

FastStone Image Viewer. a program for viewing images. This program is one of the popular viewers, because it has a large set of functions. First of all, I would like to note its interface. The main program window looks almost the same as the standard Windows Explorer. Double-clicking on the file expands the image to full screen, and also allows you to edit it, for which the program has several additional panels. In addition, FastStone Image Viewer is able to perform batch conversion of various files, which saves a lot of time. It is possible to save.

Fotor. a program for editing and adjusting photos. You do not need to have special knowledge in photo editors such as Photoshop to use Fotor. The editing process is very simple and intuitive, any user can handle it. Quickly processes photos, supports exposure, brightness, contrast, white balance and much more. It also allows you to make a collage of photos, supports up to 9 and has 80 templates that are fully customizable and allow you to make unique collages. Setting effects, the ability to impose many filters, unique colors and frames. Present over 90 effect.

Image Tuner. a program for batch processing of images that allows you to resize pictures or photographs, change the compression ratio, as well as convert images to another format. A distinctive feature of this utility is that it already has several templates for images, which allows you to immediately create the necessary type of images for their subsequent placement, for example, on social networks. In addition, the utility allows you to perform standard operations with images, for example, rotate them. Also, the program can work with digital cameras, i.e. she understands the image format used.

ImBatch allows you to quickly and easily edit any image. Just open it or drag it into the program window and you can get to work. Allows you to enable a preview of the effects and changes and is suitable for simple color changes or for scaling, as well as for more professional work. The program is still good because it is lightweight and does not load the processor during operation, everything is very fast. opened the image, applied the effect, saved. It has a wide selection of tools and features, can impose effects, such as blur, color settings and much more. ImBatch supports many languages, including.

WildBit Viewer. a program for viewing digital photographs, characterized by an abundance of features and capabilities. So, for example, the program has a standard effects editor, and it is also possible to use the finished image as a background for the desktop. In addition, you can view images in a slide show, which is convenient if you show your photos to someone and do not want to manually leaf through them. The program has more than 70 transition effects when showing a slide show. Another function of the program is the display of all metadata, as well as renaming of images. Supported batch transfers.

Zoner Photo Studio is a very useful various image editor. Allows you to copy photos from any camera and immediately edit. It has a set of basic functions. Helps eliminate red eye. Allows you to create vivid panoramic views and colorful calendars. The program helps to create your own picture gallery. Carries out a quick search for the desired processed photo. Allows you to print pictures, send to social networks, by email. It has four tabs that allow you to manage the program. Imports images, allows you to manage the archive of images on your computer.

Software, which is a set of special multifunctional tools designed to work with a variety of graphic files. In addition, it supports certain audio and video files. Here, users are given the opportunity to view digital photos, organize their sorting and storage processes within the hard drive. It also supports working with files such as RAW. A convenient function is the ability to use the program as a media player. It is possible to create various presentations and burn them to discs. There is a complete set of graphical tools for.

Free opener a fairly functional viewer of the most popular files, including Winrar archives, Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, Photoshop documents, torrent files, icons, web pages, text documents, audio and video files, image files including Flash, and much more. The number of supported files exceeds seventy. The program does not have the usual settings and options except for a design change. It is also necessary to note that there is no Russian language, but given the simplicity, do not underestimate the program. Free opener This is a universal and very convenient program for reading various types of files.

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