How To Make Steps For Dogs

How to make steps for dogs? This question interests many pet owners. For representatives of small breeds of dogs, pregnant and aging pets, who have difficulties in moving independently, it is necessary to purchase added steps or make them with their own hands.

How To Make Steps For Dogs

What are the steps for dogs

Steps for dogs help make life easier for small pets in a large space of the house. Breeds such as pomeranians, Brabancons, Pekingese, Pinschers, Dachshunds, Terriers, Chihuahuas or Yorkies, experience inconvenience when moving around the room, jumping on a bed, armchair or sofa. Miniature and funny Yorkies are very mobile and hardy, they can always frolic.

The only problem for them is height. To get on any surface whose height is more than half a meter, without any help, great efforts are needed. High jumps tireless fighter is not always successful, most often they end for him a fracture, dislocation or sprain.

At the moment of waiting for offspring, the dog significantly increases in body volume, while waiting for two puppies, the weight becomes 2 times greater than usual, and jumping can lead to death of unborn puppies or complications and severe surgical interventions in the pet’s body.

In order to protect your favorite pets from injury, there are 2 types of ladders: small and large.

For dogs whose weight is about 2 kg or less, special steps are suitable, whose step height is 11 cm.

There are many types of stairs, we will consider the main ones:

  1. The skeleton of the 3-step ladder construction consists of an integral foam rubber wear-resistant piece with fine porosity. A removable cover is worn over the frame, which is machine washable. The cover, which consists entirely of velor, denim or other thick fabric, as well as additional inserts have anti-slip effect, which guarantees the safety of the pet in any conditions.
  2. The frame is made of natural plastic or wood, anti-slip pads of dense material are fixed on the steps. The number of steps depends on the required height and parameters of the dog: its weight and height.
  3. Folding frame made of natural plastic, wood or metal with anti-slip tabs at each step. Such ladder is convenient during transportation and storage.
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How to make steps for dogs

How to make a wooden ladder for dogs yourself? First of all, you need to reproduce the project on paper and make all the necessary calculations of the parameters of the stairs. This is required in order to move on it was convenient for the dog.

The parameters of the stairs, which should be the same on each span:

It is important to remember that the height of the step is directly proportional to its width, that is, the greater the height, the greater the width. Attaching steps to each other must be made at an angle of 90 °.

The choice of material affects the cost and duration of operation. Wooden structures are easily processed at home and do not require special care.

Most often, coniferous trees are used for such products, they are quite economical. But there are also those who choose expensive materials for their beloved pet, such as oak. Its feature is a high level of strength and an unsurpassed fiber structure.

Anti-slip lining can be made of any durable material, the most common is velor, it blends beautifully with wood, soft and pleasant to the touch.

Additional materials and equipment will require:

  • Stainless steel screws;
  • Electric screwdriver or cross screwdriver;
  • Glue for wooden products;
  • Hot glue in the gun;
  • Jigsaw or hacksaw;
  • Sandpaper sheets or sanding machine;
  • Building level;
  • Measuring tape or tape measure;
  • Impregnation for wood on a natural basis.

Construction assembly steps:

  1. Cut out the elements of the stairs, according to the plan.
  2. Connect each flight of stairs separately, without a side element, using screws.
  3. Lay the steps on top of each other in turn, keeping the angle of 90 °, having previously glue the connecting lines with glue on the wood.
  4. Attach the side walls with screws.
  5. Paint over the product by impregnation 3 times.
  6. Glue velor pads on each step, including the top, using hot glue in the gun.
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This video is about the stairs for dogs:

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