How to Make Your Phone an iPhone

Each of us can forget the digital password or graphic key, which is why some phone manufacturers, in particular the company Google, came up with several ways to save your favorite gadget. There are soft and hard unlock methods.

Stylish "Samsung"traditional "Lenovo"push-button grandfather "Nokia", and even an apple iPhone, they all share the ability to protect information with passwords. But sometimes these passwords and graphic keys are forgotten. and we lose access to our phone. But do not get upset ahead of time and think that an unambiguous flashing is shining, there are ways to make everything less painful.

How to Make Your Phone an iPhone

Most modern phones work specifically on this operating system, so the guide from this section should help most readers launch their blocked gadget. It is immediately worth noting that "painlessly" You can disable the lock only if the smartphone is in the hands of the owner.

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So, first way. function Smart Lock. If it is activated, it will be able to remove the lock from the screen if even one of the stipulated conditions is met. For example, when connecting a specific device via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, if Smart Lock was not configured, then it will be useless.

Second way. account Google. If you have “Android” up to version 5.0 of Lollipop, then you can bypass the blocking via the Google channel. To do this, you need:

  • so that the phone is connected to the Internet;
  • enter the wrong password about five times, waiting for the inscription: “Forgot your password?” (another similar inscription may pop up), click on it;
  • enter the login and password from the “Google” account in the window that appears, which is the main one on the smartphone;
  • after entering, we change the old password to a new one, disable the function, or choose another method of blocking.

If the Google account is also successfully forgotten, you can restore the information in your head on the nearest computer or phone. To do this, we use the same method: try to get to your page in Google. We click on “Forgot password”, follow the instructions that the system suggested in the prompts.

Third way knock down lock. use the manufacturer’s service your smartphone. A number of brands offer gadget owners additional ways to reset forgotten passwords. So, atSamsung»Functioning service Find My Mobile, which will help eliminate graphic keys, PINs, and even fingerprints (anything can happen). But again, in order to use the service, the mobile must support it and be online (to be connected to the Internet). over, the phone needs to be associated with a Samsung account. To unlock, you will need a computer or other mobile.

If all the conditions are met, we proceed to unlock the Samsung:

  • We are looking for our service and register on it;
  • go to the remote lock / unlock section;
  • click on “Unlock my device”;
  • done, wait until the screen displays the success of the operation.

Another example is company phones Sony. For their Xperia, they created a very convenient way to unlock it, which can be used on the emergency call panel of the “Smartphone”: enter the following character set. # # 7378423 # # and press the call button. As a result of this operation, the Service Test section should open. Among the items presented there, you will need to select NFC → Dag Test. At the end, you will need to click the “Home” button. Done, the phone should return to standard mode.

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If the phone is locked, the password is forgotten, it is impossible to crack, restore the system too, so what to do? When there are no other options, you have to resort to drastic measures. reset to factory settings with the removal of all information. If there is no backup, all files will be destroyed.

Video: How to Make Your Phone an iPhone

Important: if the smartphone contains very important information, you can try to find a wizard who can save it. Some service centers (Kiev and other large cities are definitely equipped with such) will surely be able to help you! It is best to look for a network of centers of your own brand, for example, Astro, or Samsung. The price of such services is not so high as to lose information.

So, to restore the factory settings on Android, you need to find out which phone model and look at the Internet for the key combination to enter the service menu. Next, you need to remove the memory card from the gadget and use the commands found. After entering the phone settings, you must:

  • select Recovery;
  • click on Wipe data / factory reset;
  • then the phone will reset the configuration on its own.

If there are no such commands, it is worth exploring in more detail the features of your phone model (combinations can be different).

As a result, the phone should restore the basic settings, the factory configuration will appear. An unlocked phone should be synchronized, for example, with Google, so that a similar story no longer repeats.

With iPhone, it’s all the more sad, in any case, you will have to reset the phone to the factory settings, respectively, erasing all the data. You can recover lost files (photos, videos, audio), contacts, cards, messages, calendars, notes and purchase information in iTunes and the App Store if you have an iPhone backup, and you previously synchronized your phone with a computer or iCloud system.

To reset the settings on the “iPhone” you will need iCloud or iTunes. The first method will be effective if the user previously turned on the Find My iPhone feature on the phone. To implement the second method, you will need a USB cable, as well as a computer on which iTunes is installed.

How to reset iPhone to factory using iCloud:

  • initially it’s worth checking whether the “iPhone” search function is turned on (we connect it to the Internet, enter the Apple ID account from the computer on the iCloud page, find the “Find iPhone” icon, click on it) if there is an iPad, iPod touch or any another “iPhone”; instead of the site, you can go to the standard application “Find iPhone”;
  • we find our phone in the application, if it did not appear there, then the function is not connected, if it appears, then we proceed further: select it in the “All devices” list on the iCloud web resource;
  • Next, you need to “Erase iPhone” and follow the simple tips of the system.

How to “reset” iPhone via iTunes. First of all, we connect the locked gadget to the computer on which iTunes is installed. If you previously synchronized iPhone with this computer, click on the phone icon in iTunes. A menu window will open, repeat the synchronization and create a new backup copy of the gadget on the computer. After we click on “Restore from copy.”. Next, a simple instruction will tell you the steps.

If synchronization with iTunes has never been done, or iTunes also wants a password, then most likely, a fresh backup will fail. But at the same time, the reset will succeed, and the device will have to be restored from old copies (if any). To Forcibly restore iPhone:

  • Restart phone (on versions up to 6s Plus) you must hold the Home button and the top (or side) button for 10 or more seconds until the recovery screen lights up. For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, you will need to use a combination: volume down key and side button. For eights, the system is different: hold down and immediately release the volume up button, then immediately repeat the same operation with the volume down button, and then hold down the side key.
  • In the recovery dialog that appears to pressRestore“, Follow the directions from iTunes.
  • If the phone leaves the recovery mode, and iTunes will still download the necessary files from the Internet, you will have to force restart again (return the iPhone to the recovery mode).

These instructions also work with the iPad.

What to do if accidentally blocked someone else’s phone? Try to remember the password. If this is not an option, you can seek help from your nearest workshop. If there is no money for the procedure or the specialist insists on the destruction of data, you need to contact the owner of the gadget and indicate the problem, but before that, you should familiarize yourself with ways to solve the problem.

How to remove the graphic key, if all the options do not fit, are there any alternatives? Even if firmware is not an option, there are a number of “folk methods”. To find them, it is worth digging through the forums. One of these methods: try to call yourself from another phone, pick up the phone, minimize the call window with the Home button and then change the settings.

What does it mean to “flash” a phone? If in a simple way, this is similar to reinstalling Windows on the computer. That is, replacing the device software.

What to do if a person has not forgotten the password, but cannot get to his phone? It is likely that a virus got into the system, or someone decided to joke. In this case, there are several exit options: wait a little while the joker settles down, contact the master (if this is definitely not a joke, then you should do this as soon as possible so that the attackers do not have time to take advantage of the situation, turn off the phone). You should also make sure that the password is entered correctly, suddenly some button is stuck, the touchscreen does not work or an extra character is entered.

The message “unlock phone for money” appeared? The clear work of scammers. First, turn off the phone, and contact the specialists of the nearest service center.