How to Open BIOS on Lenovo B50 30

Good day.

Lenovo is one of the most popular laptop makers. By the way, I must tell you (from personal experience), laptops are quite good and reliable. And there is one feature of some models of these laptops. an unusual BIOS entry (and it is very often necessary to enter it, for example, to reinstall Windows).

In this relatively small article, I would like to consider these features of the entry.

Entering BIOS on a Lenovo laptop (step-by-step instructions)

1) Usually, to enter the BIOS on Lenovo laptops (on most models), it is enough to press the F2 (or FnF2) button when it is turned on.

However, some models may not react at all to these presses (for example, Lenovo Z50, Lenovo G50, and in general the model range: g505, v580c, b50, b560, b590, g50, g500, g505s, g570, g570e, g580, g700 , z500, z580 may not respond to these keys).

Fig. 1. F2 and Fn buttons

2) The above models on the side panel (usually next to the power cable) have a special button (for example, the Lenovo G50 model, see Fig. 2).

To enter the BIOS you need to: turn off the laptop, and then click on this button (the arrow is usually drawn on it, although I assume that on some models the arrow may not be.).

Fig. 2. Lenovo G50. BIOS entry button

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By the way, an important point. Not all Lenovo notebook models have this service button on the side. For example, on a Lenovo G480 laptop, this button is next to the laptop’s power button (see Figure 2.1).

Fig. 2.1. Lenovo G480

3) If everything was done correctly, the laptop should turn on and the service menu with four items will appear on the screen (see. Fig. 3):

Video: How to Open BIOS on Lenovo B50 30

– Normal Startup (default download);

– Bios Setup (BIOS settings);

– Boot Menu (boot menu);

– System Recovery (disaster recovery system).

To enter the BIOS, select Bios Setup.

Fig. 3. Service menu

4) Next, the most common BIOS menu should appear. Then you can configure the BIOS similarly to other laptop models (the settings are almost identical).

By the way, maybe someone will need it: in fig. Figure 4 shows the settings for the BOOT section of the Lenovo G480 laptop for installing Windows 7 on it:

  • Boot Mode: [Legacy Support]
  • Boot Priority: [Legacy First]
  • USB Boot: [Enabled]
  • Boot Device Priority: PLDS DVD RW (this is the drive with the Windows 7 boot disk installed in it, note that it is the first in this list), Internal HDD.

How to Open BIOS on Lenovo B50 30

Fig. 4. Before installing Windws 7- BIOS setup on Lenovo G480

After changing all the settings, do not forget to save them. To do this, in the EXIT section, select “Save and exit”. After rebooting the laptop. the installation of Windows 7 should begin.

5) There are certain laptop models, for example Lenovo b590 and v580c, where you may need the F12 button to enter the BIOS. Holding this key right after turning on the laptop. you can get into the Quick Boot (quick menu). where you can easily change the boot order of various devices (HDD, CD-Rom, USB).

6) And quite rarely, the F1 key is used relatively rarely. You may need it if you are using a Lenovo b590 laptop. The key must be pressed and held after turning on the device. The BIOS menu itself differs little from the standard.

And the last.

The manufacturer recommends that you charge enough laptop battery before entering the BIOS. If in the process of setting and setting parameters in the BIOS the device is turned off accidentally (due to lack of power). there may be problems in the further operation of the laptop.

Honestly, I’m not ready to comment on the last recommendation: I never experienced problems when I turned off the PC when I was in the BIOS settings.

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