How to Make Slow Motion Video on Android

Recently, slow-motion videos (sloumo), which users share on social networks, are gaining special popularity. In some smartphones, this function is implemented in a standard camera, so in this case you only need to activate this mode. As practice shows, a small number of people possess such phones, so the question of how to make slow-motion video on Android always remains relevant. We offer to consider the top applications for creating a slow-motion, as well as instructions for working with them.

How to Make Slow Motion Video on Android

Slow Motion Video Applications

There are many programs available on Google Play to slow down, speed up, and crop videos. The highest quality ones are presented below.


The Effectum application is a true video editor that supports the processing of any clips recorded both through the program itself and through the smartphone’s camera. Software allows you to slow down, accelerate, change the audio track, crop and crop the video. The utility is designed for mounting various clips, and in HD and FullHD quality. The finished result can be shared on social networks, or published in Tick Tok. It is also possible to save the file to the phone.

Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX is a quality utility designed to speed up or slow down video. The program is completely free and does not take up much space in the smartphone’s memory. In the application, you can mount both pre-prepared clips and recorded right now. A nice feature is the ability to post the edited video on YouTube or in Tik Tok.

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Slow motion video maker

Slow Motion Video Maker is a reliable assistant for a beginner video blogger. With it, you can create a slow motion, accelerate, crop and crop video. Any kind of videos will be suitable for editing, whether they are recorded in HD or FullHD quality. The result can be saved on the phone, or sent to a social network.

Video slow motion

Video Slow Motion is a high-quality application that allows you to speed up and slow down videos. It is also possible to record slow motion video directly from the program. In the reactor settings, you can select the speed and pace of the video. The finished file can be sent to Facebook or Instagram. The program is completely free and contains almost no advertising.

How to make slow motion video on Android

Thanks to the above programs, you can get fast or slow motion video. As an example, consider how to make a slow-motion on Android through Slow Motion Video FX. First, go to Google Play and enter the name of the application in the search bar. Next, click on the button "Install»And expect the download to finish.

Now click "Start slow motion". The system will offer to record the video right now, or select a ready-made file. As an example, consider editing a previously created video, so click "Choose a movie".

After selecting the video, a window appears asking you to specify the editing method. Advanced allows you to change the speed, but not simple. For example, select "Plain".

Now select the start and end frame, then click on the "Start". In the window that appears, mark the desired speed, and also, if desired, set filters and music. After we click "Start processing".

When processing is completed, click on the “Share»And select a social network to post the video. The finished video can be sent to Instagram, Tick Tok or YouTube.


As you can see, you can make slow-motion video on Android even on the phone in which such a function is missing by default. It is enough to install a special application from the Play Store and perform editing. Often, the created slumo is stored in the smartphone’s memory, or sent to social networks.